in this video I’m gonna show you the
best intermittent fasting schedule for weight loss this is the exact same
intermittent fasting schedule that I use to transform my body and this is also
the exact same schedule that I give to all my private coaching clients and
they’ve all gotten some amazing results so you know it works alright let’s dive
in what’s up guys Carlo Macapinlac here from I help busy professionals lose weight so they can feel more confident
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Fitness content just like this what you eat and when you eat are equally as
important when it comes to maintaining overall health and weight loss and I
talk about the what you eat part in my other videos so make sure you check that out
this video is all about when you eat and that’s where intermittent fasting comes
in and if you’ve been watching my videos you’ll know how powerful it is when it
comes to fat loss and all its other therapeutic benefits and there are many
different intermittent fasting schedules that you can follow the question is what
is the best intermittent fasting schedule for weight loss before i answer that
question let’s quickly go through the different intermittent fasting schedules
and then I’m gonna give you my personal recommendation that I’ve seen to produce
tremendous results every single time first up is the 12 hour fast back in
the 60s this was completely normal you would eat at 7 o’clock in the
morning for example and then you would eat at 6 o’clock and then you would
finish eating dinner at 7 p.m. so you have a balance of a 12 hour eating
window and a 12 hour fasting window and we didn’t have an obesity epidemic back
then and then everything changed when the USDA released its first Dietary
Guidelines for Americans and this is your classic food pyramid where the base
is you’re eating six or twelve servings of grains and then you’re eating fruits
and vegetables like five servings of fruits and vegetables and then the very
top of it is that you would eat fat sparingly so this is your classic high
carb low fat diet that was released back in 1980 and that was also the start of
the obesity epidemic in the US so we switched to a high carb low fat diet and
we also started eating more frequently snacking became a thing and we started
eating more refined carbs and processed carbs in the process right so we started
eating granola bars and protein bars and meals on the go and what not we
went from three meals a day back in 1960 to six meals a day in 2003 and we still
do this up to this day and it’s 2019 we started eating more processed carbs
which triggers a high insulin response in your body and this is important
because insulin is what controls your body weight and persistently high levels
of insulin because of this high frequency of your meals causes insulin
resistance this is also called metabolic syndrome which is the precursor for
pre-diabetes and diabetes obesity and heart disease listen if you’re new to
this if you’re new to intermittent fasting the 12-hour fast is your
baseline okay especially if you’re one of these people who eat six meals a day
you snack on food all day you graze on food all day the 12-hour fast is step
number one for you you want to just start by eating three meals a day like a
normal human being I personally think that if everyone just ate three meals a
day and they ate whole foods unprocessed foods we would not have an
obesity epidemic but that’s another topic for another video but again there
are levels to this and the 12-hour fast is that first level but if you’re trying
to lose weight and you have a lot of weight to lose the 12 hour fast simply
isn’t enough it only gets you to that break-even point which leads us to the
16 hour fast the 16 hour fast is more commonly referred to as the lean gains
method its popularized by a guy named Martin Berkhan so kudos to him and it’s
probably the most popular intermittent fasting schedule it’s also one my
favorites and the protocol is pretty simple it asks for a 16-hour fasting
window and an eight-hour eating window and ideally in that eight hour eating
window you’re only eating two big meals for example you eat a late breakfast at
let’s say 9:00 a.m. and then you finish eating dinner by let’s say 5:00 p.m. so
that gets you your eight hour eating window from 9:00 until 5:00 p.m. another
way to do this is by skipping breakfast and then you eat your typical lunch at
noon and then you finish eating dinner by 8:00 p.m. so your eating window
then is 12 p.m. to 8 p.m. and the latter is what I normally do because it’s
really easy to skip breakfast right like most people are not hungry first thing
in the morning like I remember force-feeding myself breakfast back when
I went to college and I was also fat back then but then everyone goes isn’t
breakfast the most important meal of the day and the short answer is no the word
breakfast literally means break fast you’re breaking your fast from the
night before which means that you don’t necessarily have to eat first thing in
the morning your quote-unquote breakfast is whenever you eat for the first time
the next day which means that you can have your breakfast at noon and the
thing is if you’re eating breakfast cereal instant oatmeal your definition
of breakfast is stopping by your you know closest drive-thru window and
ordering a breakfast sandwich you’re way better off skipping breakfast altogether
for that specific person breakfast might be the most important meal to skip a
major advantage of the 16-hour fast is that it’s really easy to follow because
most of the time we schedule lunch and dinner with friends and family right we
don’t really schedule you know oh let’s have a family breakfast so when you
consider social norms its way easier to stick to and you can ease your way into
this right so if you’re somebody who’s used to eating breakfast at let’s say
7:00 a.m. see if you can adjust it to 8:00 a.m. right so adjust it an hour
later and then 9:00 a.m. and then 10:00 a.m.
and eventually you’re just gonna want to skip breakfast altogether it’s also been
shown that the benefits of fasting doesn’t start until the sixteen hour
mark and if you want to know all the benefits of intermittent fasting then
make sure you check out my video about it next up is the 20-hour fast and this
is more commonly referred to as the warrior diet and it’s popularized by a
guy named Ori Hofmekler I don’t know if I said that right apparently
Spartans back in the day only eight in the evening hence the name warrior the
warrior diet asks for a 20 hour window and a 4-hour eating window when you
follow this protocol you’re usually eating just one smaller meal and then
one big meal or vice versa and adherence to this diet probably isn’t as high
compared to the 16 hour fast because you need to start planning ahead especially
if we have events going on that day you’re meeting up with people you’re
meeting up with friends and family for lunch and dinner because like I said you
only have a four hour eating window but it works really well in terms of fat
loss because now your fasting window gets longer and you’re allowing
your insulin levels to get really low for a long period of time and then it’s
kind of hard to eat a lot of calories in a 4-hour eating window next up is the
24-hour fast some people refer to this as the OMAD diet and you can check
out my video all about it where I went seven full days just eating one meal a
day and as the name implies OMAD means just one meal a day you can go from
dinner to dinner lunch to lunch or breakfast to breakfast just pick one that
works best with your schedule and despite the name you don’t actually go a
full day without eating and I personally think that this is one of the most
powerful methods of intermittent fasting because you allow your insulin levels to
get really really really low for like 90% of the day and then you’re just
eating all your calories in one meal and you can still do this even if you’re
taking medication because again you’re not going a full day without food so you
can still take your medication that requires you to take it with food now a
24-hour fast is a more advanced method of intermittent fasting and you
definitely want to put more effort into this you need to plan ahead of time if
you have a lunch meeting or you’re meeting up with friends for dinner then
you want to schedule your one meal around that time period but it’s totally
worth doing because its effectiveness is almost unparalleled it just takes a
little bit of time to get used to again if you’re somebody who typically eats six
meals a day I don’t recommend going from six meals a day to just one meal a day
again there are levels to this so start by eating just three meals a day
and then do a 16 hour fast and then from that point you can decide if you want to
continue extending that eating window up to 20 or 24 hours and then you get into
extended fasts like a 36 hour fast 48 hour fast or even like a
full week without eating but those are definitely more advanced methods of
fasting and I find that the longer you go the harder it is to follow and then
things get taken up a notch when you get into dry fasting where you go for a
short period of time without food or water like it sounds pretty wild but
Muslims actually do dry fasting every year during the period of Ramadan where
they go from sunrise to sunset without eating food or drinking water and
they’re perfectly fine but again that’s when it starts to get pretty
inconvenient because a lot of people at least can go without food but it’s
definitely way harder to go without water or coffee first thing in the
morning and I’ve tried all the intermittent fasting methods that I just
mentioned and you can find a link to all those videos in the description box but
here’s the thing adherence is everything when it comes to achieving long-term
sustainable results and you want to aim for the minimum effective dose right so
you want to aim for the minimum amount of work so for this instance
the minimum amount of fasting window that still gets you maximum results
personally I recommend doing a daily 16-hour fast
combined with a 24-hour fast once or twice a week
depending on how aggressive you are in terms of achieving your fat loss goals
and that strategy does two things I mentioned earlier that a 16 hour fast is
the minimum effective dose of intermittent fasting so you definitely
want to do that and honestly even if you just do a daily 16 hour fast especially
if it’s your first time doing it you’re gonna get amazing results and then if
you combine it with a 24 hour fast once or twice a week that’s when you really
get into accelerated fat loss because again a 24 hour fast
allow your insulin levels to get really low and your body is then able to tap
into your fat stores for energy listen at the end of the day the best
intermittent fasting schedule is the one that you’re able to stick to as long as
you’re doing some form of it you’re way ahead of you know 95% of the population
who thinks that eating six meals a day will somehow make them lose weight and
this is my favorite question to ask to anybody who thinks that you know
intermittent fasting doesn’t produce results is that what do you think will
happen if you don’t eat what do you think will happen let’s say if you
normally eat three meals a day and you just eat two meals a day you’re gonna
lose weight if you do a 24-hour fast and you just eat one meal you’re gonna lose
even more weight I mean that’s not rocket science right my last advice is
that whatever intermittent fasting schedule you pick make sure that you’re
pairing it with a diet that moderates your insulin levels like a paleo diet
ketogenic diet or a low carb diet make sure you revolve your diet
around plants and animals make sure you’re eating nutrient-dense foods don’t
drink liquid calories avoid processed carbs and added sugar if you do that
then you’re really gonna maximize your results from intermittent fasting the
next question then becomes how are you actually supposed to eat if you want to
lose weight because let’s be honest 80% of your body composition is determined
by your diet you can’t just freestyle this part do you
have a proven plan that you can follow to help you with that I want to give you
a free copy of my lean body blueprint this is how I melted all the fat around
my stomach and turned it into a six-pack without going on a crazy diet or wasting
hours at the gym it’s a simple four-step process specifically designed for busy
professionals and it’s the exact same blueprint
I teach all my private coaching clients and they’ve all gone to see some amazing
results if you want to be the next success story then download your FREE
copy of the lean body blueprint right now there’s gonna be a link somewhere at
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away all right that’s all I’ve got give this video a
thumbs up if you enjoyed it and share it with your friends please subscribe to my
channel I post a new video every week and hey leave me a comment below if you
have any questions about this video alright thanks for watching virtual
high five


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    Is IF.. i fast for 16hrs.. it works best for me because I dislike eating breakfast.. i dont eat untill noon

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