The World’s Favorite Jiggly Japanese Cheesecake Is Now In Times Square | Line Around The Block

The World’s Favorite Jiggly Japanese Cheesecake Is Now In Times Square | Line Around The Block

(upbeat music) – [Lisa] The fluffy
wobbly Japanese cheesecake has taken the world by storm
in the past couple years. You’ve never had one quite like this. Uncle Tetsu’s has been selling the signature dessert in
Japan for over 30 years. People have been lining
the streets of Times Square to get a taste at its first
east coast storefront. – I saw it on social media
and I wondered what it’s like. So I passed them when they first opened, I saw a huge line. Waited a few days and I
was like, I have to try it. So I did and it’s really good. – Uncle Tetsu first opened
up shop in 1985 in Japan selling jiggly airy fluffy
Japanese cheesecakes. And since then has sought
to take over the world, opening up shops in
China, Pakistan, Canada, and they are finally available right here on the American east coast. And of course, the first
shop that they opened up was right here in Times Square. So naturally I had to go check it out. Now, Uncle Tetsu isn’t the first souffle cheesecake in the game. The concept has been around
since the 70s in Japan. And in New York alone there are more than a few bakeries dishing
out wobbly cheesecakes. But with about 75 shops across Asia, Uncle Tetsu’s is a
household name overseas. With an airy structure
that melts in your mouth like cotton candy, these
desserts make for Insta-gold. Just look at that jiggle. – [Lisa] And it’s all completed
with a signature touch. – This is Uncle Tetsu’s face. Uncle Tetsu actually looks like this. I think Uncle Tetsu became
such a global phenomenon because no matter where
you go people love sweets. Every culture loves sweets. Uncle Tetsu’s dream was to
always open in New York, since New York is known for
New York style cheesecake. He’s teaching people and
allowing them to understand that Uncle Tetsu Japanese
cheesecake is not as dense and heavy, it’s kind of a
fun whimsical type of feeling that brings out your inner
childhood even as an adult. – I’ve always wanted to
try the Japanese cheesecake that everyone’s raving about. So I decided to come by, and
stop by before I head home. – [Lisa] What about it drew you in? – Everything. The videos of how they
make it, the fluffiness. – [Lisa] What are you most excited about? – Trying the first bite. (laughing) – [Lisa] A mix of
perfectly fluffy meringue, and a traditional sour cheesecake, an Uncle Tetsu’s cheesecake begins with 30 eggs whipped to stiff
peak in a giant mixing bowl. Then the chef gets to
making the cheesecake base, butter, cream cheese, and milk. The chef puts on gloves that reach all the way up to his shoulders, in order to fold the batter by hand. After ladling the mixture
into lined cheesecake tins, the cheesecakes are popped
into the super high-tech ovens Uncle Tetsu had imported from
Japan for precision baking. Ensuring perfection
with every single batch. They’re packed up right out of the oven. But not before each cake
is carefully branded with the seal of approval, the jolly uncle himself
smiling back at you. – Uncle Tetsu’s cheesecake
is the best cheesecake because it’s not to
heavy, it’s not too light, it’s the perfect balance in a cheesecake. – It’s good.
– Yeah? – It’s so light. It’s so fluffy. Tastes like a cloud. – This feels crazy. It’s like stable but it also feels like it’s going to die in my hands. I’m afraid to hold this it’s so… It’s like nothing I’ve ever held before. It’s like, uh. I’m gonna put this down now. It’s like dessert and a toy all in one. My hands are covered in it, but I’m like also having fun, it’s very strange. Is it weird if I just eat this like this? No, okay. – [Man] I think that’s
the only way to do it. – Okay. Oh my god. Stop it. Stop it.
You don’t have to chew that. It just like… You don’t have to chew this at all it just disintegrates in your mouth. Oh, this is good. It’s the airiest thing
that I’ve ever eaten. This is wild. It’s so light and squishy. This is food. This isn’t play doh, this is food. That’s nuts.

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  1. Texture is so important with food and this ultra fluffy stuff from Japan is disgusting due to having no texture. The pancakes are gross and this looks equally terrible.

  2. Alternative title: The World's Favorite Jiggly Japanese Cheesecake Is Now Severely Overpriced And Not Nearly As Good As Original.

  3. This is just a chiffon cake. I used to make them completely by hand, no mixer, for my Nana. It was her favorite.

  4. There’s 2 of these locations in Toronto & both lineups goes around the block. The cakes usually go for about $12 but if seen people resell them for close to $100 (they only make a certain amount and they sell out fast)

  5. All the narrow-minded calling it a "sponge cake" need to travel more. A sponge cake has not cream cheese. So, this is a cheese cake.

  6. Japanese cheesecakes are unique not only because of its airiness and texture but also it’s barely sweet. We have Uncle Tetsu in LA (in Arcadia). The first time I had it, I thought… wow, this would be great served with something savory like a beef stew. 😂

  7. Leave it to “food insider” to have to read everything in half. For literally not reason.

    Oh look the weebs in line are one step closer to being Japanese.

  8. Disgusting, with a nail like that, she need to get train about proper hygiene habbit, and shes just waste a realy nice cheese cake

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