The Breakfast Club (5/8) Movie CLIP – Andrew and Bender Fight (1985) HD

ls it going to
be a whitewedding? Why don’tyoujust shut up. Haveyou ever kissed
a boy on the mouth? Haveyou ever
been felt up… over the bra,
under the blouse… your shoes om… hoping to God your
parents don’t walk in? Doyou want me to puke? Over the panties… no bra… blouse unbuttoned,
Calvin’s in a ball on the front seat… past 1 1 :OO on a school night? [ Andrew ]
Leave her alone. l said leave her alone. – You gonna make me?
– Yeah. You and how many
ofyour friends? Just me. Justyou and me.
Two hits. Me hitting you.
You hitting the floor.
Anytimeyou’re ready, pal. l don’t want
to get into this, man. Why not? Because l’d kill you. lt’s real simple.
l’d kill you… and your fucking parents
would sue me,
and it’d be a big mess. l don’t care enough
aboutyou to bother. Chickenshit.
[ Switchblade Clicks ] Let’s end this
right now. You don’t talk to her.
You don’t look at her. And you don’t even
think about her!
You understand me? l’m tying to help her.

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