100 thoughts on “Smooth PB & J Sandwich 🥪- peanut butter and jelly jelly recipe

  1. Emmy!!! Thank you so much for including the mini fail of layers in this!! Reassuring that these things happen, even to you but can be fixed! There's hope for us all! 😁♡

  2. I’ll never understand why Americans call seedless Jam…..Jelly! It’s just so wrong what she made is jelly! The stuff in the Jar is Jam!

  3. Tbh I think if you go with grape juice next time, it may come out better? Maybe the grape flavor will be stronger. I feel like anytime I do anything with peanut butter it over powers any and everything, so the other ingredients might just be too weak in comparison. Alternatively, maybe cut back on the peanut butter?

  4. First time I've seen a video of you and I have got to say. Where have I been??? OMG your personality is perfect. Your bubbly, goofy but yet serious. I love it!!!! New subscriber. 🙋🏻‍♀️

  5. There used to be a penguin show on Qubo and I don’t remember his name but his sandwich is kind a look like that or maybe I’m just over analyzing the sandwich

  6. My mom made a ribbon jello using reg jello boxes and there are tons of videos on YouTube of that we used sour cream for the creamy layers but I want to try it using yogurt instead of sour cream

  7. Nope.

    Dutch fresh brown bread, Dutch Calvé peanut butter, Dutch butter and just plain old sugar sprinkled on top.

    Don't forget a glass of cold Dutch milk to go with that,…tall glass xD.

    That's heaven, or as close as a mere mortal will get to it.

  8. Love your honesty. Good that you include the screw ups as well as the corrections. Also the conclusion that not very good tasting but aesthetically pleasing. Walmart sells a P&J sandwich pre-made in the pizza section. It is very good tasting and looks good too.

  9. Instead of making yourself nuts trying to shake out of pan, just dip bottom of pan in warm water for 2-3 seconds and it will pop right out👍🏻

  10. Am not understand why you would sweeten Jelly that’s already sweet. 🤷🏽‍♀️ It’s just too much sugar in this whole recipe for me.

  11. Imagine making a pb&j without putting peanut butter on both sides with jelly in the middle. If you havent tried it you’ve been living your entire life as a lie.

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