Sesame Street: Cookie Monster Sings ‘Hey Food’

Sesame Street: Cookie Monster Sings ‘Hey Food’

[APPLAUSE] ANNOUNCER: And now, here to sing
and eat for you are those four fabulous bugs, The Beatles,
food, me in the mood for fish, meat, for cheese
called Cheddar. Me eat them all before me am
done ’cause not know which one does me like better. BEATLE 1: Hey food, when we feel
bad, we chew on a piece of bread or some veggies or a
raspberry tart, and then we start to feel much better. BEATLE 2: So eat it up
and drink it down. Hey food, we found that you
are so healthful and nutritious. By the ounce or by the pound,
glad you’re around. COOKIE MONSTER: ‘Cause me so
hungry and you, delicious. Mm. Yum, yum, yum. BEATLE 1: Yum, yum, yum,
yum, yum, yum. Hey food, can’t put you down
if you’re dry toast or something wetter. Whenever we take you off of our
plate, we feel so great. COOKIE MONSTER: And me feel
better, better, better, better, better, better,
better, better. Better, better. [CHEWING NOISES] Give me food, give me
food, give me food. Yum, yum, yum.

100 thoughts on “Sesame Street: Cookie Monster Sings ‘Hey Food’

  1. Would he ever! Chris Cerf, Frank Oz and Richard Hunt are damn good guys, and this tune reminds me: I haven't had lunch yet. (imitates Ernie's trademark laugh)

  2. If the guitarist on the right is left handed, that must be Paul, the one playing the piano is John, the other guitarist is George, and the drummer is Ringo.

  3. way to encourage emotional eating and stuffing down your feelings with food Sesame Street! Wonder why kids are obese? lol your gonna need your sarcasm meter on here…but seriously…it's not a good message to send kids at such an early age.

  4. i wish people would stop thinking to one sided about things is for little kids really its not bad its good its spreading the Beatles

  5. @mnsmiley99 In today's world sesame street would be sued due to child obesity, not because they covered a Beatles song.

  6. How hilarious Sesame Street was SUED for making parody of Hey Jude which happens to be this. They were also sued for the parody of Let It Be as in Letter Be:)

  7. Why can't educational shows for little kids be like this like they used to be? Sesame Street is the bomb, man? I'll love it forever.

  8. This was my first exposure to the Beatles. Years later, I heard "Hey Jude" for the first time, and when they got to "better, better, BETTER, AHHHHH" I was like "akdhfkashdfkjs I've heard this before!!!"

  9. I laugh at their ginger wigs, as the Beatles of course had dark mop tops, and they made the puppets look weirdly like each of the Beatles, especially Ringo! Best bit is of course Cookie going crazy at the end!

  10. Check your I.Q. out the door? No frigging way this is pro-emotional stuffing propaganda like the haters say. Get a life!

  11. The Muppet Performers
    Frank Oz as Cookie Monster
    Jerry Nelson as the Announcer
    Richard Hunt as The Beetles lead singer
    Christopher Cerf as the Beetles’ back-up singer

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