Street Food in Iran – BEST Chicken in the WORLD!!! + INSANE BBQ Heart Kababs!!!

100 thoughts on “Street Food in Iran – BEST Chicken in the WORLD!!! + INSANE BBQ Heart Kababs!!!

  1. Huge thanks to Mr.Taster for bringing us for all this amazing FOOD! I hope you're enjoying these Iran videos! Please leave us a comment down below!

  2. Most muslim countries treat their guest/tourist so warmly with respect and hospitality. Free of cost in most item whether be food or clothes, but in India they trick and squeeze the most out of tourist and unfamiliar faces.

  3. They should have paid in the end. The people there don't make much money and obviously that was tarof.
    Also the fat guy only takes him to Kebab restaurants. Iran has such a great variety of vegetarian/ vegan foods but these are not shown at all.

  4. 3:54 Ting looks so pretty. It was so generous of that gentleman to present the scarf. I would absolutely insist on paying or give an expensive gift in return. Such generosity should not go unrewarded.

  5. What do you drink to stay so slim?

    I am not fat, but if I eat as much as I like to eat it would be a problem.
    Kind regards.

  6. Nobel prize for trevor for showing real truth and prosperity and happiness of iranian people.
    But no it would no be happen in this world because of some thugs e.g. so called peacemakers of the world.
    But you have most respected place in our heart.
    Love from Pakistan.

  7. strong Nations, full of prosperity. Plp are very generous n have good hospitality. I watched lot of iranian dreama series like as ashabe e kalf, y.j. and morium, the messagner of god etc. All are highly impressed me and learn lot of ancient history on our islam.may Allah save all u
    Love n respect from Bangladesh

  8. Interesting how Mr Taster managed to viciously abuse a vegan woman on social media….. just because she disagreed with him…. hmmmm…. disrespect for women is the pillar in the Middle East- a region of fake friendliness and love for Mohammed the false prophet paedophile pig

  9. Guys… just look at the owner’s eyes at 18:05 he seems to be so proud and thankful to have them there 😭. Best food serie ever!!!

  10. luk at that fatty man…he's got a giant blackhole ..every thing given to him he really sucks in…no matter how filthier the food is!!!!

  11. Trevor and Mr Taster should give the restaunters who give them a free meal a gift to say 'Thank You ' . That's what I would do. It's rude and greedy to just keep accepting free meals and not give anything back .

  12. Its sad how the us pictures this country, Iranians are the most humble, friendly and hospitable people and then u got corrupted minded full of racists americans

  13. between iran, china and pakistan I havent seen many other countries with such a respect for food. so many creations and flavours. So many styles and traditions. I hope when my 2 yo daughter grows up that we can experience this level of culinary ART. Idc for some dish to look fancy and have a leaf on it to look fancier… I care for flavour and passion. I taste with my mouth not my eyes. Trevor has shown that something may not sound or look pretty but it can be amazing. In china he'd try organ soup and most times it was a miss but the times it was a hit made me want to try it. since then ive admired cultures that eat the animal not just a part of it. In america we're use to only eating certain parts of an animal and almost taught to find organs and such gross. Thank you Trevor and Ting for bringing these foods to light.

  14. BBC,CNN:"it´s fake video! There should be a lot of terrorists in Iran!" Youtube:"yes sir, i will delete this fake video"

  15. Just realized that we don’t have Iranian 🇮🇷 food restaurants in Iraq 🇮🇶 😳
    That’s both weird and sad at the same time cause this food looks fucking delicious!

  16. This series makes me want to go to Iran. Sending prayers, peace and love to my Persian brothers and sisters. May God cover your country with protection. Love and Light 🙏🏼🙏🏼❤

  17. Iranians are sincerely friendly. I've seen lots of food vlogs travelling to different parts of the world. Most of the people are friendly but not sure they're sincere. For Iranians, I could sense their sincerity. Just my opinion.

  18. All this meat and food that was served would have easily costed somewhere around KWD 50/- US$ 150 here in Kuwait and that too not this quality! The sheep, lamb, goat in Iran are fed organic food/grass which renders the meat super clean and healthy! The Iranian land is extremely fertile and pollutant free!

  19. Have to say, this is the BEST Ever~ Iran amazing place, and Super Nice peoples there~ Soon, I'm coming for this amazing place, and will try the recommend place for the foods 🙂

  20. Iranian people are very nice and hostile. The international media never show this side of any other country except USA and England.

  21. Food is the great unifier. Thank you for sharing and showing that the people of Iran have much in common with other people around the world. I pray for the safety of all and someday would love to try their food. ❤️

  22. Thank you too much ranger, you let us know things and see people we would never seen, the people of Iran are so friendly and its a great nation, that deserves respect in contrast to the our Arab media picture.
    thank you I respect you and what you do, What you do is a great favor for humanity to know each others and pay respect to all good things that all nations have.

  23. Как же я рада что показали наконец Иран с настоящей стороны, а то эти стереотипы, стадное мнение, СМИ , итд выставляют эту теплую, щедрую, гостеприимную страну непонятно кем. Надеюсь, многие поймут, что не нужно верить слухам, политикам итд, а нужно самому читать, узнавать, смотреть объективные вещи, только тогда можно делать выводы!!! Я иранка, живу зарубежом, столько людей встречала, которые элементарных вещей даже не знают, говорят словами СМИ, стадо необразованное просто, и даже когда пытаешься что то донести до них, то они уперто цепляются за псевдо мнение свое и считают что они лучшие и правы во всем, предвзятое отношение к мусульманам, к исламским странам, ненависть даже, глупые предубеждения, мол что там женщины угнетены, все мусульмане террористы итп, такой бред можно услышать, страшно становится аж, понимаю что такие люди, с таким мышлением являются будущим поколением …..
    Побольше бы таких программ общеобразовательных, развлекательных итп, чтобы они раскрывали глаза слепцам на реальность)
    Всем добра, мира и взаимопонимания!

  24. Delicious foods and friendly people. ❤️ Amazing 😍 hoping for a sponsor so that I can be there . Huhuhuhu 😭😭😭

  25. when I was a kid I thinking of Iran that bad country bad people put when saw there kinds that image had changed now I carry allot of respect for Iranian people and love buy the I am from iraq

  26. F**k the media.
    The media makes countries look scary and terrorists and scary places to live.
    America’s media don’t like to see other countries succeed and to be advanced.
    Love all countries and people and experience things yourself don’t listen to media.

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