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– What’s up everybody? I’m Wil Fulton and this is
Thrillist Best and the Rest, our weekly weekly podcast. And today’s a super special episode. There are cameras on, so if
you want to look at our faces while we talk about fast
food, you totally can. Go on Thrillist YouTube
channel you’ll find it. It’s super easy. This episode is special because
it’s all about our giant, massive, really fun editorial package. The first annual
Thrillist Fast Food Awards commonly known as the Fasties. So the first thing I
thought about when I heard about the Fasties was I think
that I should pick everything because I feel like I
know more about fast food than anyone else here. And you guys know a lot about fast food so that’s really saying something. Number two, if Taco Bell Cinnamon
Twists don’t win something I might actually quit the company. But here with Tony Merevick,
senior news editor; Kat Thompson, staff writer;
and Kevin Alexander, the first man to make me cry. – Correct. – Author of the book Burn
the Ice which you can pick up pretty much anywhere where books are sold, and Thrillist writer-at-large. That’s a mouthful, Kevin. – It’s too much. – You’ve gotta pare it down. So this is kind of our
Fasty brain trust right here and Tony you know, as the
creator of the Fasties, as the mind behind it, do
you want to kind of explain what the Fasties is? – Yeah, so the Fasties is the
culmination of Thrillist’s years and years and years
of fast food coverage. It started well before
I started at Thrillist five years ago. – Kevin was there. – Yeah, Kevin was there for it. It takes our fast food
coverage to the next level, maybe to a level too far. It’s basically our play on an awards show and it’s supposed to be silly,
it’s supposed to be fun. We take fast food way too
seriously here at Thrillist. But we don’t take ourselves too seriously. But it’s to celebrate all the great things that are happening in fast food right now from plant-based burgers to
sell-out chicken sandwiches, to great sauces, desserts. – Are the chicken sandwiches selling out? Are they going corporate
or are they just sold out? – Oh yeah, they’re getting
sponsorships left and right. – Suited up.
– Got it. – So that’s what the Fasties is. – Awesome, I love it when I can
outsource my hosting duties. Thank you for explaining that. You guys all work in the fast
food, you guys all worked on the Fasties, should I
say and we have just a ton of fast food here. We have you guys, what
do you see that piques your interest right away? We definitely have a
Popeye’s chicken sandwich. – Ooh, we’ve got an Impossible
Whopper, Crunchwrap. – Crunchwrap, mashed potatoes
I’m guessing from Popeye’s. – Doritos Locos tacos. – Got a Dave’s single over here. – We have a Big Mac, Crunchwrap Supreme. This is pretty much fast food heaven. So with all this food in front of us, and you guys can feel
free to dig in as much or as little as you want. But I think to kind of
work up to the Fasties what I want to do here
is ask you guys a bunch of trivia questions around fast foods. Get to know you a little bit better to test your knowledge on fast food. And also so we can play a
little drinking game. – Of course, it’s Thrillist. – Yeah, I wanted to pour rum in a Frosty. – It wouldn’t be a Thrillist show without some sort of drinking game. – I don’t think it would,
and this is special rum. I brought this in my
suitcase from Cuba like three or four years ago. I’ve been saving it for today. – Wait, was that allowed? – Uh, yeah. – Oh, the lawyer’s back. – Yeah, the lawyer’s
been coming in here a lot for such a, you know,
non-conspicuous event as the Fasties, could be a lot of trouble. No, I poured a lot of
rum in these Frostys, so basically here’s how it’s gonna go. This is The Loaded Frosty Fasty Fast Food Trivia Challenge, TLFFFFTC, for short. I’m gonna ask one of you a question, okay? So it’s a little bit like
Jeopardy meets Hollywood Squares, the Price is Right, any
game show you can think of. I’m gonna ask you a question,
you’re gonna answer it as best you can. And then the other two
are going to either agree or disagree with this person, okay? And if you get the question wrong, or get it wrong by
association you have to take a big ol’ chug of that Frosty. And on my part, I’ll just be sitting back drinking the whole time. Guys ready to start? – Yeah, let’s do it. – My mouth is full of chicken nugget. – So Kat, first question. What fast food chain is
credited with inventing the modern drive-through window? – The modern drive-through window? – Yes. – Is it not McDonald’s? I’m gonna say McDonald’s. – Okay, Kevin and Tony,
do you agree with that? – I disagree.
– I disagree. – Wow, do you guys know what it is? – No.
– No. – Okay, so I’m wrong. – Yes, you are wrong, so you
take a big swig of your– – Okay but oh wait, you should
make them say what they, okay fine, fine, fine. – Because they’ll have their turns. Okay, so it’s Wendy’s. They introduced at the grand
opening of their second store in November, 1970. How was that Frosty, by the way? – Oh my God.
– It’s good? – Did you guys know
that, the Wendy’s thing? – Uh, no.
– I did not. – I just know it wasn’t McDonald’s. – I think I remember a Wendy’s commercial emphasizing it though, with
that Dave Thomas guy in it hanging out a drive-through. – I feel like more restaurants should have drive-through windows. Am I wrong here? Like why can’t Olive Garden
have a drive-through window? – 100% where they just throw
breadsticks and salad at you. – Yeah, just toss them. – Breadstick cannon out the window. – Unlimited breadsticks and
salad in a drive-through so as much as they can push
in your car in 30 seconds. – Honestly here in New York
I want more walk-up windows. – Not a bad idea. – What’s the difference, really? – Krispy Kreme is getting
one in Times Square when they open their
flagship store this year. – You’re getting
instructed to talk louder. – Krispy Kreme is opening a walk-up window when they open their
flagship store this year. – That’s a good idea, okay
Tony, question number two. What major fast food chain
launched the subservient chicken ad campaign in the early 2000s with a website webcam featuring
a man in a chicken suit following user-generated commands? – Oh, boy.
– What the hell? – Take yourself back to the early 2000s. – The early 2000s. – Backstreet Boys ruled the charts. – And a man in a chicken suit. – I was in grade school. – Wait, so this was like
the formation of Twitch. – What year was it? – Early 2000s, it was a slow roll out. – Nelly was very popular. – Yeah, Nelly was popular. – A man in a chicken suit. – You don’t remember this? – No.
– Okay. – The only fast food chain I could think that would go this low is KFC. – Ghost.
– Damn. – Go as low? The Colonel, okay. Do you guys agree or disagree with Tony’s very wishy-washy? Obviously he doesn’t know. – I have no idea, I disagree. – I’m gonna say no, too. You said the Colonel, so now
I’m like yeah, you’re right. – Um, it’s Burger King. – Oh yeah, Burger King
would definitely do that. – And it was chicken
fries, right or something? – Yeah, yeah. – Ah, Burger King. – Do any of you remember that? – I do remember that. – Oh it’s crazy, I remember– – I was in my early 50s at the time. – Slowly discovering the internet. No, it’s funny you say, I
remember I really specifically remember my dad showing me. My dad was an early
adopter of the internet. He was, he loved apps and the internet. On the previous (mumbles)
I found out how much he loves the Shake Shake app,
and he really does love it. But he was like hey, check this out. It was a guy in a chicken suit in a room and you would type in a command. You’ve be like dance, and it would dance. It was like, it wasn’t live. It just recognized common commands. But it was like an early introduction to– – That sounds like super twisted. – I know. – That could go real wrong. – Yeah, I was a pre-teen at
the time with a shitty dial-up connection on a Gateway computer
in the suburbs of Chicago, there’s no way. (static sounds) – Yeah this is the box, sorry for everyone out there listening. – Yeah, sorry. Also that was probably a bad face. – Okay, sorry Tony, you have to drink. Did you already do it? – Oh, nope.
– All right. – I’ll drink, too. – Uh, uh, I don’t even
like rum to begin with. And it’s really, I kind of like it. – I kind of like it. – The chocolate brings out
the terrible rum flavor. – I’m not a huge rum person, either. – I keep just drinking it by myself. – You’re like oh, you’re taking a sip? I guess I’ll do it too. – Yeah, I didn’t know the answer. – It tastes like the boozy
chocolates I used to sneak as a kid. – I like that. – Oh, so bad. – Sneaking boozy chocolates,
watching a chicken webcam. – The suburbs of Chicago. – It’s a wild place, man. – I believe it. I think it’s crazy how far
fast food marketing has gone. I mean we talk about fast food Twitter. They are saying some ridiculous shit that I can’t even believe is flying now. Some of my favorite Wendy’s
Twitter burns pulled up. Do you have one that
your particularly like that you can remember
off the top of your head? Something that specifically
Wendy’s Twitter, I think, does a really good job
of actually being funny and being entertaining. – They just did something for Burger King ’cause Burger King was
trying to troll them and didn’t know what
they were getting into. And Wendy’s hit back and were like well, your customers are used
to being disappointed, or something like that. – Oh damn, that’s fucked up. – Or used to being let down. – That’s amazing. – It was pretty brutal. – I feel like they should
have known, though, ’cause Wendy’s kind of
has, like, they’re known for burning people real bad. Customers, brand, other corporate brands. – I was just gonna say
can’t you just imagine the Wendy’s social team
is just some teenager who gets an alert? – 100%. – They’re at school and
they just get an alert and they’re like okay, it’s on. – May I go to the bathroom, Miss? And they’re just burning Chick-Fil-A. – Teenagers are like the scariest, too. They will fuck you up on the internet. – Is it at the point
now where these brands are paying Wendy’s to roast them? – Yeah, for clout. – Is this like the marketing scheme inside the marketing scheme? – I believe it.
– Some serious inception. – This dude, Cooper Franklin. – Oh yeah, Coop.
– You know Coop. – Wendy’s needs to get
rid of the square burger it seems too… artificial. Wendy’s replied back, unlike
the supernatural circle shape that hamburgers come in when
you pick them off the vine. – Yeah, that’s funny. – Well, you know why Wendy’s burgers are square shaped, right? – Yeah, because they
don’t cut corners, people. – Yep. – No, it’s because, I do know. I talked to not Dave Thomas,
but whoever is the Dave Thomas of the current age. It’s because they wanted
little corners poking out so people could see how high
quality their patties were. Love some Wendy’s. Yeah, feel free. You’re digging into
some Wendy’s right now. – There’s a Wendy’s burger right here. – I definitely ate most of the nugs. You guys should definitely have some nugs. – Dipping a nug in a Frosty is– – Oh I was gonna say the
sriracha mayo is pretty good. – It is. – The Frosty, fry–
– Try this Impossible Burger. – Nugget combination is quite
delicious I have to say. – Big fan of the spicy chicken nuggets. – Are we all taking a break right here just to eat some food? I think that’s fine. Should we dip everything
in these boozy Frostys to see what happens? – No.
– Wow, this is pretty good. – I feel like the answer. – Oh the Impossible Whopper? – You’re trying the
Impossible Whopper right now. Have you ever had that before? – Uh-nuh.
– Really? – Oh wait, do you need to do this? – Oh that’s the Popeye’s,
the lauded Popeye’s fried chicken sandwich. Have you tried it before, Kevin? – I had not tried it before today. – Wait, so we have Kat
trying the Impossible Burger, Kevin trying the Popeye’s
fried chicken sandwich. This is a live on-air
reaction to these things. Kevin, what do you think? – I was doing it quietly in the background while I chug my Frosty. – You were nibbling– – Kevin was going to town on everything. – I didn’t really we had such a spread. – What did you think? – Well, I should say that it’s
a little room temperature. – True, we’re not recording
this from a Popeye’s. It didn’t come piping hot. – But delicious. I mean really the chicken,
the flavor of the breading and the spice kicked in, and the bun. It’s all working together
really, really well. – Awesome. – Just like Nelly.
– In the early 2000s. – With the Saint Lunatics. – You can find me a Saint Lunatic. – Well, you’ve gotta get a pickle bite. – Oh there’s one in the back. – He’s talking about the
fried chicken sandwich. – It’s flapping around in the back there. – What’s a pickle bite, in your mind? – Any bite that has a pickle in it. – Oh, I get it. – Sounds like a David Blend drink. – That’s good, lukewarm, warm. – Lukewarm and still good. – How was your Impossible Burger, Kat? – This is, this, okay I
can’t remember the last time I’ve had a Whopper in general. But it does taste like meat and it does taste like a Whopper. I mean I think the ketchup and the pickles and the onions carry it. But yeah, I’m pleasantly surprised. – You know, speaking of
plant-based, what a segue here. Question number three for Kevin Alexander. – Yeah, pass. – Kevin’s gonna get it
wrong so he can drink. – That was a loophole. The first fast food chain to
introduce a plant-based burger into its menu was whomst? – Whomst. A plant-based. – Whomst among us. – The first fast food chain
to have a plant-based. – So it wasn’t, I’m just
gonna talk this out. – Yeah no please, this
is like Millionaire. – Can you phone a friend? – You can’t, but you
can talk to me as Regis, I’ll make the Regis face. – You’re doing it, he’s
making the Regis face. – What are ya thinking? – He just screams. So I’m guessing obviously
it’s not an Impossible Burger. So it would be some other,
I’m going to go oh gosh. I just want my soul to
tell me if I just dig. I think it was McDonald’s. – Wait, wait the question was
the first plant-based burger? – That’s correct. – Okay, just confirming. – Yes, do you two agree or disagree? – Disagree.
– McDonald’s. – Think about it. – I do not think it’s McDonald’s, no. I’m gonna disagree also. – Wow no one has agreed
since we started. – I think I know who it was. – And for a good reason. You know who it is? – I think I know. – Go. – White Castle. – Yep, he’s right. – What was it, like a grilled cheese? – No, it was the Impossible slider. – Oh, they were the– – Oh so it was an, I was thinking– – I think you’re going way too back, yeah. – With a beatburger. – Yeah exactly. – Like a veggie whatever. – A brown rice and black bean
patty that McDonald’s made in the late 90s. – Yeah, I could not remember that. The further down you go,
the more rummy it gets. It’s not horrible, I kind of like it. Just like my past. – Oh my God. – The Doritos Locos taco here. So, you know, you just tried
the Impossible Burger. I’ve tried the Impossible Whopper too, and it was the first Whopper I had. – You haven’t had this. – You haven’t tried it. All of this is yours. Everything you see in
front of you is yours. – Oh, thank you. – I haven’t heard as many
people in my own life being like, “I went to Burger
King and I really liked it,” in probably, since I was
in fourth or fifth grade. And I think it’s because
of this Impossible Whopper. I’ve never heard a bad
review of it, honestly. – Yeah, I will say like– – What do you say, Kev? You just took your first bite. – Second bite. – In here, though. – Because I took one before. That’s really good. That might be better
than a normal Whopper. – I kind of think it is. – It’s really good. – Like a cleaner taste but
with all the accoutrement as they say at Burger King. – Yeah.
– Totally. – All that Whopper smell. – Wow.
– I know. – I would be one of the people
on like those commercials when they’re like, that’s
not like, I don’t believe it. And then just hit the guy in the face. I would be that. – It’s always cowboys like,
I wanna buy a Whopper normal. I do not go for any sort of
weird stuff on my Whopper. – They’re like holy
crap, this was delicious. – Okay, the bit has gone on. – Should I just talk in
that voice the whole time? I’m fixin’ to get some
more of this Frosty. – Kat, we’re back to you. – This is Price is Right rules. – We’re not taping this, right? – No, this is just for us. – One for you, one for us? – Exactly, this is the one for me. Price is Right rules so
you have to get as close as you can without going over. This is actually a question for everyone. – No one has gotten one right yet. – I know. – We’re the experts here. – So someone has to get one right, ’cause this is closest without going over. How many Doritos Locos have
been sold worldwide right now, at this point in time? – I thought this was
gonna be Price is Right as in like well how much
does a Big Mac cost now? – No, I’m sure you guys would know that. This is supposed to be hard. – Yeah, this is why we’re
not getting anything right. How many worldwide? – Yeah, how many have been sold? Closest without going over. It’s a nice round number, I have to say. It’s not like– – Oh God. – One billion. – That’s your guess? – Yeah.
– Okay. – I honestly don’t know. I’m gonna go with 782 million. – That’s not a nice round number, Kat. – Yeah, whatever. – I’m gonna say like one dollar. – Not bad.
– To hedge. – If you watch the Price is
Right that’s a common strategy. – You’re gonna get the Hawaii package. – Kevin stayed home from school. – That fake sick. – The answer is two billion. – Two billion? – So Tony, there you go. Yes, at the time of launching in 2012, 15,000 jobs were created
to keep up with the demand. – That is crazy. – Man, I was sleeping
through these high times of Taco Bell Doritos Locos. – Yeah so Kat, now you’re
digging into the Doritos Locos. I also have one, I kind of
want to dip it in the Frosty. Is that weird? – Yes. – I love, you said yes? – Yes, that is absolutely strange. – What is this soft taco over here? – Oh yeah, what is that? – That is a McDonald’s breakfast burrito. Have you seen such a thing? – Would you like some? – Oh, no thank you. – Anyone? – I don’t eat hard-shelled
tacos on camera, sorry. Oh no. – I was trying to be generous and share. I will eat this. – This is a Big Mac, though. – That’s a Big Mac. That’s one of those Big Macs. – Yeah, oh the Big Mac? – Hm-mm, Big Mac. – Oh, the Big Mac. – I had a Big Mac in Paris last spring and it was the best Big
Mac I have ever had. – It’s a lot better, right? Because of the brie? – No, I think it was
the Eiffel Tower views and wafting sewage off
of the Seine, actually. – All-natural meat and
they put, I studied abroad in kind of a smaller town in France. – Humble brag. – No, it’s not. A big town in France and
the cool job in that town, like we were talking to the kids. It’s like the cool job
is working at McDonald’s. That’s what they want to do. And I was like it is not
the same, it’s really not. It’s a tough job. I know people who have
worked in McDonald’s and it’s just been like a real slog. – A cool job in California
is working at In-N-Out. – I believe that. – And they pay so well. – But high school, you’re like “sweet.” – I mean it’s cool. – It’s coveted. – And their managers make
a lot of money, like 100. – Upwards of $160,000. – That’s insane. – But that’s how you retain. – Yes, true. Aren’t more fast food chains
actually experimenting with– – Taco Bell. – With giving their
managers six-figure dollars? – Taco Bell is trying to
test a $100,000 salary for managers of corporate-owned stores. But yeah, I think I was reading something in Business Insider or something. But yeah, it’s so hard for
fast food to retain workers and there are some places
that have 100% turnover rate year over year which is nuts. People are constantly shifting. So, how are you gonna solve that? You should pay your workers
more and give them benefits. – Weird.
– What a concept. Speaking of other, this is working great. Speaking of other countries and fast food, this is awesome. What country has the
most McDonald’s locations behind America obviously? So second most in the world. – Mexico. – This is a question
for you, Kat, actually because we did the spread around first. – He’s wrong though, Tony. – Great, it’s not Mexico. – So you’ve got one country down. I think you have about 350 more. – I wanna go with, I don’t
want to say Australia? – Do you want a hint? I would say like this
wouldn’t be the first thing I would think of. But when you hear it you’re like okay, that actually makes sense. – I’m gonna go with, fuck
I’m gonna go with India. – No, it’s Japan. – Japan, I thought it would be in Asia. – A little under 3,000. – I was gonna say Russia. – Oh fuck, I forgot to see if
you guys agreed or disagreed. Should we redo it? – I disagree. – He said Russia, he said
Mexico so they’re wrong. We’re all wrong. – We’re all over the place here. – What can’t we do wrong? – Okay, we’re gonna be fired after this. – All right, quick slog and one last really quick question. This is for the group. In the three-way prison rules fist fight, who would emerge victorious? This is more of an opinion thing. And I’ll just go with who I think. – This is so disgusting. – I kind of like it. – Delicious. Okay, three way prison-rules fight, who would emerge victorious? The Hamburglar from
McDonald’s, those two guys from the Sonic commercial,
or 50 Taco Bell Chihuahuas? – Sonic guys. The one who plays kind of
dumb is probably secretly really ripped and will rip you in half. – The Hamburglar has seen some shit. He’s the mother fucking Hamburglar. – I was gonna say the
Hamburglar’s done time. – He fights with street rules, okay? – So he knows what prison life it like? – He will burglarize you. – He knows how to fashion
hamburgers into shivs. – How do you think those Sonic guys got all those convertible cars, though? They fucking stole them. – Their kingpins are
something, but they’re not doing their own dirty work. They’re hiring people
to do the dirty work. – The Chihuahua part
reminds me of that question, like how many six year olds
do you think you can take before they’d overwhelm you? – Of course. – Like 50 Chihuahuas. – That’s a lot. – But they don’t have a
hive mind to work together. That’s the problem with Chihuahuas. – But they are feisty. They don’t know their own size. – 50. – They would fuck you up, but Hamburglar. – Well the right answer is
the Hamburglar and the two Sonic guys would kill each other, and the 50 Chihuahuas
would devour their corpses leaving them to be the only
people left, dogs left. So the Chihuahuas win. I’m sorry. – Yes, this is our job, everyone. This is what we get to discuss. – Well, today.
– True. – On that note, the Fasties. – I guess I’ll drink ’cause I was wrong. – Everyone was wrong, I guess. – The Fasties will come
out, the actual award show, on February 19th. – That’s right. – And there will be
coverage all week and a half leading up to it. Should be really fun. – CNN, everywhere. – Well, maybe on the website. – We’re gonna have some
content to tease it. – You’ll be able to
vote for People’s Choice in a couple of categories. – It’s gonna be fun. – It’s gonna be awesome. Okay after all this we’re
gonna take a quick break. Most of us are probably gonna throw up. But then we’ll be right back for our Fast Food Fantasy Draft. This is really fun. Okay, be right back.

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