SINGAPORE STREET FOOD- Delicious HAWKER Food- Katong Laksa, Singaporean breakfast and MORE

today we’re food hunting in Singapore
and we’re taking you on a massive food
tour, first stop is a classic Singaporean
breakfast, Singapore is a food paradise
and there is a huge range of food to eat
get ready for a delicious street food
tour, I’m Thomas and I’m Sheena and we’re
Chasing a Plate, we hope you’re hungry,
let’s eat!
We’re having breakfast in this
little kopitiam which is a classic sort
of cafe and we’ve ordered something
pretty special that they do here which
is a coffee or a kopi which has a slab of
butter on it I’m pretty excited about
this one, the kopi has just landed on our
table and look at it so the butter is
rapidly melting you can see that on top
but what it is, is a black coffee,
it has condensed milk down here this
layer I’ll just get the spoon in there oh look
at that
so this layer of condensed milk down
here and then this butter on top so I’m
gonna give it a big stir whoa look at the butter
just pushing through there all right
we’ll get that condensed milk all
through the coffee
oh yes so the kopi is obviously just a
black coffee, the condensed milk gives it a
lot of sweetness and creaminess but then
you add butter and holy moly it
takes it to the next level of creamy
ohhh the butter flavour is strong that is a good
way to start the day I love it
all right the next section of this classic
Singaporean breakfast has shown up so
we’ve got kaya toast over here and look
at this the butter theme continues, so
kaya is coconut jam let’s just peel this
open there you can see the the coconut
jam so that’s probably flavored with
pandan as well and look at that butter
oh that is unreal
so that’s just super white toast with
that on and then we have these very
soft-boiled eggs so you can see the real
wobble on those they’re only just cooked
let’s try some of this kaya toast I’m
gonna go for this one that I peeled
open look at that butter
ohhh, ohhh the pandan or the kaya the
coconut jam is silky and slippery
it’s got a perfect sweetness the butter
obviously just coats your mouth and then
super simple white bread which is just
lightly toasted so it’s still quite soft
it’s not all crunchy and sharp
in the mouth it’s just really soft
ohhh to round off these, this breakfast at
these kopitiam you get these eggs and I love
soft-boiled eggs and look at those but
we’re gonna add some soy and some white
pepper so I’ll shake some white pepper
into there I love white pepper so I’m
gonna go quite a lot of that it’s one of
my favorite condiments we’ll just put a
sprinkle of soil on there oh that’s really dark soy
I was expecting a lighter soy and we’ll mix
it up with a spoon look how runny they are
the yolks just popping ohhh give that a
good mix up, let’s grab a spoonful
ohhhh so I put obviously a lot of
so it’s got a great pepper kick but I
love that really creamy because that
egg is so finely cooked like it’s just
taken over that edge of cooked, let’s go
for another spoon with lots of yolk and
a good amount of that soy look how runny
it is, I can hardly keep it on the spoon
like it’s so runny
that was a really goof kopitiam to start us
off but of course we need much more food
on this tour so we’re gonna walk to
another place because it’s really close
remember directions and details down
below in the description box we always
put the details of where we’re eating
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we’ve arrived at our next stop and it’s laksa
time, laksa is a noodle soup which is
really popular in this region and this
is a Katong laksa which is unique to
Singapore so it’s made up of a number of
things you can see here some fishcake
there’s some blood cockles, the green
stuff there is laksa leaf,
there’s a healthy dollop of sambal or
chili paste,
there’s some rice noodles and the idea
about Katong laksa is that you can eat
it just with a spoon you don’t need
chopsticks, you don’t need a fork you can
literally shovel it in, just with this
and it’s all wallowing in this creamy
coconut based broth what I’m gonna do is
just give it a big mix-up so that sambal
really gets moving through that broth
you can see that chilli oil just
dispersing through the bowl and I’m
gonna get myself a big old spoonful and
see what this tastes like
I’ve also spotted some bean sprouts in
there alright just got a big
spoonful of those rice noodles, some of
that broth and some of those bean sprouts let’s
give it a go
mmmmm mmm, mmmm, mmmmm, the coconut flavor in that broth is really strong it’s really creamy and then
that sambal has got a really fiery
hit so it’s just coated my mouth with
chilli that’s really tasty, let’s give these
fishcakes and blood cockles a go
all right so I’ve got some fishcake.
find myself a blood cockle where are they
hiding, there we go, lost my fishcake all right, see what this tastes like
mmm wow so those blood cockles when they were popped into the laksa, I think they were either raw or
just very, very lightly blanched and so
they’re just going to cook through in
that hot broth, this such a great
laksa it’s so creamy, it’s fiery, those
noodles are really slippery mmm I think that blood cockle is actually raw because
I can taste the strong flavor in
my mouth but this is a really good bowl
it’s really hearty and it’s something
you’ve got to eat when you’re in
Singapore it’s just a classic
Singaporean dish
that was a really
delicious bowl of laksa but it was quite
a small bowl so let’s go and find some
more food
there’s hawker centres all over
Singapore and this is where we’re
finding a lot of the food we’re having
today we’ve made our way to another
hawker centre and you can always tell
which place to go to from the giant
queues of people waiting for their food
so we’re lining up now for a char kway
teow which is a fried noodle dish
got my plate of char kway teow and I love
this dish so much, now to be fair this
does not look like much at the moment it
kind of looks like a pile of brown gloop
but it has got a wealth of ingredients I
loved watching him just throwing
ingredients into the wok to create this
dish so I’ll talk you through what we
can see here so we’ve got bean sprouts
we’ve got two types of noodles in here
this fat rice noodle is the kway teow noodle
but they also use a thin yellow noodle
so you can see that there this yellow
noodle and that’s very common in
Singapore other countries like Malaysia
they don’t necessarily use the two types
of noodles, then we have a whole lot of
chives so the green, the green chives all
through there, we have some blood cockles
there’s one there we’ve got some lap
cheong which is Chinese pork sweet
sausage some beautiful little pieces of
lap cheong, what else can we find, that’s it
kind of for big things there is a whole lot
of egg and that’s sort of the glugginess
you can see through the dish let’s just
give it a go though because oh it smells
so good there’s a wealth of sambal for
spice, there’s soy sauce for that color and
flavor let’s try some
oh yeah, oh I need another huge bite, it’s it’s
got a glugginess in the mouth actually but
it’s got a beautiful spice from the
sambal, a sweetness from the soy
sauce it must be a sweet soy sauce or
maybe a combo of sweet and a light soy
sauce, let’s have this big bite so I got
lots of noodles, sprouts, there’s a blood
cockle in there and some lap cheong, now
this is a bite of char kway teow
ohhh I love this dish so much, the blood cockle burst with a salty sea flavor, the lap cheong, the Chinese
sausage have a hugely sweet burst, it’s really sweet that lap cheong this is
quite nice because the pieces are tiny,
then the sprouts added a crunchiness the
two types of noodles you can taste the
texture difference or feel the texture
difference, ohh this is good let’s I gotta go for another huge bite let’s just make this
a cracker so look we got a blood cockle,
some lap cheong, ohhh how am I gonna pick
that all up, alright that’ll do ohhh oh yes oh yes
let’s go mmm
ohh the profile of flavors, the sweet, the
salty, the savoriness of it
oh that’s a good dish of noodles and it
looks much more gluggy than it tastes it’s
got a beautiful like rounded glugginess, “no thank you Aunty”, it’s got a few beautiful
roundedness going on, oh that is
awesome, awesome really good
what I didn’t get while I was eating this
before was the little bits of crackle-y
pork skin that are in there so they’re
so small I can’t find one to show you
but they’re these tiny little
bits of pork skin and pork fat, crispy on one side, a
little bit juicy on the other and when
you bite into them it’s just a burst of pork
flavor it’s so good and this whole dish
is actually cooked in pork lard so it has a
obviously fattiness from the pork lard
cause it’s very rich and deep and flavoursome and it just gives the dish a whole
rounded sort of porky
flavor, like a meaty flavor I can’t get
this is turning out to be a
massive eating day we’re at our next
spot now and it wouldn’t be a
Singaporean food tour without the
national dish, Hainanese chicken rice
let’s go and get a plate
this is Hainanese chicken rice so the
dish is made up of beautifully poached
chicken so very simple poached
chicken, these slices of fresh cucumber
and then it comes with a bowl of rice
and it’s known as oily rice, the rice is
cooked with some of the fat and the
juices from the poached chicken and also
some aromatics so ginger and garlic and
that should be really good what I’m
gonna do is just dump this rice whoa
look at that ohhh and it smells really good
that’s gonna be really flavorsome
hopefully so dump the rice onto the
plate and then just load up the plate
with this poached chicken and also
cucumber, now on the table we’ve got some condiments so we’ve got this pottle of
minced chilli and garlic and I’m gonna
put that in a little side dish and have
that as a dipping sauce for my chicken
and there’s also some minced ginger and
oil here on the side, oh that smells really
good that’s gonna go really well with the
oily rice and chicken too okay let’s just
grab a mouthful I’m gonna get some of
that oily rice and then also a piece, god
look at that chicken it is just
beautifully poached, piece of that
and then a little bit of that chilli and
garlic mixture and just see what it
tastes like, let’s go
that was such a flavorsome mouthful,
the oily rice still has a lot of texture,
it’s very loose so it’s not stodgy it’s
not dense, full of flavor from being
cooked with the stock or cooking juices
from, the chicken and that chicken was
beautifully poached I want to try some
of this ginger mixture which is in this
little pot here so what I’m going to do
is just water my rice with ginger
because I love the flavor and then just
get another mouthful whoa that’s gonna be
really flavorsome, let’s give it a go
that rice is just so delicious, it’s so
loosely packed, the chicken is so flavoursome
and simple, really tender and then
that ginger is a winner it just imparts
this really aromatic flavor that’s a
real winner,
that was great and it was such an
old-school eatery it was deathly quiet in
there but it was just like being stuck
in a time warp it was pretty cool
onto our next stop
next up we’re gonna
grab a roti prata this is an amazing
snack in this part of the world let’s go
grab one at this little stall here
we’ve just received our order of roti prata
and watching them being made is
incredible, the guy has this very basic
dough so it’s an Indian flatbread roti
prata and the dough is just a wheat
flour dough with ghee and water so ghee is
clarified butter, he packs it into or throws
it onto the bench basically, slams it
down with his hand, puts it into a thin
layer and then starts spinning the dough,
spinning the dough until it becomes
this huge incredibly thin circle of
dough, it then gets folded over itself
into a much smaller little package and
dumped on the hot plate and then once it’s
on the really hot, hot plate he just
throws a large amount of ghee onto the
hot plate and look how golden and crispy
that looks, you can see where it’s bubbly
because that hot plate is so hot and
because it gets folded over in the
making process you get these beautiful
pockets where it’s all aerated inside
and oh it just looks so good so
good, I gotta rip some off oh and we’ve
ordered this with a dal so we’ve got a dal
here and a fish curry as well so that
looks quite thick the fish curry and the
dal looks a little bit runnier with
lots of that oil on top so that should
have a good little spice by the looks of
it, let’s rip off a big piece of this
roti prata oh look at it, so inside you can see
cause of that ghee in the mixture and on
the hot plate it’s all soft and buttery
looking but then the outside looks
golden and super crunchy, let’s dunk it
into this dal first all right we get a
good liberal bit on the end
let’s get it in
whoa hot, mmm it’s so crunchy, it’s so crunchy
the inside then is very soft though, that
hotplate must be super hot because it’s really
crisping up the outside but keeping the
inside all moist and soft it’s very
buttery because of all that ghee, I’m gonna rip off another big bit, oh the crunch can you hear the crunch when
I, when I touch it oh it’s unreal, super
super crispy I’m gonna have this big
big handful, I’m gonna dunk it in this fish
curry so you can see that this this fish
curry is pretty thick like much thicker
than the dal was, it’s got a nice
liberal coating, mmm mmmmm
mmmm not too fishy, a little bit salty and a really good sweetness coming
out of that gravy, oh that is good, just gonna break a little bit more off, this is quite a thin little
piece you can see when I keep talking
about how crispy it is, like look how I’ll grab this
whole one that I haven’t even ripped up yet, you can sort of hold it and it hardly bends
that’s because the outside is so
beautifully crispy but not dry at all
I’m gonna dunk this bit into the, into
the dal again, I really like this dal
it’s got such a rounded flavor and it’s
got a really good spice all right, dripping off
the end, mmm oh man it’s so good, it’s so good, this is such a good version, the crispiness, the butteriness
and then the dal and the fish curry are
both really really good to go with it
that was an awesome food hunting day in
Singapore there is so much great food
here and we’ve loved traveling all over
Singapore and eating all that amazing
food today I’m pretty full, how are you doing? Stuffed! But happily stuffed, thank you so
much for watching remember to head down below, hit subscribe because we’ve got a
ton of food videos to come and hit that
thumbs up button we’ll see you next time
thanks for watching, bye!

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