TAPSILOG Recipe – Around the World Breakfast: the Philippines

TAPSILOG Recipe – Around the World Breakfast: the Philippines

Summer haze music. Greetings, my lovelies. Hi, it’s Emmy. Welcome back
to another Around The World Breakfast. Today I’m going to be visiting the Philippines. So, if you missed the first video of this series, I made a pork roll breakfast sandwich — if you missed that I shall put the link down below — and in that video tons and tons of you commented on your favorite breakfasts — so it was terrific — I have tons of material for the series — I’m so excited to try all of them. And some of the very first comments I got were for my Filipino friends who suggested that I make tapsilog. So I had never heard of tapsilog before, so I did a little bit of research and it sounds delicious. And I happen to have the things on hand to make it, so here we are to make tapsilog. So tapsilog is a very interesting word — it’s actually a portmanteau of three different words: so “tap” is short for “tapa” which will be the meat, or the beef in this case; “si” is short for sinagag which is going to be a garlic fried rice; “log” is short for “itlog” which will be a fried egg. All right, let’s go ahead and get started. If you like this breakfast series be sure to give it a little thumbs up and love so I know. All right, let’s get started. To make the marinade for our beef, we’re going to crush some garlic; add some black pepper; vinegar; soy sauce; and sugar. And mix this well until all of the sugar is dissolved. Next, we’re going to prepare our meat — and I’m just using some thinly cut strip steak — and then I’m using the side of my cleaver to pound this really, really thinly. Then cut it into about half-inch strips. Add the meat to the marinade and allow it to sit for at least one hour and up to overnight. So, on medium heat I’m getting my pan warmed up. I’m going to add some oil. The first thing we’re going to do is fry up our garlic for our garlic fried rice. And as many of you probably already know you never want to burn garlic because it tastes super bitter, so we’re going to be careful and keep this on kind of a medium heat here. Now I’m going to add three cloves of garlic to this. Now, we don’t want to burn this — we just want to get golden brown. Smells amazing! So, our garlic is pretty much finished fizzing here. All right, so our garlic is golden. And now we’re going to transfer it. And this is just day-old rice which is the best rice to fry for fried rice. Crumble that up into our pan. This is about two cups of cooked rice. Then we’re going to add a couple pinches of salt…. And then we’re just going to fry this up! And that lovely garlic oil. OK, now that our rice is warmed up, we’re going to add our garlic. Our rice is finished. All right, now that our sinagag, or fried rice, is done, now we’re going to cook our meat. Add a little bit of oil. Add our meat. Once they’re nice and caramelized on the outside, we’re going to remove them to a dish. So now we’re going to complete our trio with the “itlog,” or the egg. [Oops! Get out of there!] So now I’m going to put a little lid on it. Let it steam up a bit. All right, now let’s put this breakfast together. Garlic fried rice; next we’re gonna add our beef here; next we’re going to add our fried egg, or itlog. Yum! And for good measure, I’m going to add a little bit of cilantro for a garnish. And there you have it — beautiful tapsilog Nothing like fried garlic to make your house smell amazing, right? All right, so this looks beautiful — totally right up my alley. This is also served with vinegar, and it is flavored with a little bit of garlic and some jalapeño slices. All right: “kain tayo!” So delicious! You’ve got the runny, rich egg in there, and then you’ve got the meat that’s sweet and salty and garlicky — and then you’ve got the really garlicky fried rice, but still it really nice backdrop….and that holds everything together, because you’ve got all that starch. Oh, and then you’ve got the vinegar that adds some acid and just a little bit of chili heat and fresh garlic in there — you have to like garlic though, if you want to taste this meal because this is packed with tons of garlic but garlic in different forms: you’ve got the deep-fried garlic flavor from the rice and you’ve got this little kind of cooked garlic flavor in the meat and then you’ve got the raw garlic in the vinegar. It’s just scrumptious — it is so, so, so good! Thank you so much Filipino friends for introducing this to me. Now I have a new addition to our breakfast rotation, because this is excellent! Thank you guys so much! I hope you guys enjoyed that one; I hope you guys learned something; Please leave me more breakfast suggestions — I love hearing them! I love, love, love learning about different cultures. So please tell me what you have for breakfast. Don’t forget to share this video; follow me on social media; subscribe; like and yeah, I’ll see my next video. Too-da-loo! Take care! Bye!

100 thoughts on “TAPSILOG Recipe – Around the World Breakfast: the Philippines

  1. Why is this video in my recommendations? 🤣 I really love it when you say ilog instead of itlog. Ilog is river, itlog is egg. And sinagag instead of sinangag 😂.

    I'm really happy that you appreciate our native Filipino cuisine. Avid watcher here from the Philippines❤️

  2. This looks so good Emmy! And it’s awesome you took care to not scorch the garlic! Tho a tiny correction: siniGANG is a totally different dish (it’s a Tamarind sour soup… ya should try it too)…you meant to say siniNGAG for the garlic fried rice 🙂

  3. Emmy, what you did is good enough however there is a better way to do it, which could give a big effect in its taste. The sequence is the mistake. You should have fried the egg first. Next is ti cook the meat in the same pan you used for frying then in the same pan is where you should fry your rice.

    Please make a redo in this episode. I am assuring you that taste will be vastly upgraded.

  4. This might sound like a question from an "uncultured swine", but since I'm not a huge fan when it comes to fried egg, can you do the same thing with scrambled egg(s)?

  5. ❤️😍 we also have tosilog, longsilog, hamsilog, depends on what you want along with the fried rice 💕 kain tayo!

  6. This inspired me to get up my @$$ and get me a Tapsilog. 😁👍

    You did an amazing job there Emmy! 👍

    Warm Regards from the Philippines 🇵🇭

  7. Forgive my ignorance with my question, but can there be a different proteins besides steak or beef? I was thinking something along the Protein being some salmon or maybe some turkey or maybe even chicken breast…, I am asking for a reason. Aside from everything else it does look yummy. Garlic is just one of the absolute best things (next to chocolate) that was created. ☺️👍😁
    Thank you so much for sharing this episode. And keep up the awesome work!! 😊👍🌻🌼🌻♥️

  8. you are so amazing!!! i love your accent please always say tagalog in all your video hehehe! you sound really cute and sexy your the best👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  9. wow! proud to be filipino ! 😊 tapsilog is one of the favorite breakfast meal in the Philippines. 😊

  10. I love Filipino food one of my favorite. All their breakfast,leche flan,cassava dessert, Kare Kare,palabok,ube ice cream, everything Filipino is delicious. Fatning as heck. But worth every calorie😁 love the Philippines!!

  11. Love pinoy-style breakfast like this 💯. I'd throw a lil banana ketchup on top of it as well 😎

  12. Hi emmy, I would suggest you dip the tapa in some sukang pinakurat (spiced natural coconut vinegar)! Oh yum! It also goes well with other Filipino breakfast items such as tocino (filipino cured meat) and longganisa (a kind of local sausage with tons of variety)! 😁 Try longganisa bototay (sweet and garlicy) and vigan longganisa (garlicy and tangy)! 😍 I hope you can find some in the Filipino stores in the US. 💖

  13. We had boring breakfasts. Brotchen or bread open faced sandwiches with lunchmeat an cheese or speadable meats. Sometimes jam or nutella or spreadable cheese or meatsalad. Now I am hungry for things I can't get here in the states.

  14. Greetings to you emmy! U are my fave youtuber 😍 thanks for featuring my country's fave breakfast! You're fantastic! 😍

  15. I eat this almost 3 times a week (except for the beef). I've been meat-free for four years…but it still looks and smells delicious!

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