Real Doctor Reacts to DOOGIE HOWSER M.D. | Medical Drama Review

Real Doctor Reacts to DOOGIE HOWSER M.D. | Medical Drama Review

– Do we need some ID from him
to make sure that he’s legit? – I know. (laughing) – You sure? Let’s see some ID here! – Doogie Howser, that’s
the nickname. (chuckling) (relaxed EDM music) Outside of knowing that
everyone has forever called me Doogie Howser, I had no idea who Doogie Howser was. I didn’t know how it was even spelled. I’m excited to watch it. Let’s flick it on. Is it a weird way to say it? (cracking up) Let’s flick it on. – Let’s turn around. There’s been an accident. Just pull over here. What are you doing? There’s the car. Stop at once.
– [Mrs. Howser] Doogie. – [Driving Instructor] Improper speed. – [Mrs. Howser] Doogie,
you’re going too fast. – Unacceptably excessive. – Please Doogie, slow down. – [Driving Instructor] For
God’s sake, what are you doing? This is unacceptable. Return to the vehicle! – Return to the vehicle! (crowd chattering)
(Sirens blaring) – Get the hell out of there, kid. – Let go of me. – [Officer] Walt, grab this kid, will ya? – Get your hands off me. – You want to go to jail? – No, you’ll be going to
jail for criminal negligence. This man has a dislocated
fracture of the femur and he’s going to lose his leg
unless I fix it right away. Now hold his torso down
while I rotate his leg. – What the hell are you talking about? – [Doogie] There’s no
pulse behind the knee. He’ll lose his leg to gang green. – We’re not moving this– – Just hold it down! (laughing loudly) – I can’t believe I’ve never watched this. Looks like he’s had some
sort of motorcycle accident or bicycle accident but he’s saying there’s
a fracture of the femur, which is the big thigh bone, which is a very, very
strong bone, by the way, stronger than cement. He’s saying that it’s fractured
but then also dislocated, which, incorrect terminology, you would say displaced fracture, which means that the bones don’t connect. And sometimes when there’s a
displaced fracture like that, it can put pressure on arteries, therefore cut off circulation. Very dangerous, not because
of gang green though. Gang green is when you get an infection from a lack of circulation. In this case, what the danger would be is that the leg would lose circulation and necrose from a lack of
oxygenation, not from infection. So what he’s doing is right in a sense, but for the wrong reasons, at least he explained the wrong reasons. – You ready? (indistinct police radio chatter) (laughing) Okay, we’re getting some circulation. (laughing) I love that
the jeans are still on and yet he already knows that
he’s getting some circulation. Doogie, you’re better than that. – Who is this kid? – That’s my son. The doctor. “Whiz Kid Breezed Thru
High School in 9 Weeks”. All right, that’s a little extra. “Princeton Graduates 10 Year Old Prodigy” “14 Year Old Passes Medical Board. “Kid Doctor Can’t Buy
Beer, Can Prescribe Drugs.” “Kid Doctor Delivers
Baby in Shopping Mall.” Sexiest doctor saves life on plane, kid doctor delivers baby in shopping mall, it’s pretty funny on the similarity. And look, I get that this is a TV show and it’s supposed to
be funny and all that. Here’s why this would never happen. You may know a lot of information but your judgment and your
development of your judgment doesn’t happen til a
little bit later in life because of your neurological
development, AKA your brain. This child may know
everything there is to know about medicine, probably
more than most other doctors, but that judgment factor, that
really comes with experience. – William Johnson, black male, age six, admitted 5:32am with
cardiomyopathy and failure. We did a chest x-ray, EKG,
and an echocardiogram. He has a murmur of mitral insufficiency. I gave him Digoxin 0.125 milligrams, Lasix 20 milligrams BID, and Aldactone 12.5 milligrams BID. Also I’d like to send
him to nuclear medicine for a cardiac scan at 9:30. – Thank you, Doctor Howser. – That was actually a very
legitimate presentation of someone who’s suffering
with cardiomyopathy. When the heart gets overwhelmed, there’s a wide variety of conditions of why the heart can get overwhelmed. You can develop a condition known as congestive heart failure, where the heart just literally doesn’t pump blood effectively. In that case, you get a buildup
of fluid around the lungs, in the lower extremities, and you need to take medications that will help you get
rid of that excess fluid. Now the biggest way to control this, at least what we do in our
offices outside of medications, is lifestyle changes, with one of the most important being decreasing sodium
intake for these patients. In fact, one of the leading causes of patients to be
readmitted into the hospital for a congestive heart
failure exacerbation is eating take out because
it’s so high in sodium. Isn’t that crazy? (giggling) I always have water gun
fights with my patients. – Well, William, you’re not
feeling too well, are you? – No, sir. – Not to worry, young man. We’re going to make you feel much better. We might even give you a new heart. What do you say to that? – Am I going to die? – Hey, no way, forget that. We’re going to fix you up so we can get a really sick kid in here. His renal function’s decreased. His creatinine is elevated. He can’t survive a transplant. – According to these test
results, he most certainly can. The boy’s mother’s
already given her consent. – [Doogie] On your recommendation. But statistically, he’s
got a better chance if we just repair the valve. – Basically what they’re arguing about is the steps on which to take
to fix the young boy’s heart. The reason the young boy’s
heart is in cardiac failure is because he has an impaired valve. This is the value that sits in between the chambers of the heart,
the atrium and the ventricle. When the heart pumps, it opens, and then when the heart relaxes, it closes to make sure that the blood doesn’t always pool at the bottom of the heart. Now if this valve is not working properly, it can put a lot of strain on
different parts of the heart, therefore making the
heart essentially function at a much lower rate, which is deadly. For this child, because his heart isn’t
pumping blood effectively, it’s affecting his kidneys. His kidneys aren’t getting enough blood and therefore are slowly failing. One of the most important factors in deciding whether or
not to operate on somebody is their chance of having
side effects from surgery, which means decreased blood flow, possible chance of
infection, renal failure. Doogie Howser’s right in this
case, at least in my mind. The child’s a very high-risk patient and it’s better to repair the valve first and then go ahead with the
possible heart transplant later on. – You’re going to kill him! – [Doctor] Douglas–
– And you don’t give a crap! – Doctor Howser, you will behave. – Don’t talk to me like you’re my father. You’re not. September 21st, 1989– – Oh my god, I wasn’t even born yet! – [Doogie] My 16th birthday. – When was Doogie Howser
was 16, I wasn’t born. – Are you ready for this? Janine Stewart gives. – Get out. – Sex, Doogie. Tomorrow night, after the dance. Wampa wampa. – Yeah, you said the same thing about Susie Berlooty last year and– – Hey, Susie Berlooty was in the bag. If I hadn’t puked on her
shoe, it would’ve happened. – Sure, Vinnie. – Hey you’re just jealous, pencil neck, ’cause I’m gonna get sex and
never even kissed a girl. – I’ve kissed plenty. – Name one. – Wanda Plenn, tomorrow night. – Oh yeah, right. – I’m going to do it during a slow dance. It’s all figured out. I’m going to tell her
her hair smells great. Then I’m going to lean
in and sniff her shampoo. Girls love getting sniffed. Then–
– Girls love getting sniffed. I doubt that very much. – I come in here, an emergency, expecting a qualified physician and I get a 16 year-old kid. That’s negligence, pure and simple. – If you could just hold still
a little, Mr. Finklestein. – You’ll be holding still
for a big, fat lawsuit in a federal court. 16 years old. I’ll add a count for infliction
of emotional distress. – Well, I’m sorry you feel this way, sir, but as an attorney, you must know there’s no
duty owed by the hospital with respect to the age of its doctors, nor is there any proximate cause connecting me to the harm suffered. And if you even could make out a prima facie case of negligence, you don’t have diversity jurisdiction to get this into federal court. – Why am I getting a 16 year-old? Maybe let him perform the procedure first, or not perform the procedure
and threaten to sue in the middle of the procedure? Not making much sense there, pal. – I like younger men, Doogie. I always have. – Is he a man, though? – And on a few occasions, I’ve caught you, well, admiring me. – We should probably get back to the ER. – And I was just wondering, given our mutual attraction
towards each other, and given the fact that we’d
probably function better, professionally, if those
attractions were extinguished, it might make sense for
our respective fantasies to be quenched. – Huh? (murmurring) Doogie-munster. – Whoa! – [Doogie] Nurse Spalding. – This is aggressive. for a 16 year-old.
– There’s just one thing I have to tell you before we do this. – What’s that? – Happy birthday, Doogie! – [Hospital Staff] Surprise! Oh my god. (“Happy Birthday”)
I did not expect that. That made no sense. She takes off his pants
and says happy birthday and all these people appear
while he’s pants-less. (cracking up) I need an
explanation for this. – It’s only a joke. – Okay, forget it. – [Doctor] You sure? – No problem, really. – It’s just that you’re
such a good doctor, we sometimes forget
you’re only 16 years old. – That is the worst line ever! They would’ve done that
to a 21 year-old doctor or a 30 year-old doctor,
take off his pants? What’s going on in this hospital? – No toe tag, that’s great. I don’t how so many bodies get in here– (screaming) (laughing) – All right, Vinnie! – Whoa, that was a weird handshake. What was that? That was weird. – I’m scared. – Don’t be. Getting a new heart’s
going to be so prime. – Will you be there when I get it? – Are you kiddin’? No way I’d miss it. – Not going to lie, he’s pretty
good with the bedside manner for being 16 years old. He’s empathetic, he let’s the
patient voice their concerns, responds adequately to the
concerns, is very reassuring. Sniff is working. The sniff is working. (slow music) (laughing) Oh, don’t do it! Don’t do it! Doogie, don’t do it. (laughing) It’s so creepy, ew. Oh but apparently it
worked for little Doogie. Oh no. Oh no! – What happened? – He was asleep in his bed when he suddenly started to fibrillate. – That means the heart
is pumping like this, where it’s not efficient and not enough blood is leaving the heart. Essentially, the patient’s in code blue and they’re in cardiac arrest. (slamming) – I’m sorry, Dr. Howser. I guess there was just nothing either one of us could have done. – Losing a patient is really hard, whether or not you’re 16
years old or 36 years old. It never really changes. It’s always difficult,
especially if you made a decision that then affected a
patient in a negative way. It’s going to be a lot to deal with as he continues in his medical career, being so young and inexperienced. – The first time I lost a young patient, I cried like a baby. As you get older, you learn to handle it. – I don’t want to handle it. – If you’re going to be
a doctor, you’ll have to. – Crying when you have a
negative patient outcome is totally appropriate and as we’ve gotten more
information on the matter and have done research
and looked into this, we find that patients actually appreciate seeing doctors’ emotional
reactions to these situations, so that if you’re going to cry
with a patient, that’s good. Many times, 20, 30 years ago, doctors would try to hide
this, go in another room, because they viewed
themselves as unprofessional if they showed their emotions. But sharing an emotional moment with a patient or the patient’s family is actually quite beneficial in healing to everyone involved. (hopeful music) As a doctor, there’s no
bigger moment in your life than when you lose your first patient. As a young boy, kissing your first partner is also one of the biggest
moments in your life. So for him to go through
both in the same day and he just got his driver’s license, it must be quite emotional
for him, to say the least. That’s the like the biggest
factor of this show, and I know I’m reviewing a show that’s supposed to be
part-funny and part-serious, that’s what would stop or
preclude a young person from becoming a doctor so
early, that emotional maturity, the ability to be disciplined, that when someone tells you something and they’re being unfair,
to be able to deal with it, to have a proper level of
empathy and communication. So I don’t foresee a true Doogie Howser coming any time soon but I will be excited to
watch more of the show. If you enjoyed Doogie Howser, definitely check out this
video, it’s a total blast. As always, stay happy and healthy and let’s do the dance. (hypnotic EDM music)

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