SMOOTHIE MAKING 101 | Healthy Fall Smoothies | Testing New Breakfast Smoothies!

SMOOTHIE MAKING 101 | Healthy Fall Smoothies | Testing New Breakfast Smoothies!

In the spirit of being in November, you
and I are going to test out two healthy protein smoothies: pumpkin pie protein smoothie and apple pie protein smoothie. You ready? Let’s go! What is up? Thank you for clicking on this video. Hope you’re having a great day! I often scroll through my Instagram feed and look at all of these beautiful images of healthy food, and I’d love to try them, but not sure if I want to be the one taking the risk, buying all of the ingredients and making it into a disaster. I figured in this video, I’m going to take that risk! I chose two fall healthy smoothies that I’m going to try and test them out, and let you know if you should too. Before we get started, we’re going to talk about the essence of smoothies. Smothie 101, let’s call it. This is how I like to make all of my smoothies. With this formula, you can essentially make a smoothie of your own. You’ll never need to rely on any recipe. Step 1 is to pick a fruit – any fruit. Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries… Step 2 is add a base. A base is a form of liquid. You want to add one to two cups
of liquid of any choice…just not alcohol …because we’re trying to be healthy here.
Although, if that’s your style… I like your style. Typically, these liquids are
almond milk, coconut milk, water… I typically use unsweetened almond milk. Step 3, you want to thicken it up! So you’re going to add ingredients such as yogurt, Greek yogurt, coconut meat, chia seeds, peanut butter. Step 4 is to flavor it! You don’t want
your smoothie to be bland and bleh! You want it to be flavorful! So at this point
you want to add sweeteners, like honey and sugar substitutes like stevia or
Truvia. You can also sweeten things up with dates, spice things up with cinnamon. Step 5, you want to boost it up with some power! So you’re going add things like
collagen, protein powder, goji berries, greens… Make things a little more nutritious and wholesome. Now you know the exact formula to make any smoothie! Alright, let’s stop wasting time. Let’s try to make these smoothies and see if they’re any good! I’ve got my Vitamix. You don’t need Vitamix to make epic smoothies! I also have a Ninja that also makes phenomenal smoothies. First, we’re going to make Apple Pie Smoothie. Since it is an Apple Pie Smoothie, we’re going to need… …an apple! You’ll also want… …not just one banana… …two frozen bananas. A little tip I have for frozen bananas, because it always seems like every time I want to make a smoothie and I need a frozen banana, the banana isn’t frozen. What you want to do is you buy banana, take all the banana, peel off the layers, slice it in half and put it into a ziploc bag or ziplock container. Just put them in here. That way you have frozen bananas whenever you want. Let’s put those fruits into the blender. Now let’s add some base. If you
recall, a base is a form of liquid. We’re going to add unsweetened almond milk from Califa Farms. Now the next step is to thicken things up, so we are going to add 2 tbsp of nonfat, plain Greek yogurt. To continue to spice things up for the Apple Pie Smoothie, we’re going to add 1 tsp of cinnamon. Next we’re going to add some healthy fats to our smoothie. I love healthy fats. Add 2 tbsp of nut butter of your choice. Here, I’m using the raw almond butter…crunchy! Now to the smoothie, you can add protein
powder if you’d like – vanilla protein powder. But I’m going to add some collagen powder. I use the Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides. Now, that’s it! All we’ve got to do is blend. I like my smoothies a little icier, so I’m going to add some ice to this recipe. Okay! So our Apple Pie Smoothie is done. And on top, you can sprinkle a little bit of cinnamon on here. I need to take pictures of this, so I’m not going to drink out of this. We’re going to drink out of this glass.
Hey bud! Do you want to try this? Doug: Where are you at? Skye: I’m right here! I need my taster. Doug: What’s this one called? Skye: You can guess. Come closer! Doug: Guess without looking at the ingredients or what? Skye: Yeah! Skye: It’s not wine! Doug: The tannin is very… Doug: Um…strawberry? Skye: …no. Skye: Isn’t that great? Doug: I think there’s cinnamon in there. Skye: Yea, there is cinnamon. You’re accurate. Skye: You have something on your lips. What is that? Doug: Is there nutmeg? That might just be my beard. Skye: Yea there is nutmeg – uh, no. There is no nutmeg. Doug: Apple? Skye: Yea, there’s apple! Doug: I saw an apple – the apple sitting there. Doug: Is there Greek yogurt in this? Skye: Uh huh, a little bit to give it thickness. Doug: These are good! Skye: Yea, I like this. I put it in a jar like this so I can put it in
the fridge and drink it whenever I want! In to this blender we’re going to add
bananas. One, full, frozen banana. Now, since this is a Pumpkin Pie Smoothie, we’re going to add pump… [getting tongue tied] We’re we’re going to add pumpkin pie
puree. That is a tongue-twister! Pumpkin pie puree! I’m using Libby’s 100% pure pumpkin. Next, we’re going to add the base which is Greek yogurt. I like adding the nonfat plain Greek yogurt. I do not like adding already flavored Greek yogurts as much because they’re sweetened. I’d rather control my sweetness. Control what type of sugar I put into it, which is typically sugar substitutes. Next, let’s flavor it and sweeten things up.
We’re going to add maple syrup. Now, I’m not using real maple syrup, although you can. But what I’m using is Lakanto maple syrup. It’s maple flavoring,
technically, not maple. But it is great! It is sugar-free and keto friendly. I’ll
show you the back. It is 25 calories per serving, which is 2 tbsp. 0 grams of fat, 7 grams of carbs and 0 grams of protein. So it is a great sugar substitute for maple flavoring. The reason why I’m choosing to use this rather than the actual maple syrup is because maple
syrup is extremely, extremely, extremely high in calories and sugar and carbs. We’re adding 2 tsp of that. We’re going to continue to spice things up by adding some vanilla extract. 1 tsp of vanilla extract. Next I think I’m going to add some spice. We’re going to add some cinnamon spice and pumpkin pie spice. …I have an itch! So, in goes your spices. The last step in terms of power boost.
We’re going to get a little wild here and add some extra things. We are going to
add some almonds! It’s a half a cup of almonds. The next step is, you’re going to add some nut butter – any nut butter that you choose. I’m choosing to use almond butter. Add 1.5 tbsp of a nut butter. We’re going to continue to boost it
up with some power by adding half a scoop of greens. Add a handful of spinach here. But what I’m going to add is the Amazing Grass Green Superfood. Adding a half a scoop of it. We’re going to continue to power this up by adding some protein powder – any protein powder you want. Vanilla preferably, because that tastes
better with this recipe… I would assume. Because you don’t want no chocolate
pumpkin pie! I guess that would taste kind of good, but I don’t know. I’m using the plant-based Vega vanilla protein powder. One scoop only. And last for our power boost we’re going to add some collagen to make sure our hair skin and nails are
beautiful. This recipe says to add ice. Now I’m noticing that this recipe that I
try to research has no liquid. So I’m kind of curious how
this will turn out but we’ll shall see. We’ll add some liquids if it doesn’t turn out well. Oh geez. Nooo! Ice! Five second rule! At first glance, kind of looks like uh… …not an appetizing color but maybe it’ll taste different. That tastes… nasty. Okay guys, don’t try it at home. Hey bud? Doug: Yeah? Skye: Can you try this? You want to just taste it and give
me your honest reaction? Come to the frame. Doug: What is that?! Skye: Just lick it. Doug: Just lick that?! This thing looks disgusting! Doug: You guys see this? You want me to try it? Skye: Yea, just lick it. Doug: What is that? Skye: You like it? Doug: I’d eat this. It’s not bad! It’s not like… fantastic… Doug: It tastes like banana. Skye: I mean, there is banana. Doug: I’d eat that all day. Skye: Really? Doug: Yea. It’s not bad. Is there peanut butter in it too? Skye: Yea – almond butter. Doug: Yea, it’s good. Yeah you guys should try it. Skye: You like it? Doug: Yea, am I in this frame? Skye: Yea, you are. Doug: Yea, I’d eat this all day. Skye: Cool! Doug: Yea, it’s good. You know what that would be good with? Skye: What? Doug: Because it taste like a peanut butter protein bar and it has a thickness that’s pretty good. Doug:You could maybe even freeze that and make it into like a popsicle. Skye: Oooh. Doug: Yea, if you have extras I’ll take extra to the bedroom. Skye: Oh yeah – no. I have plenty. Doug: Did you have pumpkin it that? Skye: Yea, it’s supposed to be a Pumpkin Pie Smoothie. Doug: [laughing] That’s funny, because that’s like the one thing that I don’t taste… it’s pumpkin. So here it is! A Pumpkin Pie Protein Smoothie…that doesn’t look quite pumpkin…ey. Of the two, which one would you like better? I prefer the Apple Pie Smoothie – it’s really refreshing. I could drink this all day. Sorry, the sun is setting so it’s like kind of in a weird angle but I hope this video was entertaining for you and educational. Now you know how to make a smoothie with the formula to make any smoothie you want. So let me know what type of smoothie you end up making! If you enjoyed this video and you want to see more from me, be sure to like this video and subscribe and
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come out with a new video. I’ll see you in the next one! Bye!

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