The Best Breakfast Food | Great Taste

The Best Breakfast Food | Great Taste

– The best breakfast food
ever, home style potatoes. – [Doboy] No! – Not just any style potatoes– – [Tony] Let me see ’em. – Home style potatoes. – [Patrick] Don’t be homestyling us. – [Tony] Show me the product. – Let me tell you, now let me tell you why potatoes are a very integral
part of breakfast, right? – Because you work on railroads and you need something to stick to. – You need hard tack and gruel. (laughter) – Yours should be porridge. – You grew those on your potato farm. (laughter) – You been eating beef
jerky for breakfast. – It look like Denzel
just got off of horseback, set up a campfire, and
he just eating potatoes. (jazz music) – It’s your boy, Doboy, AKA Thugs Bunny and I’m here to represent for the illest breakfast item ever, and this really shouldn’t be no contest. Don’t at me. Pancakes. – Why you keep saying that? – I’m just gonna start
it off by just dipping one in here. – By the way, those are
regular size pancakes. (laughter) – He just dipped a whole pancake. – In Doboy’s hand, they
look small but those are– – So the best breakfast, the biscuit. – [Doboy] Nope, nope, no, no, no, no. – When that smoke was coming out of it, my argument has changed. Biscuits be dry, though. – That’s what I’m saying. – [Jonnae] You be dry. – What’s up y’all, it’s
your boy, Kevonstage. I’m here to tell you why eggs are the best breakfast
food on the planet Earth. First of all– – [Denzel] Head’s shaped
like Humpty Dumpty. – You’re built like eggs Florentine. (laughter) – I just laughed ’cause
of eggs Florentine. I don’t even know what that looks like. – What up, everybody, it’s Patrick Cloud, and I am here repping easily the best breakfast
food item, bacon. – [Doboy] I don’t. – Simple. – It’s hard to argue against this. – Man, a hush just fell over the crowd. – (speaks French) Tony
Baker, or should I say, Tony Boulanger and I’m
representing French toast. – Okay! I like that entrance. – I hit y’all with the francais. – The reason why I chose
pancakes, pancakes can be – [Patrick] Because you
built like Uncle Jemima? (laughter) – The reason why I initially loved it, just ’cause cake was in the name of it. I was like– (laughter) Once I learned about it, like pancakes is one of the few breakfast items that can be eaten by
itself or in an ensemble. Like, you can have pancakes
with bacon, eggs, fruit. – That’s the same thing,
all breakfast items. – But you can just eat pancakes. – You can also just eat bacon. – Yeah, you can also just
eat bacon or a waffle. – Who just eats bacon? If you just eat bacon for breakfast– – What? – You ain’t fired off a whole packet of bacon in your life on a Friday evening? – ‘Cause I’m fat? – That was really specific. – That was very passionate, he was very passionate about that. – What I like about biscuits
is when you chew it, and then that little batter,
you know, when it’s like– – [Patrick] What? – It’s like a little batter develops. – You should cook those all
the way, you might get sick. – No, it’s your saliva. – Isn’t supposed to be like that. – I will eat this whole
biscuit with no water, y’all, this is good. – [Tony] You can’t eat that by itself. – Right, they’re not a standalone, you can’t just eat biscuits for breakfast. – Take a piece and pass it
down, let me change your mind. – Low-key, low-key–
– We good, fam. You got that. – [Jonnae] Let me change your mind. Y’all ain’t even tried it. – Well, pancakes, you need syrup. Ain’t nobody eating just
dry pancakes and waffles. – But syrup is a condiment. – Biscuits, for one– – So is butter and jelly. – Y’all need to remember
where you come from. These are deeply rooted– – I don’t want a damn biscuit by itself. – In who we are as a people. – My personal favorite is
omelets and huevos rancheros because that’s the fire breakfast. – [Patrick] What do you
put in your omelets? – [Doboy] Skittles. (laughter) – Hey, that was good man, alley-oop. – Chili. – Sour patch kids. – How many times have I done this show to where I thought that
was a genuine question? – I did, it was. – He was really about to answer. – So what I like is mushrooms and peppers. Skittles? If you really wanted to know,
I like mushrooms and peppers. And ham. – [Patrick] Reese’s cups – And cheese. – I saw Kev put Now and
Laters in his omelet one time. Green apple Now and Laters in there? – That’s not true, guys. – Why is there a hot
pocket in your omelet? It’s a whole other meal. – [Doboy] Nobody’s
specialty is home fries, home potatoes. – Well listen, mine is. – [Kevonstage] Forgettable at best. – Mine is.
– [Kevonstage] Yours is? – Home style potatoes, scrambled eggs, and whatever protein I’m eating at that– – But you also eat beans
cooked over a campfire, so– – Straight out the can? Been a hard day at the railroad. – You been opening beans
with your tactical knife. – I told you that in confidence, Kev. – Okay, this isn’t the best-looking bacon. – [Tony] Is that turkey,
that’s turkey bacon. – [Jonnae] Yeah. – It’s turkey bacon and it’s
like, I don’t know, it’s burnt. You want, here. I don’t know how this is gonna taste. – Oh, you don’t want the sodium, huh? I told you, you looked like it. – He waddled all over there
and got that, didn’t he? Sauntered all over, didn’t he? – So this bacon ain’t good. I’m not even really gonna show this bacon. Did you eat that whole strip of bacon? – I tore it up. – It’s like putting a
dollar in a vending machine. (sucking sound) – [Jonnae] He took a drag
of it like a cigarette. – Hold on, Jonnae said
he took a drag of bacon like a cigarette. – That’s hilarious. Doboy, huh? They haven’t called me
that in many bacon strips. – Doboy smokes Virginia thicks. – Virginia thicks. – And when French toast is done correctly, it’s passionate, man. Like, when people are
eating it, they be like, oh god, they be clenching
the table, claws, man, it gets real sexual up in there. It’s awkward sometimes. – Did no one pick waffles? – Why they pick waffles? – ‘Cause somebody had pancakes. – ‘Cause somebody picked
home style potatoes. – Yeah, home style potatoes is trash, man. – Ole John Henry, over here. – Home style potatoes. And French toast is mad popular, they had to make it into sticks,
you know what I’m saying? Let’s get the French
toast sticks out here. – I actually prefer French
toast sticks over French toast. – French toast sticks, I’ll get with but– – It’s ’cause those are deep fried. – French toast, just as
by itself, no, I’m not. – No, man it’s just as good, man. – ‘Cause it’s messier, it’s
really actually a messy food, it got powdered sugar,
then you gotta put syrup. – You be eating naked, anyway. – And none of y’all picks
have a breakfast cereal. We got French toast crunch out here, man. – Eggs has a breakfast
cereal, it’s egg-ios. – Because you have a
sweet part of breakfast. – I’m just saying. – You ain’t ever had pancake loops? – I’m just saying, ain’t no home style, ain’t no home
style potatoes out here, man. – [Patrick] Bacon flakes. – Biscuits is Michelle
from Destiny’s Child. If you don’t see Beyonce and Kelly, it’s
like, why are you here? – Dammit, why is he taking
all of my references? – This is not Michelle. – Really, if you think about it. – I was literally gonna use that. – If you see Michelle, you’re
like, what are you doing here? – At least, give me Kelly. ‘Cause the biscuit’s at least Kelly. – No, potatoes are at least Kelly. The biscuit is definitely Michelle, if it’s even in the group. – So what is Beyonce, bacon? – Beyonce is bacon, obviously. – Where did we do this? – Beyonce’s vegan, she
doesn’t even eat bacon. – We’ve done this before. – Have we? – Compared Destiny’s
Child to breakfast food? – She would be so upset if she
heard you calling her bacon. – No, this is crazy deja
vu, did this air already? – No, you probably just had deja vu. – What made cheese think it could go solo? It can’t. – Oh, wow. – You never just ate
cheese out the packet? – No, I wouldn’t just
eat cheese out a wrapper, like no. – Yes you have, Doboy, yes you have. – Yeah, you do. – So are you saying this is
the Omarion of sandwiches? – That’s what it is. – People said the same
thing about Beyonce but– – She should have. – Do not compare Beyonce to that. – That’s like if LeToya went
solo, that’s what would happen. – Cheese is not the LeToya of sandwiches. – That’s the LeToya Luckett of sandwiches. – Cheese is at least Kelly Rowland. – [Jonnae] This is not a LeToya. – Well, let’s change this around. Here we go, got it. – We totally did this. – Here we go, biscuits
is like Ghostface Killah. If you don’t see Method Man and RZA, what are you doing here, Ghostface? – What is it, 1997, who still even– – What are you doing, Ghostface? – Ghostface? – When restaurants make
the liquid eggs at, like, hotel continental breakfast eggs, when you open the thing and
it’s all wet and they’re like, “get outta here,” they look like the poor unfortunate souls
of The Little Mermaid. That’s the only time– – I will say this, Kev,
eggs show up the most on people’s albums on breakfast. ‘Cause they in the pancake
mix, they in the waffle mix, they in the omelet joint,
they in the biscuit mix. – Let me make another point. – They be pulling up. – Without eggs, there is no pancakes, there’s no waffles, there’s no biscuits. – Nobody ever goes to
a restaurant, be like, “Ooh, they got the best home
style potatoes in the game.” – This guy does. – They don’t walk in
there with that attitude. – This guy does. – Restaurants don’t
even advertise it, like, world’s famous home style potatoes. – It ain’t international
house of home style potatoes. – Where’s the world-famous bacon at? – Huh? – Where’s the world famous bacon? – Bacon is just overall solid – There’s a place in
his city, in Sacramento, called Bacon and Butter. – That’s his house. – That’s where he was born. (laughter) – Come to home style potatoes,
we got everything you need. It’s not as popular as
pancakes and waffles but it is better when it’s done right. – But it’s done wrong too many times, man. – When it’s done right– – French toast is that boyfriend that said he was gonna do right
and he comes back around, you let him go, and then
he stole your PlayStation and sold it. – How many times has that happened to you? (laughter) – If breakfast was the
Miami Heat, potatoes– (group groans)
Yep. The potatoes are LeBron James. This is Miami Heat in 2012, okay. The potatoes are LeBron James- – Well, you’re Mario
Chalmers, off the rip. – I will be Mario Chalmers, yes. Let me tell you, bacon is Dwyane Wade– – And you are Frederick Douglass. (laughter) – (bleep) – KFC’s biscuits will kill you. – Ah, those are trash. – Those aren’t biscuits, y’all are getting your biscuits from the wrong places. – Driest biscuits ever. – They taste like sand. – Homemade biscuits. – They found those biscuits
with mummies in Egypt. We found this sarcophagus,
look at those biscuits. – That’s like me saying tacos are trash because Taco Bell’s tacos are trash. – They’re so good, they had to make a miniature version of them. – Those are regular size. – They don’t make miniature French toast. – French toast sticks, dummy. – They make French toast cereal. – [Tony] Go ahead, sop that
up, sop up that feeling. (laughter) – French toast sticks, dammit. – This has been easy. If you repping bacon, you
pretty much the captain. So there’s not a lot of negative things you could say about bacon. Shout out to the pig for putting its– – (mumbles) its life right here. – I made a documentary about bacon. – Putting its back on the line like that. You said what? – I made a documentary about bacon. – It was called my 600-pound life. – About bacon? – Yeah, it’s called the True
Hollyhood Story of Bacon. – The chew? – The true. – Oh. – Hollyhood Story. – Is Kevin Bacon in there? – I did have a Kevin Bacon reference. – You directed and produced your own documentary about bacon? – Yes, look it up, look up The True Hollyhood
Story of Bacon by Doboy. – I’m a French toast traditionalist. I just like my French toast the way it is, some eggs on the side, boom. – That’s a whole lotta eggs,
you want eggs in your toast, eggs by themselves? – It’s one of the few
compliments my kids ever gave me, my son told me, we was driving one day. He was in the backseat,
and this is random. He was like, “Dad, you make
the best French toast.” I had to pull over and cry, man. And I didn’t want them to
see my cry, so I was like, “Y’all get out, kids, get out.” – These eggs are fire. I mean, eggs are fire, in general. These are cold, I’m not eating them. Here, Doboy. Remember doing that, you
were catching all the food? – Uplift is the company
that makes your bras. (laughter) – Yes. – Kev’s dismount was
scrambled like them eggs. Let’s just fold you on
over and get outta here. – [Doboy] Get outta here, Humpty Dumpty. (static) – Everybody talking
about bacon bad for you, bacon ain’t good for
you, bacon is fattening. I don’t wanna hear all that. I mean, look, I’m on the bacon diet. Man, look at me, look at all of this. I’m sexy. – [Narrator] Meanwhile, a
bitter war between ham and bacon was about to reach its boiling point. Or should I say, frying point.

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