The Actual Pasta Prince of LA – Street Food Icons

The Actual Pasta Prince of LA – Street Food Icons

-The Prince of Venice title
was given to me by the King of Italy,
which is my grandfather. -Steve, Bolognese? -There’s no food truck
with fresh pasta. We’re the only one. You can be a policeman,
a prince, a banker, or whatever, but we all are the same
when we eat our bowl of pasta. [ Speaking Italian ] I want the best of Italy
meets the best of America. I’m Emanuele Filiberto
di Savoia. I’m the Prince of Venice,
and we are now in downtown LA because I created 3 years ago the food truck
of fresh Italian handmade pasta. The business is called
Prince of Venice. It’s not very original.
It’s my title. We mainly use Italian
pasta recipes that can go from
pomodoro pasta to Bolognese to truffle to a lemon bucatini
to pesto, amatriciana, carbonara,
so the basic Italian pastas. I wanted to be able to serve
a quality, restaurant pasta even better,
I think, in the streets of LA. There’s my favorite quote, which “life is a combination
of magic and pasta.” So this is Federico Felini Orse. So we arrive in the morning, and the first thing
is to do the fresh pasta. The pasta machine can make
all sorts of different shapes. It goes from macaroni, bucatini,
which is spaghettis. We have something
called creste di gallo, which is, you know, the rooster
has the things on… How do you call it? The semolina and the flour
and everything is fresh, and you can used to eat it
like this if you want to. This is the heart
of the Prince of Venice, and this is what makes it beat. Generoso Celentano
is my head chef. He comes from Naples, and he’s
been cooking all his life because Italians,
they like to cook. They like to sing.
[ Chuckles ] I always tried to hire
Italian chefs. I wanted all my chefs
to have did pasta with their grandmother. The Italian grandmothers,
they like to eat well, and if their grandsons don’t
cook well, then it’s trouble. The amatriciana, which is the famous one
with the guanciale… Guanciale is the jaw of the pig,
and this is my favorite. Generoso made the Bolognese, which is a bit our best seller,
if I can say. -Yeah, it’s made with ground
beef, carrots, celery, onion and the San Marzano tomato. -These are the famous tomato
I told you, the San Marzano. The cheese wheel is something
we like doing also on the truck. It’s a wheel of
Parmigiano-Reggiano. What we like to do is to
finish it in the cheese wheel so the heat of the pasta
will make the cheese melt. With a spoon, you can get
this wonderful cheese and put it on top of the pasta. -This is truffle,
shaved, you know? -This is the famous
truffle macaroni. As I told you, the truffles
are quite expensive, quite rare. My family history —
We start in the year 1,000. When my
great-great-great-grandfather, Victor Emmanuel II, got the throne
by unifying Italy, so he came from the north, and Garibaldi came
from the south, Italy was united,
and he became the first king. My family were kings and queens
of Italy until 1946, and after the war,
there was a vote in Italy. And they decided on republic,
so all my family went into exile. I was born in Switzerland, and I studied
all my life in Geneva. Until I was, yeah, 13,
I never went back to Italy because I couldn’t because in the new republican
constitution in Italy, there was a law which said
that the king, the queen and all their main descendants
could not go back in Italy. It’s like if you have
this incredible chocolate store just underneath your house and you have
the smell of the chocolate, you can see
the chocolate melting, but the door is always closed. Thinking that a boy that had
nothing to do with history could not go back
in his country, for me it was a little bit sad, so that’s also perhaps
why I always wanted to create and promote
the culture of my country. Fortunately in 2002,
the law changed, and I was able to
come back to Italy. A lot of things were written
about me, about my family, and I said to myself, “How can
I present myself to Italians, and how can they discover who is
the real Emanuele Filiberto?” So I decided to participate
on “Dancing with the Stars.” I won with the world
record of votes, even more than in America. People discovered me,
and I had success in Italy. They liked me,
and I continued in television. I hosted Miss Italy,
which is like Miss America. I hosted very big shows. After 4 or 5 years, I decided
to stop television and decided to do,
like, entrepreneurial business. I love racing. I love racing, and I like, like,
very muscle American cars. It has always been a passion. [ Engine revving ] I was in Los Angeles
3 or 4 years ago at these big parties or events
at Paramount Pictures, and I discovered
the scene of food trucks. I arrived there with a friend,
and I wanted to eat pasta. So I looked around,
and there was no pasta truck. So I came back home,
and I said to my friends, “Why don’t I make one?” People liked us,
and it became a success. So we really became, I think,
in Los Angeles the reference
of fresh, handmade pasta. Today the brand Prince of Venice
is very well-known here. We do a lot of film premieres. We did “Jumanji,” a lot
of very important gatherings and private parties,
so I’m very happy for this. Okay. Here it is.
-All right. Thank you very much.
-Thank you. I perhaps did also things
which were not very conventional for someone
in the royal family. But I always did what I wanted
to do at the end, and it worked very well. I don’t say,
“Italians do it better,” but pasta, Italians
do it better, let’s say. -All right.
That will be 15. Bolognese! -There is a phrase
of a French author, which says,
“As high as you’re seated, you’re always sitting
on your ass.” So we’re all equal.
Thank you. Who’s an icon
and who’s not an icon, I must treat food lover. ♪♪ ♪♪

100 thoughts on “The Actual Pasta Prince of LA – Street Food Icons

  1. apparently fresh pasta isn't even a thing in italy. The italians prefer the dried ones because it can be cooked al dente unlike fresh.

  2. I find his story kind of sad. The part how he compares his life to a chocolate store that's always closed. He clearly loves his Italian heritage despite the constitutional laws not allowing him into the country he loves so dearly.

    I also find his story really cool as well, it's not like he's poor! Judging from his house and car alone he seems quite well off lol but it's pretty dope he has that passion for the part of him he's never truly seen?

    Awesome story and eating pasta right now whilst watching:p

  3. That’s cool he’s honest like fuck it I’m getting a kid that was beat with a stick by his grandma if the food wasn’t good so it can show passion and therefore his business shows it.

  4. porco Dio Emanuè, ne hai fatta di strada da quando ti inchiappetavi Pupo a San Remo. Te sei fatto un bel business, se vengo a trovarti cannetta e amatriciana?

  5. He just wants to cook pasta in a food truck now ?!?!? And hes literally a prince !??!?!??!?lmfao … why doesnt he open a restaurant !??!

  6. He's a well off home dude not hurting at all trust me not like he's first generation family come on now 1000 pluse years wtf u think they wouldn't have old money lol

  7. The people have sold Italy to the fascists! I would spit on them if I could!! Good was the time where they had been exiled!

  8. This story keeps getting bigger and better as you watch, great piece! And great guy, I’ll have to catch the truck sometime in LA

  9. imagine you come to the food truck somewhere on a sidestreet, order some pasta and the Prince of Italy, literally, is making it for you for.. 5 bucks or so. what?

  10. That may come out the way it goes in. Does it make you ass drip and need constant wiping leading to rash? Does it get in the way of good sex?

  11. pasta out of a paperboard container? Disgusting. Maybe just me who has a problem with it and that's what US customer want; kind of like in Burger King where everything comes wrapped in paper. Likely I am not familiar with US eating culture.
    Btw; black truffle is not rare; nearly a commodity.

  12. 04:29 kind of sad how he told the story that he and his family could not go back to Italy. and yes, I thought this guy was delusional calling himself a prince..

  13. I don't know if he is really who he pretends to be but fuck it.
    What I'm interested in is the quality of the ingredient he uses. i'd eat there a thousand times if I could.

  14. carbonara with cream? yeah hard pass on that!!
    the prince should stick to ruling and not cooking,his carbonara with cream recipe is a disgrace.
    lucky he is in LA,he in Italy and makes carbonara and they would kick his ass (unless you're in a tourist area no one in italy will serve you carbonara with cream,only dumb ass tourists eat that crap)
    p.s. if my post triggers you i dont give a shit,go to your safe space and rub one out while watching my little pony cartoons.

  15. Who would down vote this. He had nothing to do with the Monarchy of his ancestors. He seems like a hard working and down to earth dude. The fact that he has all that inheritance and still hustles is admirable.

  16. Aaaah, I am so impressed with this guy! He is a prince! It feels good to see his life now. I can see that he's happy!

  17. The comment section: Americans discovering history that their lacking education system failed to teach them for the first time ever

  18. I wasn’t expecting him to be prince. Sad to know he was the actual prince

    But the best part is.. he didn’t trouble anyone asking for his royal life privilege … Just lead a normal life of citizen..

    That makes him standout..

  19. Yall trippin this man lives in a million dollar house in LA driving expensive old school cars hes LOADED LMAO, he does the food truck for fun he just hires italian chefs and let them run it, he dosent ACTIVELY stay there with them. He probably has food trucks all around the US. I wouldnt be surprised if this dudes family was worth close to a billion

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