Tasty Uttapam Sandwich Recipe | Healthy Tiffin Recipe | Kissan Tiffin Timetable | India Food Network

Tasty Uttapam Sandwich Recipe | Healthy Tiffin Recipe | Kissan Tiffin Timetable | India Food Network

Subscribe and click on the bell icon to never miss a video on India Food Network Well the tiffin problem for 1 day has been solved. What about the other days? Hi! I’m Amrita Raichand and I welcome you to Kissan Tiffin Timetable where we bring you 200 tiffin recipes for 200 school days Created by India’s most loved chefs Come on lets start with yet another very exciting very simple recipe We’re going to make Uttapam Sandwiches! Come on today I’m going to make Uttapam Sandwiches I have with me Idli Batter which you need to mix well before you make the uttapam Here I will switch on the gas A little bit of oil here Now in another bowl , I will add some finely chopped capsicum then we are going to add 1 small tomato deseeded and finely chopped Now I will add 1 small finely chopped onion Last but not the least In this I will add some finely chopped coriander we’ll mix it up then some salt for seasoning and finally the magic ingredient , which will enhance the flavour Of our Uttapam Sandwiches So about 3 tablespoons of ketchup You know Uttapam becomes dry after 2-3 hours, right? But when we add ketchup to the filling It will keep it nice and moist Here I have already kept a pan on the stove to get heated Then we’ll start making our lovely Uttapam’s Just like any normal Uttapam, spread the batter on the pan Then we will take our mixture and now we will add some more batter on top of this because we are making Uttapam Sandwiches right? and We have hidden all the vegetable in this Beautifully A little bit of oil on top of this and then Very gently flip the Uttapam Lovely! Beautiful colour has come Alright! Now we’re going to take this plate and Gently we are going to take our Uttapam out Then we are going to cut it and serve them just like Sandwiches Right through and through. We are going to chop it with one swift move Similarly we’ll cut the other sandwiches and then we are going to put it in our tiffin box Alright! Now I have my beautiful tiffin box Now we will put in this our cute uttpam sandwiches which we have made with some yummy ketchup inside And then what should we do for some accompaniment? Hmm. How about some grapes? So here you go some grapes And here you go today’s tiffin problem is solved. But tomorrow is yet another day And I am yet again coming back for you with amazing exciting easy tiffin recipes. Just for you ” Har Din Naya Tiffin Har Din Empty Tiffin ” On that happy note, Do subscribe to India Food Network and do like and share this amazing video So until we meet again , This is Amrita Raichand saying Goodbye . This show is packed and powered by Kissan

6 thoughts on “Tasty Uttapam Sandwich Recipe | Healthy Tiffin Recipe | Kissan Tiffin Timetable | India Food Network

  1. Every chef in this channel seems to use capsicum in every recipe with different colors but it may not be good for every child's stomach in school.

  2. Use the unhealthy maggi, then throw in some unwashed grapes and throw all of it into a plastic box and dream that you are giving healthy meals for the kids ! No words !!

  3. No matter how many shows she hosts she is still very unskilled.. The uttapam she made n the one that was served were distinctly different… There are millions of deserving trained qualified chefs who should be roped in rather than her who is not but an eye candy.

  4. Jhooti aurat… Jo banaya tha wo messi tha
    . Jo kaat kar tiffin main daala wo alag tha.. ham kal paida hue hain kya… But good idea ..

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