Taste Testing the Latest Food Trend Products Vol.4

100 thoughts on “Taste Testing the Latest Food Trend Products Vol.4

  1. Love your videos!!

    The watermelon seeds are not supposed to be eaten with the shells!!!!!!
    You should bite slightly on the side of the tip to crack its shell open, and eat the inside bit (which is shown on the package as those white-ish ones). Watermelon seeds are eaten in Taiwan mostly around Chinese New Year and definitely not considered especially "healthy" 🙂

  2. The problem with the plastic bottle is it will probably end up in a land fill. If they really wanted to be eco friendly they would sanitize existing glass bottles or recycle them into a flat glass bottle, then ship them with a return label so they could be sanitized and re-used

  3. @sortedfood NOOOOO OMG YOU GUYS NEED TO SEE THIS!!! For the watermelon seeds, you guys sound use the incisors to crack open the husk of the seed and pull out the flake that is inside AHAHAHA NOT EAT THE SEED WHOLE

  4. You guys should do a kids cooking product challenge like who can make the best brownies with an easy bake oven or something like that.

  5. Crunchy mushrooms are a thing in Hong Kong a while ago and they are honestly so good. As for the watermelon seeds…please try to open the shell with your teeth (so you have the seed vertical between your teeth and you bite down a bit on it and it cracks open) and only eat the middle bit omg. xD

  6. Oh dear, that Meloni-stuff reminds me of Pfirsichspritzer (peach-spritz). A similarly awful abomination popular with Austrian Teenage-girls in the early 90ies. Yuck.

  7. The issue with plastic bottles, no matter how well they are recycled wine or fizzy drinks is they taste different in plastic and doesn't keep cool as well.
    I'd rather it be cans if glass isn't an option

  8. Alright team, here's the challenge
    Collaboration with Alex French guy cooking.
    Normals battle with guest judge Alex.
    Theme: food from Alex's series (meatballs, pizza, ramen, chocolate, etc) normal chooses their series to represent.
    Alex judges based on technique and how well they mastered the food, Ben and James judge on overall taste and aesthetics. Curve ball as required, let Alex choose.

    Second collaboration video:
    Chef battle. Alex vs a chef.

    Theme: food from Alex's mastered series, same as before, but now it gets serious. No curve ball, this is the real throwdown of YouTube channels (but friendly at the end of the day)
    Blind tastings to judge by the group

  9. That wine bottle is supposedly so eco friendly, but it is a small fix that doesn't fix a larger issue. In Germany there is a small fee on different bottle types and by returning them you get the money back. Glass melting uses up a lot of energy, but is way better reusalbe (by washing the bottles) or recyclable. We reuse most glass bottles up to 50 times and the recycling rate is 89%. How about that. PET is depending on the way it is made wayy less recyclable. So it's life cycle probably ends at 2 usages (just guessing) because of coatings, degradation in the recyling process and more. Also shipping packages is shit for the environment anyway

  10. Please please PLEASE come to joes ice cream in South Wales it where I work we recently had Prince William and Kate down on Wednesday to try some it’s the WORLDS best vanilla ice cream

  11. The flat wine bottle seems to be more of a gimmick than anything, since we've already solved this problem. Boxed wine is already shipped in cardboard that's way more efficient use of space than that box, and the recyclable inner bags likewise. The packaging on those is extremely space-efficient, and they actually pass that on to the buyer – you get twice the volume per price for similarly good wine. Plus it keeps longer, since dispensing it doesn't expose the wine to air.

  12. You guys ate the watermelon seeds wrong. You're supposed to crack open the shells with your teeth and only eat what's inside.

  13. Heeey, I'm not quite sure how you guys tried the watermelon seed… but we have that here in the Philippines and it's usually flavored like that as well. And Ben is kinda right, sort of. You put the entire seed in your mouth to "suck" the flavor. Then you bite the seed vertically, I'm quite not sure how to describe this. The position of the seed is supposedly perpendicular to your teeth when you bite it? That way it cracks open and you remove the shell. You just eat the white flesh inside. Does that make sense?

  14. Oh, Mike. I think we all expected better from YOU! "Mellonial" Jamie, maybe. Ben, definitely. But you! JK, I love a pun.

  15. Help! I couldn't understand what was said at 4.40. I don't know what was being referred to. Can anyone explain? I speak American and that's my first language, so I'm pretty sure they referred to something that I've just never heard of. I would appreciate the help. 🙂 Thank you!

  16. I mean… the wine will fit through the slot of your postbox but surely it still won’t fit in the actual post box right?

  17. Can’t believe you guys were stating that a plastic bottle of wine was more environmentally friendly than glass?!?

  18. A brand called bloom & wild do letterbox flowers, wine and chocolates they are fab. I sent a pot, flowers and wine through the post as a housewarming present to my friend (i live in England she lives in Wales) and it was awesome she loved it!!

  19. Looking at the sorted club kit. Great news still guarantee delivery by Christmas! In other news ever going to be available in the US?

  20. 8:23 oh god that's not how you're supposed to eat the seeds! You should've bite it on the thin side and the shell will crack and you eat the inside and toss away the shells!

  21. in the middle east melon seeds are eaten all the time but they're just salted and you peel the outer shell with your teeth like a sunflower seed. The little bit on the inside in the up close shot it all you actually are meant to eat and it's like a soft almond type taste.

  22. I like the idea of the plastic wine bottle, but glass can be recycled an infinite amount of times where as plastic has a finite amount of times it can be recycled. Plastic is also a petroleum product so it’s a very finite resource as well.

  23. Watermelon seeds in snacks are usually eaten like sunflower seeds snacks. You crack the outer shells with your teeth before eating the seeds in it. It's actually delicious without the shell. Can be added as toppings in salads, oat porridge and poke bowls

  24. Pass it on theme: 10 exotic/unique food items are written down and placed in a hat, the boys must draw an ingredient at the start of their turn and use it in the dish. Such as kangaroo meat , ostrich egg , truffle those sorts of food. The order can be decided by good old fashioned rock , paper, scissors and the winner can choose the order they go in, can’t beat the classics.😄

  25. 1st one, I thought it was spirulina because of the green colour. But milkshake doesn't work, and they didn't try to vomit from the smell, so clearly I was wrong. 2nd one, the description from the website was disgusting in every way, especially morally. 3rd, I don't know how that differs from regular dried shiitakes texture-wise, but hopefully I'm wrong. 4th, it's probably better used as a topping for yoghurt or creamy desserts, and Mike's statement was sweet. Last one, I like the idea, but I'm really concerned about it being plastic. Even recycled, it's still plastic. There must be a better material to use. But the shape is indeed a good idea.

  26. Also, don't eat the seed outer bits, crack them with your front teeth and then eat the inside, if you wanna know how there's probably some tutorial on YouTube for simechki(sunflower seeds)

  27. In our region of asia, that kind of watermelon seed snack isn't supposed to be eaten with the husk, you just pop it open by either biting it horizontal or try to pry it open using your fingers. You basically just eat the flesh inside.

  28. I'm not sure you can eat the outer shell of the watermelon seed. I usually peel it like a peanut, and eat the tender inside. You can suck on the shell though to get the flavor

  29. So many funny moments here
    1. The warning on Bennuendos
    2. When Mike walked out of frame with said Bennuendo
    3. Barry saying "Is this all you do now?"

    On another note regarding the plastic wine bottle, I would love that idea more if I can get confirmation that they can recycle that continuously cause if not then it is still just plastic. If I remember correctly glass can be melted to be reused many times (not super sure about this so dont quote me on it)

  30. It's an oversized hip-flask. Alcohol bottles are made to be broken and used in barroom brawls. That thing would be about as useful as hitting someone with a dog's squeaky toy.

  31. Hojicha and black sesame are great flavours! Hojicha is a type of green tea that's less sweet than matcha flavouring and is slowly getting more popular in asian countries outside of Japan. You can definitely try it as a soft serve ice cream. Black sesame is a popular beverage and dessert choice in many asian countries. As a dessert, they're traditionally made into a thick sweet paste and they are also an ice cream flavour. If you get the chance, I recommend trying them out.

  32. Screaming internally when I saw how you guys ate the watermelon seeds… REMOVE THEM SHELLS!!!!!!!!! anyhoos I grew up snacking on them during CNY and I never knew they are watermelon seeds 😳

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