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    Sister Aap ne bohat hi ziadati ki hai itni mazeydar cheez bana ker
    Ye itna achcha nazar aaraha hai ke Me ne Aap ka channel forun
    subscribe ker dia
    Bohat Bohat shukerya
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  2. Thanks nice sharing…ap k cooker k peevhey wall k colourful kya lga hai…tiles or sometjing else..is this to protect wall or just decoration???actually i m looking something for my wall behind cooker…

  3. Aussalmawalikum appi…. Plz plz y bataye Aap n jisme jis jar m dal grinde kiya Pisa h uska link share kerye.. Kahan s purchase kiya h.. Hum jis mixi m dal piste h usme fine nahi pisata h.. Ya to batter pani dal ker Gila Kare to hi pis pata h

  4. Look very yummy 😋 in comments box a sis from India she say’s they don’t use dal mung garlic in their recipe and backing soda but I had experience of not using dal mung and soda which gives different result mung dal is good companion of dal mash and a little soda don’t let ur tummy upset by eating this dish because it’s been proved that soda is good for tummy anyways Pakistani recipes r bit different from Indian recipes well done 👍🏽 keep it up

  5. Masha Allah great recipe great cooking and great explanation Jazak Allah Sister 🌷🌷🌷Khush rahein Sada Ameen 💖

  6. Tried this recipe. Made the best I've ever eaten. Thanks so much for this recipe. We added tamarind chutney on the top and it was a Game changer.

  7. Very detailed recipe. You even mentioned the amount of 1tbsp mixture for making bara. Very kind of you 🙂 will try soon

  8. Asifa sahiba kea zaberdust bhaly bnany sekhay ap ny hamen is sy pely ya nhi aty thy mashAllah ki .ab tu zaror try Kern gy thanx

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