Hey everyone and welcome back to my channel. My name is Marla. I’m a registered holistic nutritionist and today I want to talk about one specific food or Ingredient that a lot of people think is “healthy” and consume lots of it and it’s actually really damaging your health! So, what is it? It’s Agave Syrup! I know so many people use agave syrup because they think it’s a healthy, diabetic friendly alternative to sugar in their baking and I just want to come on here and tell you to stop using it and I’m gonna quickly explain why. So, agave comes from the blue agave plant. It’s a syrup, but it’s extracted. And the problem with it is number one, It has way more calories than regular sugar (I think it’s like around sixty calories per tablespoon), It’s also 1.5 times sweeter than regular sugar, but that’s not even the problem! The main problem Is it also lacks vitamins, minerals, and fiber! Compared to raw cane sugar, and I don’t even think raw cane sugar is great, I think honey and Maple syrup are the best options, but I’m just comparing it to regular sugar right now. The biggest problem though is that it is extremely high in fructose as well. So our cells and our body uses glucose as a type of sugar For energy and to you know, live and survive. Well, when you’re consuming agave, you’re getting fructose and our cells can’t really use that so number one, it’s so hard on the body and it really strains the liver because Your liver now has to process all of that fructose because our cells are not utilizing it. The second thing is our liver just stores it right as fat in our body because our cells need glucose. They do not need fructose so fructose will just get stored as fat. And so it is going to increase your fat %. It’s gonna really strain the liver too. You’re not getting any fiber or vitamins or nutrients or minerals from it and it’s higher in calories and a lot sweeter than regular sugar. There’s not really any upsides to it, in my opinion. I really think if you’re looking for a natural alternative, I highly recommend switching to maple syrup, honey coconut sugar, or coconut butter is fantastic too, and yacon syrup or blackstrap molasses. Those are my top choices. I just want to share this video with you! I think I’m gonna make this a series and just kind of share with you randomly here and there some “healthy” foods that you should be avoiding and why. There’s a lot of foods out there that people think are very healthy and they are not and I’m just here to educate because I want you all to be as healthy as you possibly can be and a lot of times you’ll see these like health “bloggers” and You know, people on Instagram who are sharing recipes Using agave and saying how healthy it is and I just want you guys to have more information on it. You can definitely do More research about it, but I highly recommend switching to a different Sweetener if you can. Thank you so much for taking the time to watch this video! Make sure you’re following me on Instagram for tips like this. Lots of healthy recipes, and I will talk to you my next video. Bye!

19 thoughts on “STOP EATING THIS SO CALLED “HEALTH FOOD” NOW | Busting Food Myths

  1. thank you so much for this! i stopped using agave years ago — i now only use raw organic honey and 100% maple syrup!

  2. I've always seen the agave on the shelves, but didn't bother with it. I'm glad I never did! I only really use raw honey and stevia as my go-to sweeteners now (usu raw honey unless it's iced tea or I want to sweeten some sparkling water). I used organic maple syrup once, yrs ago, but at $23 a bottle, I consider it a "luxury" food lol.

  3. Looking for some more facts about coconut products such as yogurt and nut/seed milks. Many people are suggesting coconut products are bad for you because they are high in saturated fat.

  4. How refreshing to find a channel where holistic nutrition & lifestyle information is shared without pushing a particular product for sale.

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