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  1. My sons allergist did a patch test to see if my son was allergic to dairy because his eczema would flare up if he had regular formula. His pediatrician said it was a dairy allergy most likely. His dermatologist wants a second opinion because the allergist didn’t want to have to wait for the insurance company to approve anything else.

  2. Hey doctor mike I have a question. So I’m starting to get pains in my head when I get up off the couch or from laying down I get up and the right side of my brain hurts it feels like it’s being punched do you why that is? And I love your vids keep them coming

  3. I absolutely cannot eat pear guava (ill get severe painful bloating).. and i get heartburn when eat potato, dhal (heart burn, sweating palpitation for 3hours) so ill avoid these..my stomach will rumble after having milk, bread, coffee. i cant have whole raw tomatoes too. and im underweight.. to gain weight is so hard for me… should i get check for intolerance? sometimes food that i normally eat gives me bloating.. im so confused and tired of my stomach

  4. By the way as someone who works in food service, if you have a legitimate allergy…. Tell us!! When you order! Don't call later screaming about it. Tell us beforehand so nothing bad happens!

  5. Hi Doctor Mike. I am 13 years old and an athlete. I have this pain on either my Left lung or my left Rib. I need help so that if its deadly I can proceed to the Hospital stat. Whenever I do certain movements it hurts (kind of like poking me) and those movements come from my exercise. I hope you can help me find out what the problem is.

  6. I have allergic reaction to alcohol, that’s why I don’t drink at all. I develop hives on my legs, my back and stomach. Its a family thing but both my brothers have exposed themselves enough with it that it doesnt affect them at all now. Just too risky.

  7. So when I’m around weed (not weeds, though I do have a reaction to plants) and someone is smoking it, my face (specifically my eyes) swell up and my throat closes. It’s really uncomfortable and it can make doing things like driving hard. I live in California so everyone is doing pot. What would that be? An allergy or something else?

  8. So this is IGE vs IGG testing where IGG is being dissed/debunked. Testing the validity and reliability of tests is not a doctor’s job, validity is not a quantitative but qualitative term; wish doctors who complain about misused jargon for medicine; would learn statistical terms before throwing them around erroneously.

  9. Fun fact: lactase persistence, or being able to consume dairy after weaning, is a mutation in humans that was sought after when people started relying more on agriculture & domesticated animals. So technically, those who are considered lactose intolerant are normal human mammals

  10. I've got an allergy to prawns and something in some vegan dairy (hives and itching, other crustaceans don't effect me for some reason and I say "vegan dairy" meaning vegan-friendly dairy replacements foods like ice cream and cheese) and I seem to have an intolerance to red meats which I discovered through self-elimination.

    My PCP never pushed me to take an allergy test, I was the one who asked her for one, because I was already self-aware of what foods I'm allergic to and (surprisingly) the only tests that were available in the country are expensive blood and skin prick tests for nuts. Bless her. Its soo important to have a good PCP, I cannot recommend it enough

  11. What if idk what are foods caused me get allergy? My doctor kept mentioning i should stay away from fastfood etc but my allergy kept happened without eating them. I need an answer for this Doctor Mike

  12. Saludos from Dominican Republic! (apologies in advanced if this has been answered in another video) Question: What are the best sources of information when it comes to health? A lot of conflicting information can be found online and education (to our doctors here in the country) I feel like might be based on data that is not very up to date (at least in the part of the country were I live). Thank you!

  13. I have an allergy that baffles all my doctors (I have 8 of them…Dysautonomia which is untreated atm)
    I have IBS and acid reflux had it since I was 16. I took Maalox like it was water growing up.
    In 2016, I took a liquid antacid and suddenly my entire mouth, tongue, and my esophagus went instantly numb. I tried a Roland next, same reaction.
    I’m allergic to antacids. 😭😭😭😭

  14. I would love to see a video on gastric and intestinal dysmotility or something focusing around that.. and maybe a video talking about tpn… since my gi system suffers from dymotility, and I rely on tpn for nutrition..

  15. I well know the differences between intolerances and allergies because I have a couple of the former and one of the later. I have days when I can eat some of the stuff my body sucks at digesting (lactose is one of my intolerances) but the back of my throat gets itchy and I start to get swelly if I have even the slightest amount of the allergen (shrimp/prawns). I mostly know my limits on the intolerances and kind of keep track of when I have had some to know approximately when I will hit the tipping point to agony. There are foods, though, in my intolerance groups that I absolutely love and will take the hit for and regret it for a few days. The allergens, on the other hand, no matter how much I used to love shrimp and prawns, I am well aware they are out to kill me. It makes me wary of other seafood, but I was never really fond of any other seafood, so no huge loss.

    A friend of mine had a severe peanut allergy. She and her boyfriend were having ice cream from Dairy Queen. Neither of them was really thinking about it when he leaned over to give her a kiss while he had been eating a peanut butter parfait. As the reaction started to take hold, she was quick with her epee pen and then off to the hospital they went.

  16. What about chemical allergies?? How do you determine what it is?? For example I used to LOVE pure seduction lotion from Victoria Secret. I wasn’t allergic to it originally. I had stopped using it for a while. I believe it was reformulated. And when I began using it I broke out in hives and was extremely itchy. I had to go to the doctor on 2 separate occasions. All he could do was give me antibiotics and medicated ointment (not sure what it’s called). But of course he couldn’t determine what it was. Simply told me stop using it. I was referred for an allergy test years later for other potential allergy symptoms but only was tested for food and environmental and only came back allergic to dust. However my nostrils burn and clog up a lot during certain seasons.

  17. Can't count how many people can't grasp that my sons milk allergy means he can't have it IN ANY WAY. Even my Nan has said just give him a bit, he'll get used to it. Get used to dying, Nan?? The EpiPen isn't a toy! It's a serious thing!

  18. So, I am a newly appointed father, my son is just 5½ months old.
    When I was young myself I was allergic to A LOT of things, from food to almost all types of animals with fur or feathers.
    Ofcourse these were tested by real doctors at the hospital, so no private tests from people who could gain money from this information.

    What I'm worried is, how likely is it that my allergies has been passed on to my son? And when exacly will he be old enough for us to get proper, accurate tests to see if he has gotten any allergies?
    My wife is breastfeeding, so as far as I've gathered, we wont be able to get any real information as long as this is the case, and also according to the health department, atleast here in Denmark, breastfeeding untill the age of atleast 6 months will decrease the chances of him developing allergies, is this true?

  19. Please do a video about chronic idiopathic/spontaneous urticaria and angioedema. Is there really no cure? I have been diagnosed with chronic spontaneous urticaria and angioedema a year ago and it has been a misery since, trying all sorts of antihistamines, combinations of medicine and not seeing any results. A lot of people do not know about this illness and its incredibly difficult when, especially at work, employers disregard it as a simple allergy and even can fire people for taking days off during flare ups. We need to spread knowledge about this!

  20. I have difficult breathing when the humidity is high. According to the doctor I went to, it's allergic rhinitis.

    My mom has asthma…

  21. I had the scratch test once. They applied it, the doctor circled which test grew, then gave us another page with a list of the results of the test, and then sent me on my way. Later on the next day, I really itched really badly on a different area of my back and my partner checked it and noticed it was much larger than the other areas which were reported on the piece of paper previously. We couldn't afford to go back to the doctor at the time since it wasn't covered by out insurance at the time and the paperwork they gave us didn't indicate what that spot was representing. If a patient has a delayed reaction, are they still allergic to that item that was in that liquid allergen?

  22. my big two to avoid ingesting:

    shellfish – when tested I reacted in under 5 minutes with such level of response that it actually freaked the nurse and the allergist out a bit. so when eating out at a place that serves shellfsih I ask about the cross contact – and if I see the people I'm with ordering it – I just ask nicely if they could be a bit mindful about splashing the juice and such about when they are breaking the shells – because lobster can be messy and I really don't want to ruin the event by having to use my epi-pen, or getting rushed to the ER if things go badly – works well enough so far.

    snickers bars – not sure if this falls under allergies, or what – couldn't really find out why – but when both times you tried it, you wind up in the ER from a severe response – yeah just not worth the risk – what can I say? – turning blue from not being able to breath and getting rushed to the ER – is not my idea of a fun day! – others can enjoy all they like – I'll just kindly pass. literally only snickers – even brought it to an allergy specialist – they couldn't figure it out even after testing – so, we all just figured it was probably some preservative that they use, that other companies don't, that just doesn't get along with me very well – simple solution, don't eat it! hahaha

  23. My mom gets bloated from a ton of different autoimmune responses. I think food sensitivities are often misdiagnosed autoimmune diseases.

  24. 0:28 lol their ER is horrible. They misdiagnosed my daughter so many times. The first time we sat in the waiting room for three hours even though my infant daughter was having trouble breathing. The second time the doctor didn't even touch her to examine her. The third time we were brought in from another hospital via ambulance because my daughter couldn't breathe. They just sent her home.

    The PICU nurses and doctors are great though. Really any floor other than the ER is pretty good.

  25. @Doctor Mike Sci-fi just talked about Endometriosis. Do you think you can cover it and bias about doctors/gynos providing treatment/accurate diagnosis??

  26. I am not ever close to this sphere. I was not good at biology at school. BUT I love your videos and learnt so much from them

  27. I told a co worker I get brain fog and they instantly mentioned food allergies. So I explained I have Fibromyalgia and she said “oh, is that a type of allergy or something?” 😭 I wish.

  28. My ige blood test was 510. I've get asthma and hay fever. I had a CT scan and am seeing an ear noses and throte specialist next week as I may need surgery on my nose.

  29. Weird off-topic question, but is the kitchen background real? What's that thing on the left side that doesn't match up with the microwave?

  30. idk if im gettin mad too soon but i went from a hive reaction to peanuts growing up literally 21 year of just not too bad going to an anaphylactic reaction this was when i didnt even realize ate peanuts now im terrified to eat peanut before it was whatever ill just get some hives and now i dont know if ill survive if i accidentally eat one

  31. 2nd reaction i cant afford epi pens im a college student with a part time job and full time volunteer i dont have a way to a free or reduced cost epi pen who can afford 600 dollars?!

  32. I have exzma and i only react to some grasses, chlorine an some soaps. I mainly get itchy and my skin turns red even if I don’t scratch at my skin. My skin use to form blister type things with chlorine but now I just get itchy

  33. A couple years ago I developed what I call an intolerance to bananas, avocados, and kiwis (an odd combo) and I get intense abdominal pain when I eat them and it's the weirdest thing I have no idea why it started happening all of a sudden….I miss bananas they're my favourite fruit )) :

  34. All my life i’ve never had a actual allergy, the only thing was a mild allergy to dust. Then bam 💥 in 2015 i started to get symptoms for spring Allergy ( half of my family have horrible spring allergy and sinus problems ) then in 2016 it got worse and suddenly mid august hives started to appear on my body and i waited a week then went to my family doctor thinking i ate sth and thats why . Then 3 weeks later i started getting hives on my face and my lips started to swell the next week i woke up and i could feel a couple of lumps in my throat i didnt give it much thought but then later in the day they grow and I started to have trouble breathing , i had to go to the hospital twice within a day and a half to get a shot to open my throat. I had to take Cortisone pills for 3 months . In the end it turns out i have idiopathic chronic hives and now im on my 4th year dealing with chronic hive and it’s horrible , i have to be extremely careful all the time so that i dont die 😔 but you know it could be worse

  35. is anyone else wanting him to make a video on auto immune conditions? i’ve had one for years now that’s chronic and incurable and my doctors are great but they haven’t actually explained anything about like why it’s happening, what it means, how to deal with the side effects etc x

  36. Thank you for this video! I have lactose intolerance, i can't drink milk but i can eat cheese and yogurt not every day but i can…! 🙂 and this was so well put out!

  37. Doctor: "You're allergic to Onions."
    Me: :Sings to Kenny Chesney.: There goes my life. There goes my future; my everything. Might as well kiss it all goodbye.

    Edit: I am highly allergic to onions. I had the skin prick and also had to eat it and I went straight into anaphylaxis. Throat closes up, hives, and I even start vomiting. I already have an Epi because of Mast Cell Activation Syndrome.

  38. I know what you mean about eating anxiety. My adult daughter has celiac and is terrified to eat anything that someone may have touched. Everything has to be washed multiple times. I feel her anxiety about getting "glutened" is worse than actually eating it. How can I help?

  39. There was a diet about eating based on your blood type, for example type A can't eat tomatoes. I do not understand the science behind this, the worse part is I have seen people follow it strictly.

  40. I've recently done an IgE blood test with my ENT doctor (20 foods / 20 "inhalation") and it all came out negative. I obviously have some kind of allergy, at least to dust, as I'm constantly sneezing and sniffling. What does that say about the IgE test, then? :/

  41. Allergy would come and go. I did have a surprising allergic reactions for a week. I did things like trying to identify the allergen with selective food elimination and environmental identification w/o w/c became inconclusive. At present, i'm still reducing what i usually ate and became more aware of any changes in my environment so as to be more proactive.

  42. Hey Dr mike, can you make a video on new changes in step one score policy?
    And can you please clarify that if we apply in September 2021 for 2022 match, will our step one score be counted as Pass/Fail??

  43. Doctor Mike I wanted to ask you a question about when I get sick. I get a certain flu that no doctor I've been to has ever seen. It only lasts 24 hours but when I get sick its absolute hell. Please contact me so I can go into further detail

  44. On that one allergy test it turned out I have some allergy to soy. But, I eat stuff that often contains it. And guess what? Nothing happens. Nope.
    So yeah, I agree that those tests can give false positivies.

  45. Hi,

    First thank you so much for your video! I think it was very interesting and informative.
    My friend has a very bad egg-allergy. He has tons of other allergies too, but those have gotten better over the last 15 years. Even his egg allergy is not causing him to have to go to the ER, but though he does realize instantly when he has eaten eggs. So no my question: You talked about desensitisation but I am not sure what amount would make sense to start with as he reacts instantly even if there is only a little amount of eggs in a cake, sauce or anything… So how would it work? How would he have to start desensitisate?

    Thanks for your answer!

  46. I have been having frequent mood changes, anxiety and feeling depressed over the past few weeks. Self harm is also an issue. How do I know if I need to see a psychologist or has it something to do with my brain?

  47. I had an allergy test based on a blistering reaction to eating, touching, other people eating and then touching me, to tomato, and tomato products. Blisters on my mouth, tongue, nasal passages, esophagus, hands, stomach and so forth.

    Allergy test comes back negative. I don’t understand how my doctor then tells me well you’re not allergic to tomatoes and their products.

  48. Is there some way to find problematic foods without full trial and elimination? I.e. what I am thinking of what would be nice for me:

    Does anyone know if there is some nice smartphone tool where you enter food intake and symptoms and the tool tries to find out after some weeks of data entry the most probable food you should try for elimination?

  49. I, thankfully, don't have any allergies, but I have an extremely bad sensitivity to dairy and soy. I can eat really processed Greek yogurt, provolone, or swiss sometimes with limited reactions, but for the most part I cant wat dairy. Anything with soy causes a lot of discomfort and I'll know 20 minutes after I eat something whether or not a food has soy in it because of my level of stomach pain afterwards. It's really annoying because so many foods have soy/soy lecithin in it. I dont like eating processed foods for this reason. Many of the emulsifiers/ preservatives make my stomach hurt. Foods that are high in sugar/salt make me nauseous. In fact really salty foods make my tongue itch.
    My number of food sensitivities are vast so I end up either with an extremely limited diet, or with regular pain. I also have had IBS for 7 yrs

  50. My gynecologist pushed this food sensitivity test on me in 2008 ($800) and so I stopped eating milk, eggs, and peanuts for 10 years. He used the info to push 1000s in supplements. Pretty sure he wasn't a well-intentioned physician.

  51. I have leaky gut. So I get autoimmune reactions in the whole body. It’s not allergies. But it gets real bad. Now I eat vegan/keto. No coffee and finally my gut is slowly healing.

  52. Idk, I just cut out all grain products, most nuts, seeds, beans, sugars (incl natural) and now I am able to breathe after every time I eat and my bones don't hurt. When I add back something, I get symptoms after. Should I still see a doctor, even though I already know what I can and cannot eat?

  53. When I tell people I’m severely allergic to cats they’re like “Me too!” And I’m always like “No, like really, my eyes swell shut, my skin gets almost completely covered in hives, I’m itchy, I’m sneezing, and my airways start to close to where I’m wheezing for air.” People really do just throw around the work “allergic”

  54. Your video quality bumped drastically fid you changed the camera or its just because of background or is it just the dimension of the video

  55. I can eat almost all things. However, Lamb I cannot eat. I love lamb, but almost 30 mins after eating lamb (Or high concentrations) I have tummy issues. In Iceland, I had lamb chops, and boy I was not feeling well after within an hour and the remaining evening. I read that some people don't have the enzymes to process the proteins in Lamb/Mutton. So I tried again months later, and same issue, where I had straight up lamb, no go. So sadly I just stay away from pure lamb. It its mixed with Beef like gyro, I am mostly OK. I ate Icelandic Hot dogs which is Lamb/Pork or Lamb/Beef and was fine.

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