Ribs – Fall off the Bone – with Instant Pot Pressure Cooker Best Baby back ribs Instant Pot

Ribs – Fall off the Bone – with Instant Pot Pressure Cooker Best Baby back ribs Instant Pot

– Quick and simple way
to make baby back ribs in the Instant Pot, coming up. (lively music) So folks, I have for you
a quick, and easy way to make ribs in the Instant Pot. You can use any type of
seasoning you choose. I prefer to use Weber dry smoke rub, and I’m gonna also use some garlic powder. And I have one onion sliced in half. So what you wanna do
is you wanna take your dry rub and put it on your ribs like that. Just coat ’em real nice. Get it in there. So before I put these
ribs on this baking sheet, I went ahead and took
off the back membrane because I want my ribs
to fall off the bone. So you just season it
up like that real nice. (mellow orchestral music) So before you put your
ribs into your Instant Pot, you wanna make sure you
have a trivet that’s a little basket like this. And it just sits at the
bottom of the Instant Pot to keep whatever you’re putting into the Instant Pot from touching the bottom. You want to put a cup
of water inside of your Instant Pot before you place the ribs onto that trivet. So I have premeasured out one cup of water that I’m going to put in. Then I’m gonna take my
rib and I’m gonna roll it with the meat side in. This is the way I do it. Then I’m going to set it right on top of that basket. Take one half of the
onion, set it in there. Take the other half, put
it on this side here. Let’s get those off. Then I’m going to seal up my Instant Pot. After I have placed my
lid on the Instant Pot, I ensure that the vents are closed. Then press manual, you
want to increase your time to 25 minutes. (beeping) Make sure your pressure’s on high. Now we’re ready to
remove our ribs from the Instant Pot and place
them on this baking sheet. So first we need to release the pressure. But be careful; the steam’s awfully hot. While this one is
releasing steam, go ahead and heat your oven to
450 degrees Fahrenheit. While that’s preheating, let’s go ahead and take them out. (lively orchestral music) After you have removed your ribs from the Instant Pot, use any barbecue sauce of your choice and just brush them with sauce. (lively orchestral music) Once you’re done brushing
the sauce onto your ribs you want to put them
in your oven for about ten to fifteen minutes. (lively orchestral music) After ten minutes in the oven, you have a beautiful rack of ribs. Remember to like and share. Don’t forget to subscribe to this channel. We’ll see ya next time. (lively music)

100 thoughts on “Ribs – Fall off the Bone – with Instant Pot Pressure Cooker Best Baby back ribs Instant Pot

  1. My ribs weren't falling off the bones, i followed your instructions except for pulling a membrane from the back, i didn't see how this is done

  2. As mentioned by most everyone else, I like how straight forward and easy to follow your instructions are.

    I've got three racks of ribs and one Instant pot, so I'll be making mine in batches today.
    One question. Do you think in would be beneficial to season both sides of the ribs?

    I'm planning to make the first rack exactly as described by this video. The second rack will be made like @Rob Baker posted below. I'm not sure how I'll cook the third rack but I do think that I'll use the broiler for the final glazing.

    I'm used to the 3-2-1 smoking, sealed cooking, the glazing process. We'll see how these compare.

    Thank you again!

  3. I have no idea what I'm doing wrong. This is the 2nd recipe I try for baby backs. (They were basically the same.) I have a different brand multi cooker. The 1st time I put 2 racks in an 8qt pot at once. both racks cut in half and placed all 4 sections side by side, almost 2 cups of liquid, membrane removed and pressure cooked on high for 25 min. with full natural release. They were undercooked. Put in oven to finish cooking and they still weren't fall off the bone. Next day I put them back in for a second pressure cook of 25 min. This time they were all cut and placed in foil. It took a 3rd time of placing the individual ribs stacked on the rack for them to be fall off the bone! Tonight I had 2 racks again, but this time i only put 1 at a time and placed them like you showed. Followed the same process and they were cooked this time and edible, but still not fall off the bone. 😤 We ate a couple each with dinner, but now the rest are back in the pot on 30 min. This time! I don't understand why it's not working. Could they be too thick? They are baby backs though. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Maybe I need to do double the time? 🤷🏻‍♀️ I just don't even know. I'm determined to get them right, so we might get tired of ribs by the time that happens lol. Fyi: haven't had issues with any other recipe so far. Just ribs.

  4. i followed this video to make my ribs, and I'm so happy i did. The only alterations i made was 1 cup of apple juice instead of Water. And I did not use a dry rub, however i found a BBQ seasoning by mcCormick plus salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, and season all. I adjusted my settings as the video instructed. Very please with my outcome! The ribs were so good and tasty. Thank you. #NewFollower

  5. What's the real difference using apple cider instead of water and an onion
    And should i BBQ both sides of the ribs or just the one side?????
    Ty and great and to the point video

  6. And this is part of the reason that Instant Pot is so popular. Rod Elmore shows exactly how easy it can be. I'd like to eat a few of those ribs right now.

  7. I like that you get to the point. So many YouTubers and bloggers have 5 minute intros and write essays before their recipes. Drives me crazy. I think I’m gonna buy one. Great video. Question: come I use bone broth instead of water?

  8. your brevity is appreciated. why aren't you cooking the ribs in the sauce? why the trivet? you can always thicken the sauce after cooking, and coat ribs….rib flavored rib sauce on ribs….mmmmmmm

  9. I made these for some friends and they loved them! Thanks a lot! #notallheroeswearcapes

    I think my favorite part of the video was the music! Haha great video

  10. Oh man, can you show a video of the pull. That's so important to everyone for texture. They can vary the temp of they see it too soft for them or with some bite.

  11. Thanks Rod. You are one of the best. Love this and all of your recipes. You are a natural on camera. Keep them coming.

  12. If you don't happen to have ribs, just use a couple well worn tennis shoes instead, you might want to add a cup of cheeze whiz and some ketchup….ha ha…just joking…:) LOL…. I loved your video…Blessings!!

  13. I'm just starting to look at pressure cooking. I do smoke a lot of ribs, and am getting excellent results. Yes, this is much faster, but those looked, well, not very appetizing. But taste is everything, so I'll reserve judgement until I try this method several times!

  14. OMG! I followed your directions to the "T". I made two slabs
    My family ate one slab at dinner, and the other was eaten overnight. I was then asked to make more the following day. People you gotta try it.

  15. Great presentation easy to follow instructions. Also you didn't stammer and say uh a bunch of times. You knew what you were going to say and said it. I'm making your ribs right now they're in the instant pot can't wait to taste them

  16. Love the fact that you both used gloves and rolled meat side in, to keep them from falling apart! Great idea! I can’t even believe how many people do not wash their meat, it’s insane! Meat be everywhere. Also, meat side in (preserved your rub)!

  17. Yummmmmmm !! Looks awesome. Almost can smell it … All you need afterwards is a cup of coffee! Take care brother

  18. Could've used apple juice instead of water. Try it sometime. It may sound crazy but it makes the ribs delicious. Edit also for the oven part you could also use the broil feature it'll absorb most of the sauce and make it into a caramelized texture like in restaurants. Regardless good video man!

  19. Really enjoyed your presentation and the music. I would have used the saute to heat up the water while you were preparing I hear that speeds up the pressure because the pot is already gone through the warm up… Just saying

  20. Ehhh, as a rib connossueir I can tell you those ribs most likely taste like meat flavored with BBQ sauce, you know like the kind you get at a Chinese buffet. Insta pot and their kind do have a table in the new culinary world without a doubt but somethings CANNOT be rushed and "low and slow" in a traditional wood burning grill with a wood of your choice is the only way to do ribs…….period. Thanks for the post though you are liked sir.

  21. Thanks! Looks yummmmmm! Thank you for just getting to the point, no long ass intro and love the music as you sprinkle the rub lol

  22. Video is easy to watch. I am hooked on Rod 's approach to teaching us all how to use the instant Pot. Music is a great touch. Voice is calming. Thank you!!!!

  23. Thank you for the easy recipe.
    Do you know if the is a difference between hitting Pressure cook vs. Meat?
    I noticed you suggested to cook ribs for 25 minutes on high pressure cook & another Chef suggested 22 minutes on meat setting, just curious for your feedback. Thank you!

  24. Love, love, love your video! Very simple to follow. This is my goto instant pot bbq rib recipe.

  25. Would it be possible to fit two racks of ribs in the 8qt instant pot? For those who only have one instant pot

  26. I like to use a splash of ACV and some apple juice. Adds great flavor. Then I caramelize on the grill. I keep em in for 40 minutes cause that’s just what I’ve read and always done but it makes em almost too tender. I can barely get em out without them breaking apart. Yours didn’t seem to do that. I’m gonna try 25 minutes next time. Thanks.

  27. Thanks bro! I watched a couple other videos and they had no Rub and used a lot more liquid! I also noticed that you used the basket! Hay you got a new subscriber in me

  28. I just made two extra meaty racks for a party, followed your recipe exactly and everyone loved it! It was so easy! I used salt, pepper, garlic powder and paprika for my rub and used about 2 Tbsp of apple cider vinegar with the cup of water in the instant pot. Did only one rack at a time since I only have one appliance but it was still easy since it’s so quick.

    I’m used to racks of ribs taking 4+ hours, now I can have them whenever I want! I also used the instant pot for corn on the cob to go with the ribs and they came out awesome (programmed it for only 2 minutes on steam setting).

  29. Yep! I love a right to the point video. And guess what, I made them today. They are delicious. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  30. What would you think about using an Apple Cider vinegar or maybe a beer as the liquid source? Didn’t know if it would compete too much with the rub. These look amazing and love how quickly they can be ready! Thank you for sharing!

  31. Since you took the membrane off the bottom, I regularly season and sauce that side for more flavor and taste.

  32. Man I am gutted that you need to use an oven at the end – title said insta pot cooking and whole reason I searched for this was my oven just went out on me when I put in a rack of ribs already rubbed and sealed in foil.

  33. What I loved about your video is that the directions were straight to the point. Not a lot of useless chitchat. Im trying your recipe today!

  34. Pretty dam good no nonsense video!
    Will try your technique tonight.

    Lance Greathouse

    Subscribed and liked

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