Right FOOD For The Right MOOD: Subtitles English: BK Shivani

Right FOOD For The Right MOOD: Subtitles English: BK Shivani

Om Shanti. One line deep in meaning, which we have all heard since childhood As is the food, so is the mind. You are what you eat. We have heard it, we believe in it, and understand it too. Today we need to check If we are using this wisdom the right way throughout the day. As is the food, so is the mind. It means the vibrations of the food we eat It has a direct impact on our state of mind. So food is not just about the nutrients Which nourish the body It is also about the vibrations which will energize the mind. Food not only offers health to the body It creates health of the mind too. So the food we eat not just gives us Physical health Food is an important part of our emotional health. While eating I need to remember Whatever food I am eating This is going to energize my mind. How does it energize the mind? It depends on the vibrations of the food. We usually check for proteins and carbohydrates in that food. Or which vitamins and which minerals it contains. That is very, very important for the body. What are the vibrations in that food? On any special occasion like a festival That day we have a Satwik meal. High energy food is known as Satvik food. High energy in terms of vibrations. If the vibration vibrational energyal energy is low then it is called tamsik food. Let us visualise just for a minute A place where an animal is kept captive for 15 days, 20 days or a month. It is a Slaughterhouse. First and foremost, the animal is living in that slaughterhouse for 20 days or a month. How is the environment at that place? Everyday there is violence and everyday animals are being killed. What is the vibration of that slaughterhouse? And other animals living there are aware of what awaits them. What will the state of mind of those animals be? The way they are held captive and the way they are treated Those animals know what what is going to happen with them. What is state of mind of that animal? We all know animals feel things. They have emotions. What are the thoughts and feelings of that animal? Fear Helplessness that it cannot protect itself. Anger, sadness. Pain and most important – hatred. A lot of hatred for what is being done to it and to other animals there. Fear, anger, hurt, helplessness and hatred are the emotions of that animal Throughout the 20 days or 30 days while in the slaughterhouse. What is the state of mind? Those vibrations influence its body. What are the hormones its body is secreting? It will be subjected to torture in a month. Vibrations of violence. And then death. Fear, anger, hurt, hatred, helplessness Violence and then death. After all this, whatever comes on to our plates We say it gives us health. Pause. Is it health? It is proteins. Proteins which are very good for my body. Is it emotionally healthy for me and then physically healthy for me? Even if my body gets proteins and many other nutrients My mind is not happy. My mind is not emotionally strong. Those vibrations enter my body, how can it create a healthy body? When there is a death in a family We all know that food is not cooked in that house on that day. It is somebody in our family who has died. The dead body is in the house. That day food is not prepared at home, it is served by a home in the neighbourhood. When last rites are performed on that body What is the first thing we do? We wash our hands, legs and our face We come back home and take bath. After that we wash the entire house. Only after that we cook food at home. That dead body belonged to a family member. Yet we don’t cook food at home that day. Think of the dead bodies lying in our fridge, which we cook and eat. When a family member’s dead body is kept at home, we don’t cook food. And in this case, we prepare food out of a dead body. And we call it health. It’s time to pause, check. It’s not just about what other people are saying. Let’s not eat for taste, let’s eat for health. If we want a pure and powerful mind A Satvik mind Our meal needs to be Satvik. It is healthy both emotionally and physically. It is not something to be followed only on certain days or occasions. Not just on certain days considered divine. Not just on days when we remember God, follow a vow and invoke divinity. Why should our diet be Satvik only on those days? We would like to experience divinity everyday. We wish to keep our state of mind elevated everyday. When we want to keep our state of mind elevated and powerful We need to consumer a Sativk diet everyday. We need to keep our kitchen pure and clean, like a temple. Every morsel of Satvik food that we consume It not only nourishes our body but also our mind. It keeps the mind light The mind radiates powerful vibrations to the body. And then that meal is giving us happiness and health. Emotional health and Physical health. Let’s experiment and see the results. Satvik meal so that we create a Satvik mind. Om Shanti.

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  1. Om shanti
    I am a powerful soul
    I have to eat healthy food
    I have to be peaceful
    I will crack jee mains 2020
    I am a powerful soul

  2. OM SHANTI OM DIDIJI 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

  3. I notice when I eat junk foods I become agitated anxious I lose my temper I feel slow and sluggish, when I eat healthy I feel peace, happy energetic. The low energy foods are not worth it that is for sure. Thank you for words of wisdom 💕

  4. Om shanti dd .
    I have changed my non veg diet to satvic diet . It was only possible due to rajyoga . And i came to realise my power upon myself . And vibration plays important role in our life . I got answers to all my question . Thankyou shiv baba . And thankyou shivani dd .

  5. I gave up all forms of non-veg foods, tea/coffee, noodles and chips/crisps. I don't miss them at all. Never did I think I could give them up. But I did. Thank you didi. You're giving us wisdom and knowledge of life.

  6. Wonderful explanation……is is experienced that before fast we think how we remain whole day without food …but when day everything happens itself ….due to positive vibrations… sankalp se hi Siddhi hai ….
    Om shanti…🙏🙏

  7. جنرل نالج ،انگلش گرامر اور خوبصورت ویڈیو ز کیلے ہمار ا chanel کو subscribe کرے .

  8. Beautiful video angel.💐
    Thanks to baba n to you angel.💐
    Good afternoon.
    Omshanti angel.💐
    V a blissful day.🌷

  9. I am peaceful soul
    I am very powerful
    I am a IAS Aspirant, I'll clear my exam on 31st may.
    I'll serve my society. Om shanti🙏🙏
    Jai shri krishna.

  10. I'm 15 and I never ate meat though my family members sometimes advised me… thanks for saving me…. following u from Last 2 yrs..

  11. ಕನ್ನಡದಲ್ಲಿ ಅನುವಾದ ಇದ್ದಿದ್ದರೆ ಚೆನ್ನಾಗಿ ಇರೋದು

  12. Om shanti sister hum har din satbik khana hi khate han or hum apko hi follows kartehen didi thank you so much 💖🌹🙏

  13. After watching this video I will try to improve my fooding habbiet , will try also to become vegetarian from non vegetarian person.

  14. Om shanti to you sweet sis. Thank you for sharing this video on Right Food For Right Mood. Very right in saying what we eat our bodies and soul will become that. True that as is our food, so is our thoughts words and actions. Let's get high pure vibrations from eating vegan diet. At least it's away from pain fear hurt resentment. Very correct sis. Thank you so much. Have a splendid evening ahead. Keep well. God bless you🙏👏🍁💐🌹🌟😊

  15. जिसके मुख से सदैव शिव परमात्मा की वाणी निकलती है , उसे ब्रह्माकुमारी बहिन शिवानी कहते हैं l ओम शांति

  16. Par didi kai bar Aisa hota h ki ,veg khane Wale dusst aur bahut gussa krne wale hote h, JB ki nov- vej khane wale dayalu aur saant. Aise Kyun ? Plzzz btaye

  17. 1 – Sansarik jiban aur Adhyatmik jiba..
    2 – Life ye hi rules hai ke pehle aap Sansarik jiban jilo fir Adhyatmik jiban ji Lena..life Mei ak jiban sathi v hona bahot jaruri hai..Example
    3 – Sri ram agar saadi kyun kiye ? Budha dev saadi kyun kiye ? Sri KRISNA ji ne saadi kyun kiye….
    4 – Actually yehi life ka rules hai..ke pehle Ghar sansar,life partner,bachhe,..etne sab kaam hone Baad fir hum aa sakte hen Adhyatmik jiban pe…
    5 – Mera manna ye hai ke..life ko Kam umra se bhagban ji ko dhudne Mei mat lagao, bhagban ji Jahan hen wohi rahenge..
    6 – pehle aap manusya jiban ka kartbya livao. Jis liye ye jiban aap ko Mila hai..Ghar sansar ,life partner ,bachhe.
    Ye sab kartbya pura katne ke Baad , fir aap bhagban ji ko dhudne Mei laga do ,yehi life ka rules hai..
    5 – Jahan tak bhagban ji ko Paane ka ya fir unko dekhne ka sabal hai..wo aap MADITATION ke jariye v dekh sakte ho..
    6 – Budha dev Jane kitne Saal bhagban ji ko dhudne Mei laga diye , jaane kitne santh ,gyani se mile…fir v Kuch nahin Mila.. lekin DEEP MADITATION ke jariye unko 19 days Mai hi bhgban dikhne lage..Han only 19 days Mai hi unki 7 chakra activ ho gaya..
    7 – Jo aap savi v Kar sakte ho ..esiliye plz plz plz pehle life ko Sansarik jiban ke aur le jao fir jiban ke aakhri wokth 40 age ke Baad MADITATION KARO OUR BHAGBAN JI KO DHUNDNE MEI LAGA DO..
    10 – manusya ka Janam Moksh prapti ke liye milta hai..
    11 – humare sarir 2 chijo se bani hue hai..ak ( haad maans bani hue sarir aur aatma)
    12 – To pehle aap is sarir ka kartabhya livao GHAR SANSAR,LIFE PATNAR,BACHHE, fir jisne aap ko Janam Diya uska v to udhar chukan hai..
    13 – en sab kaam ke Baad ATMA ka kartabhya hai MOKHS PRAPTI..
    14 – MOKHS PRAPTI ya fir 7 chakras ko activ karna ye to sabse easy hai..
    15 – PATA NAHIN hum sahi likhe ya galat ..fir v gor kijiyega humare en Baaton pe..I think I'm right..

  18. I have many questions Sister Shivani but for now as i sit here suffering please tell exactly how to quickly eradicate this stuffy nose ! I can't breathe!

  19. om Shanti, sister, i have a question, suppose a terrorist want to kill me, at that time should be I surrender and give blessing or peaceful vibration or I also kill him in order to survive me. Kindly reply.

  20. sister i have a doubt, now a days even people who are cultivating vegetarian food have lots of mental depressed and mentally related issues due to money, family. will those effect those people who are eating those food

  21. Mam please answer this .
    What about eggs .? Because vo jo eggs ko hote hai desi nahi hote . Vo hen ko ek chemical dekar paida krte hai. Or usme se bacha paida nahi hota hai kyuki usme murge ka sperm nahi hota. To finally kya hum us egg ko kha skte hai? Kyuki usme se to bcha aayega hi nhi to kisi ki death nhi ho rhi hai.

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