SICILY FOOD TOUR | Street food in Italy | Palermo street food and traditional SICILIAN food

SICILY FOOD TOUR | Street food in Italy | Palermo street food and traditional SICILIAN food

today we’re in Italy on the island of
Sicily and we’re here to eat we’re in the capital of Palermo and we can’t wait
to show you the best food the city has to offer if you love to eat Palermo’s
food scene will be right up your alley the food culture here revolves around
nose to tail eating, loads of seafood and bold flavors this is our third video
from Sicily and we’re here to hunt down the best local food watch out for famous
Sicilian dishes, delicious Sicilian street food and a whole lot more in this
three-part series we’re eating where the locals eat you don’t want to miss this
series get ready for some mouth-watering food I’m Thomas and I’m Sheena and we’re
Chasing a Plate we hope you’re hungry let’s eat! we are so excited to share
Sicilian cuisine with you the food is really heavily influenced by different
cultures and its past and you will be so amazed by how different the food is here
from the rest of Italy in this video we’re going to be eating some street
food and then we’re going to visit some of the most popular foods here in Sicily
we can’t wait to eat with you for our first stop we’re gonna be
getting one of the most famous street foods here in Sicily which is arancine
so this is a deep fried rice ball it’s got some heritage that goes way back and
we hear that this secret little place it’s a really hidden door really hard to
find is the place to get these in Palermo we’ve got our arancine and we’ve gone
with the classic so this is a ragu one so a meat cooked in ragu so
what it is is a rice ball crumbed and deep-fried so really simple on the
outside so I think we’ve got to bite right in there and have a look inside Wow ohhh
that is really good so it’s actually not much rice we’ve had quite a few of
these while we’ve been here they’re normally much bigger and they normally
have a lot more rice that has not too much rice and a lot of that ragu it’s
so-so tomatoey there’s not actually too much meat in there
so it’ll have pork but the little tiny bits of minced pork are truly tiny I can
see some celery and a ton of that ragu which is super tangy it’s like a burst
of tomato flavour mmm that is beautiful it’s really light
for a deep-fried item and you can see now the rice a lot more so I’ve eaten through
most of that ragu and you can see the rice has a little bit of a colour it’s
because it’s cooked in saffron and these have a history dating back from when the
Arabs were here in Sicily this is the most conquered island in the world they
say and the most conquered city in the world so a lot of people have passed
through here and these date from when the Arabs were here in the 10th and 11th
century so the rice is a little bit yellow because it’s cooked in saffron
damn that is really good the rice is perfectly cooked it’s nice
and soft but it’s got a still got a little bit of bite and the outside the
crumb is perfectly deep-fried it’s not gone soggy it’s got a beautiful crunch
these are by far the best arancini that we’ve had since we’ve been here in
Palermo and I love this place you can sort of see how secret it is so it’s got
this tiny tiny little hidden doorway that behind me is a really main road
but there is no signage on the road and there are people flooding in here for
their arancine and it’s all locals because it’s super hidden it is a
really really good place and the quality is amazing those arancine were a great snack but
it’s now time to settle in for a long Sicilian lunch now we have come to this trattoria that we ate at the other day it was brilliant they’ve been around
since the 1960s and they do a lot of traditional Sicilian dishes we
can’t wait to show you guys just like the last stop this place is pretty
hidden as well and we’re finding that here in Palermo there’s either really in
your face touristy stuff where you don’t want to be eating or there’s places like this
so this doorway which when we first came we thought it was the back door but it’s
not it’s the main door to this restaurant so Giuseppe is showing us exactly how to
eat this pasta con le sarde so pasta with sardines, sardines are really popular
here in Sicily and so you mix it all up and then add the breadcrumbs, toasted toasted breadcrumbs, the perfect sprinkling okay, grazie mille alright I got service at the table so pasta con le sarde is a really popular dish here in Palermo it
is made up of sardines, there’s wild fennel, raisins and then the toasted
breadcrumbs of course and it’s a really really delicious dish I had this the
other day and it is just mouth-watering so I’m gonna grab myself a big ole bite if you like really strong tasting fish
this is the pasta for you the sardines are really really strong and
fishy, intense in a good way the toasted breadcrumbs add an almost
creaminess because they’re not crunchy they sort of just soak up a bit of the sauce
and add to the texture of the dish the pasta is cooked perfectly it’s al dente
so it has a great bite and the raisins are so sweet
now it seems a bit weird to have raisins in pasta right but that harks back to the
thing that Thomas was talking about before with the arancine about
Sicilian cuisine being very heavily influenced by its conquerors so the Arabs
brought things like raisins and saffron and cloves and those types of
herbs and it sort of integrated itself into Sicilian cuisine
this is delicious let’s get some cheese for my pasta which
is a super interesting pasta now we asked him which one we should go for and
this is the one he recommended and we’ve seen a lot of people around town eating this and
basically it’s potato and meat so you’ve got spaghetti and then you’ve got a crushed
potato I think it’s probably just a boiled potato but then it’s got some
herbs and stuff so it’s probably been boiled and then tossed in some butter
and some little chunks of meat so I’m gonna get some cheese on there just like
with Sheena’s we want to toss it and get that potato and meat mix right
through and that cheese coating so you can see it’s got a beautiful liquid
layer down there and it does look kind of creamy and buttery so let’s see I’ve gotta get
a big chunk of potato and a whole lot of meat and it looks like pork I’ve got some potato and some
meat hiding under that spaghetti oh that is a beautiful flavour
the potato and the pasta go so well together that double carb and the meat’s
got a nice little bit of fat on it so you’ve got this beautiful sort of
oiliness from that and there must be some butter in there it’s got a lot of salt
so it’s got a lot of flavour oh it’s really good it’s much wetter than I thought it would
be so it’s really creamy and the pasta is just coated in liquid it looked really
dry when it came to the table but that is a great
combo and the potato’s not too strong you’ve just got a nice coating of the
potato it breaks up into quite small pieces this is a really neat restaurant I love
this environment super local, there’s lots of old people, workers coming in for their lunch
just in their overalls covered in paint and things so it’s a proper
locals joint, really good food Thomas is enjoying his grassa and I am
without a pasta so what happened is Giuseppe one of the guys who works here he whipped my pasta away, ahhhhhh grazie he’s whipped it back in front of me and gave me a new portion because it was getting cold while I was filming Thomas it was so nice of them our second course has arrived now if you’re wanting
to do the whole shebang like the full long Italian lunch you might start with an antipasti so a starter then you might go a pasta
course then your second course which is a meat or a seafood and then you might go dessert, you might have a digestive, a coffee what not but we just went for the
pasta and a second course so our second course is made of Sicily’s most famous dish this is caponata it’s an eggplant dish sort of like a
sweet and sour eggplant salad and then to go with it a butterflied and
crumbed pan fried mackerel how golden and delicious does it look but what I’m
gonna do is start with the caponata so the caponata you can usually have it
as a antipasti with bread so as a starter or you can have it as a side with your
main or your second course so let’s just get in it’s chopped end fried
eggplant so chunks of eggplant and then it’s cooked with capers
there’s some celery, onion and a sweet balsamic vinegar so it’s a
little bit tangy it’s so good the eggplant is super soft and it just melts in your mouth and then the tanginess from that balsamic vinegar is great it’s very zingy, very lively now this fish this fish looks so good so I’ve
got a ton of lemon I’ll just squeeze that all over the fish and it looks
like it’s got a lot of dried herbs on top maybe some oregano and then a
ton of olive oil so let’s just cut a huge bit off this is mackerel which is a
really oily fish see that in there ohhh yeah all right hot! the breadcrumbs are really finely ground so they just give a slight crunch, very golden and then the fish is so soft, it’s perfectly cooked mackerel is a very oily fish and so it’s quite strong in flavour but it’s beautiful it just
flakes apart in your mouth ohh delicious it’s really nice sitting down for a
lunch like this with a glass of wine and there’s a great passion for eating here
in Italy and in Sicily so you’re not rushed there’s no rush to
get out the workers can come in they seem to sit here for a very long time
for their working lunchtime but there’s passion for food so people take time for
good food and to have a great lunch like this it’s fantastic we’re now right in the heart of town and
after a big lunch like that we’re gonna have a granita this is another super
famous thing here in Sicily it’s a semi frozen dessert it’s unreal we’ve been
doing some research finding the best one in town you’ve got to see this this is
unreal watermelon cafe con almond e panna almond and coffee and panna, si, si watermelon, peach and gelsi this is a brilliant store and it’s run
by the coolest guy his name’s Pino he doesn’t have much English but we
don’t have much Italian but we have the best conversations and he comes up
with the perfect flavour combinations for you so Sheena’s gone with a sweet fruity
one so we’ve got mulberry on top there’s some peach and there’s some more
mulberry down there and that’s watermelon and I’ve gone with a serious
after a big meal one this is a coffee one so there’s coffee down here then
I’ve got almond granita down here I’ve got cream a sweetened cream all
over the top and that’s covered in chocolate powder and so granita is
basically I guess a slushie is the best way to describe it so it’s a semi frozen
dessert which is then flavoured with either coffee like I have or nuts
like I have or fruit like Sheena has now it is mentally hot here so we’ve just
got to dive right in look at all that cream and chocolate on top and I want to
get right down there and get some coffee hmm oh man oh man that is good it’s very
very strong so think smashing back an espresso in pretty much one gulp that’s
what that tastes like really really strong try and get some
almond so I’ll get a bit of a combo of everything the almond just takes a bit of the edge off the super strong coffee the cream
is beautiful and soft it’s quite lightly whipped and then sweetened and that
chocolate powder on top just gives it a massive sweet chocolaty kick anguria gelsi peach my granita is turning to soup so let’s just get in so I’m gonna get a taste of all three flavours hopefully so peach
watermelon and mulberry it is stinking hot here in Palermo
today so this granita is just perfect it’s
totally hitting the spot the granita the fruit granitas are made from fresh
ingredients so fresh fruit is used to make these flavours and they are so
intense in flavour the mulberry particularly is really strong
mulberry almost and I think it tastes like a cross between blackberry and
boysenberries but the peach flavor too is coming through mmm just beautifully
sweet and refreshing and they say that back in the day with granita how they used to
make it was they used to go up to the mountains because Sicily is quite a
mountainous region grab the ice from the top of the mountain and cart it back down
to the villages and make the granita that way and holy moly honestly this is
the best thing for a really hot day in Palermo it’s just perfection it’s totally
hitting the spot what an awesome day of eating here in Palermo yay, grazie Pino, best granita in Palermo, grazie

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