THE TOP 3 REASONS WHY YOU’RE NOT LOSING WEIGHT IN 2020 (And what to do instead!)

in this video I’m gonna show you three
reasons why you’re not losing weight in 2020 and what you need to do instead so
you can finally get that scale moving in the right direction what’s going on guys
Carlo Macapinlac here from I help busy
professionals lose their unwanted body fat so they can fit better into their
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notified every time I post a new video every week okay here’s a fun little
fact for you did you know that 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail by February
and only 8% are actually successful at achieving them I don’t know about you
but a 92 percent failure rate seems pretty tough to overcome you have an 8
percent chance of succeeding that’s not even one out of every 10 and if you
haven’t lost any weight yet in 2020 I’m going to show you 3 reasons why and what
to do instead so you can be part of that top eight percentile number one you’re
not losing weight because you’re just working out but you’re not dieting
listen I’m not saying that exercise is bad here I love exercise it’s good for
you like one of the best things that you can do for your health is to be as
physically strong as humanly possible and there are so many benefits of
exercise but weight loss isn’t one of them
I repeat weight loss is not a benefit of working out and in the back of your mind
you already know this to be true right now let me just ask you this and you
know for a fact that you know people like this and I’m just gonna call a
spade a spade here because I’m all about speaking the truth notice how some
people look the same even though they work out five six seven days a week
they’ve been working out for weeks they’ve been working out for months if
not years but they look the same maybe you’re one of them listen these people
they have the right intentions they want to lose weight so they exercise
but they have the wrong execution and this all stems from the idea that a lot
of people still believe in in the energy balance theory that calories in versus
calories out model of weight loss where people think that they can just eat a
little bit less and move a little bit more and they’re gonna lose weight they
think that diet and exercise are equal players in the battle for weight loss no
not even close and this is such a big thing that a lot of people mess up on
right because they just fall in love with how many calories they burn during the
work out when they’re on the elliptical or the Stairmaster on the treadmill or
whatever cardio machine you like using the problem is if you do that multiple
times during the week that is a classic case of something that’s called chronic
cardio pattern where you’re exercising just a little too hard and too frequently listen if you always
feel like you’re dying like you’re completely dead after your workout it’s
actually not helping with your weight loss goals
let me repeat if you exercise too hard and too frequently you’re actually
hindering your weight loss goals I’m gonna give you a second to digest that
because it’s actually been proven that exercise especially the chronic cardio
patterns I just mentioned where you’re completely dead afterwards after your
workout makes you hungry but not just that it actually makes you more
dependent on glucose for energy which means that you are more likely to eat
something that is high carb high calorie and high in sugar and this is also
called the overcompensation effect where people justify eating shitty food just
because they worked out they’ll say oh I burned 300 calories on my Apple watch or
my Fitbit I can eat this 300 calorie donut. No, it doesn’t work like that
and this is how people get stuck on that vicious cycle where they work out seven
days a week but they’re not losing weight also these are the exact same
people with the active couch potato syndrome where they’ll do their
hour-long of spin class at 6:00 in the morning and then they’re completely
sedentary for the rest of the day they’ll take the elevator instead of the
stairs even though they’re just going one floor up they’ll drive around the
parking lot looking for the closest spot to the door instead of parking a little
bit further away because that’s usually where the open spots are they get
completely lazy because they think that they’ve already fulfilled their physical
activity quota of the day that is the wrong way to look at exercise and I
don’t mean to pick on runners but they are the perfect example of people who
follow these chronic cardio patterns that I’m talking about in this video they do cardio workouts that are
too hard and too long because again they’re obsessed with the amount of
calories that they’re burning they need to run like 5k or 10k a day and
companies like Fitbit and you know Apple watches have made an empire from selling
activity trackers to these people the problem is chronic cardio patterns trigger
the fight-or-flight response in your body which then triggers a cortisol
response which is your stress hormone so your body then floods your system with
glucose for immediate energy which then triggers an insulin response and a
corresponding glucose crash and this is why you always crave like high carb high
sugar foods after like a really hard cardio workout if you ask me it’s a lot
easier to just not eat the doughnut than have to workout for 30 minutes or an
hour just so you can justify in your head that you can have that doughnut
like stop rewarding yourself with food you’re not a dog and the other problem
is nobody really eats just one doughnut you have one and your brain lights up
like a Christmas tree the reward system of your brain lights up and the chances
of you having another doughnut and drinking something sugary with that is
pretty high and I don’t mean to pick on soccer moms but I do a lot of my work at
coffee shops so I see it a lot of these people and they all follow a similar
pattern so they’ll do their spin class but then they’ll go to Starbucks
afterwards and then they’ll order their choco mocha latte or their crappy
frappy and they’ll have like a muffin or a breakfast sandwich with that crappy
drink you just erased all the good that you did during your hour-long workout by
ordering those things and then you just flooded your system with sugar which
then triggers an insulin response and now your body has to work to store all
that glucose in your system as fat as body fat and then another problem with
chronic exercisers is that they are under the belief that they need to
replenish their electrolytes during their workout so they’re sold on the
idea that they need to sip on Gatorade Powerade bang or redbull they need to
take their pre-workout and their BCAA and then their protein powder afterwards and
yes this includes the insidious zero calorie and sugar free version of the
products that I just mentioned listen those things are literally one of the
worst things that you can put in your body and even if you’re an athlete you
don’t need these sugar bomb drinks ever and yes I did say that you don’t need to
drink protein shakes eat your protein and you actually don’t need as much
protein to build muscle as you’ve been led to believe that’s all bro science
and his name escapes me so I’m gonna put his name in the
description box here but there’s a high profile marathon runner that was
diagnosed with diabetes from drinking too much of the stuff that I just
mentioned even athletes aren’t immune to diabetes if you drink too much sugar and
I know I’m not gonna get sponsorships from all the companies that I just threw
under the bus so far but I don’t care I wanted to start with this because you
know exercising for weight loss is still what a lot of people’s strategy is to
lose weight in 2020 it’s not gonna work okay number two you’re dieting but
you’re not working out and I know this seems counterintuitive because I
literally just spent the first five minutes of this video talking about why
you shouldn’t work out too hard but hear me out I am not contradicting myself
here there’s actually a right way and a wrong way to work out and that’s
what’s really confusing about the fitness industry because the first part
was all about energy balance you think that all calories are created equal
again people fall in love with counting calories especially when they’re working
out but again as you just found out it doesn’t really work this is now looking
at the broader picture in terms of your metabolism the hormonal patterns and
physiological benefits when it comes to working out listen if you want to lose
weight specifically body fat diet is king and that old saying is true about
abs are made in the kitchen you cannot out work or outrun a bad diet and if you
want a proven plan on how to get your diet in check then make sure you stick
around until the end of the video but again all you need to know is this 80%
of your results will come from your diet with the other 20% coming from
supportive lifestyle choices like getting adequate sleep following
effective stress management techniques and exercise I told you they’re not
equal players exercise matters but it only plays a supporting role when it
comes to your weight loss goals so yes you still have to do it because
it has tons of physiological benefits like it helps you build lean muscle and
makes your bones stronger it increases your energy levels it reduces your risk
of chronic disease it can help with your skin health it can help with your brain
health and memory your body releases endorphins after your workout so that’s
your feel-good hormones and a lot of other good stuff so you still got to do
it but you’ve got to do it the right way and I always say that your number one
goal for exercise is to just you need to constantly find ways to move your body
and avoid prolonged periods where your completely
sedentary again I’m talking about the active couch potato syndrome
you can’t just workout for one hour and then be completely sedentary for the
other 23 hours so you always want to find ways to move your body and then you
want to do easy paced workouts below your maximum aerobic capacity so you
actually want to slow down your workout like you don’t need to go for a 5k
or a 10k run every day that’s too much plus running that much if you’re not
getting paid for it is really hard on your knees and joints like what’s the
point and then a couple of times per week you want to lift heavy weights or
if you’re new to this just do some bodyweight workouts and then you want to
do high-intensity interval training style workouts because they help build
lean muscle why is that important well building lean muscle is the primary
driver of your metabolic rate having a lot of lean muscle mass is also a very
strong indicator of lifespan and this is where the benefits of exercise goes way
beyond just looking good shirtless like I want you to think about elderly people
here okay there is a world of difference between those elderly people that were
not physically active for most of their life so now they’re frail they fall down
and then their bones break easily so they’re the rule but then there’s also
the exception where you you see a handful of these elderly people they
look amazing and they have like an amazing quality of life even you know in
their 60s 70s and 80s and Mark Sisson the author of the primal blueprint is the
perfect example of this I think he’s in his 60s and I think he looks better
than people half his age like which one would you rather be when you get older
next I want you to be inconsistent with your workouts that’s right I want you to
be inconsistent what I mean by that is your workouts doesn’t have to be confined
within the four walls of your gym again it’s all about just finding ways to move
your body and that’s the problem with just signing up for a spin studio right
you just spin think about it this way our ancestors regularly walked five
miles a day they also climbed trees they hiked mountains they carried heavy rocks
they sprinted when they’re hunting or when they’re being hunted by a lion they
swam when they’re fishing and they were always constantly moving when they’re in
food gathering mode they built shelters and they were all naturally lean and
strong so it’s really all about modeling our exercise
patterns to our Paleolithic ancestors because we’re still genetically
identical to them so the idea is this move your body and then a couple times a
week do short intense workouts and then you want to do easy paced cardio
workouts below your maximum aerobic heart rates so think less but better ok
the last reason why you’re not losing weight in 2020 so far is you’re not
putting yourself in the best position to succeed
listen weight-loss is not easy ok if it was everybody would just lose weight and
be absolutely lean and shredded and the last point that I want to make here is
that listen human beings are not wired for self control which means that you
need to put yourself in an environment to succeed and it all starts with your
environment at home listen if you want to lose weight one of your lowest
hanging fruits is to do a complete purge of all the bad foods in your kitchen and
you know pantry and fridge listen if your caloric kryptonite is around your
house you might be able to say no to it for the first few days or the first few
weeks of your journey when your motivation levels are running high but
that’s the problem with relying on motivation and willpower they run out
and when it runs out next thing you know you are going for that quick hit and oh
they just happen to be available in your pantry so you can’t even give yourself
that option and you need to 100% fully commit yourself to this lifestyle change
don’t think of it as a sacrifice don’t think of it as a diet because diets die
it’s right in the name like you think that there’s an end to this and then you
just go back to your old habits afterwards no like again this is a
complete lifestyle change you know you can’t just do this half-heartedly you
can’t just do this Monday to Friday and then just throw it all away you know
Friday night Saturday and Sunday that’s like taking one step forward and then
two steps back and listen if your friends make fun of you or give you a
hard time they make you feel bad about skipping beers or ordering a salad
instead of eating nachos then you need better friends remember you are the
average of the five people you spend time with the most you’re also the
average weight of the five people you spend time with the most so choose
wisely on this and another point that I’m trying to make when it comes to
putting yourself in the best position to succeed is you need to track your food
and I know this sounds a little tedious but you need to do this especially when
you’re just starting out and you know the only diet that you’ve been following
is the seafood diet you see food you eat it listen you can’t control what you
can’t measure because you can absolutely overeat on even seemingly healthy foods
like let’s use nuts for example it’s a great substitute for a snack instead of
you eating like candy or granola bar but there is a world of difference between
you measuring like 30 or 40 grams of cashew versus just eating it straight
out of the bag again like I said human beings are not wired for self-control
if you eat nuts out of the bag next thing you know you’re staring at the
bottom of the bag wondering where it all went
guess what it’s in your stomach now listen at the end of the day
the human body is more than just you know a mathematical equation it’s not
just calories in versus calories out the physiological response of your body to
whatever food you eat and the hormonal response matter greatly bottom line is
you cannot reduce body fat on a diet that stimulates chronically high insulin
levels you just can’t it’s almost impossible to do it
that’s where getting your diet in check comes in and again stick around for a
free plan that I’m gonna give you and at the same time you can’t build muscle
which is really good for you without working out
that’s where exercise comes in you need them both to work simultaneously just
don’t think that they’re equal in your battle to lose weight so the moral of
this video is do both but do it properly and put yourself in the best position to
succeed by fixing your environment and tracking your food I told you I’m gonna
help you move that scale in the right direction the next question then becomes
how are you actually supposed to eat if you want to lose weight because here’s
the thing 80% of your body composition is determined by your diet
you can’t just freestyle this part do you have a proven plan that you can follow
to help you with that I want to give you a free copy of my lean body blueprint
this is how I melted all the fat around my stomach without depriving myself of
my favorite foods or wasting hours at the gym it’s a simple four-step process
specifically designed for busy professionals and it’s the exact same
blueprint that I teach to all my private coaching clients and they’ve all gone to
see some amazing results if you want to be the next success story then download
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