TOP 5 Keto Diet Mistakes That STOP Results!

TOP 5 Keto Diet Mistakes That STOP Results!

Alright, how are ya?
It’s Chris Gibson here and today we’re going
to talk about the Keto diet and the top 5
mistakes people make doing that diet.
So, sit my weights down, and let’s get talking
about it.
Ok, so keto diet, big fad, I call it keto
crazy, it’s everywhere, I have friends doing
it, I did a similar version of it a couple
of years ago to lose some weight, which really
worked for me, and then I developed a healthy
long term diet and fitness program for myself.
So I went from fit, basically in my 20’s to
fat in my late 30’s to fit again in my 40’s
and into my 50’s, so it can be done.
It can be done, but you’ve got to avoid the
mistakes of the keto diet, there’s a lot of
crazy stuff out there, a lot of people have
taken the science and kind of tilted it a
little bit, alright they tilted it a lot!
And so today I’m going to give you the five
things that people do that make big mistakes
when it comes to getting into ketosis and
staying healthy while they do it.
Ok the first thing, that formula 5% carbohydrates,
that’s not a lot of carbohydrates, 20% proteins,
that’s not a lot of proteins, 75% fat, that’s
a ton of fat.
So what does everybody do?
They run out there and eat a lot of processed
foods, a lot of lunch meats, sausages, all
of this stuff that’s really really not good
for you in a general sense.
They eat tons of cheese and guess what happens?
They can’t poop any more.
If you eat all that stuff, things are going
to get blocked up, so one of the big big boo
boos, or big mistakes is running out and eating
a bunch of crappy food.
You want high fat foods – that’s avocados,
coconut oil, yes meats, yes some bacon, yes
some fatty meats not over cooked.
You want that fat content up in your blood
so that your body has fuel, because once you’ve
gone through the ketosis, or once you have
gone into ketosis your body needs that fat
to burn for energy or you’re going to starve
yourself to death.
So very important that you have high quality
Avocados, we’ve got coconut oil, all of those
things are very very important.
The other thing is that you stay hydrated.
When you’re on the keto diet, or you’re on
any type of long term high fat program, you’re
body is burning fat, and when it burns fat,
it converts it into water.
So you have the ketones and the keto process
removing fat from you and using that for fuel
so there’s water.
It’s making the kidneys work and it’s pulling
all the water out of your system.
You’ve gotta rehydrate.
You’ve got to make sure you are drinking water,
you’ve got to be sure that you are getting
your minerals too, so mineral waters are a
really great way to do this.
You need to be taking supplements along with
that to replace the minerals that you are
losing through flushing that fat out, so thinking
you’ve changed fuels.
You’ve gone from carbohydrates and sugars
which hold water, over to fats, which basically
turn into water and are expelled from the
So very important, very very important that
you do that.
The next big mistake is skipping veggies.
No you know if you’ve done any kind of research
or read any information on this diet, you’re
supposed to stay away from starchy vegetables,
potatoes, that type of thing.
One thing you need to make sure you are doing
is that you are eating a lot of leafy greens.
So you can use green drinks, I talk about
those a lot.
But don’t skip the veggies.
Eat tons and tons of those, one they have
minerals, one they have water which we just
talked about and they are also a very good
source of fiber.
Which remember if you are eating all this
meat and cheese and all these things that
most of the typical people I know run out
and do, you’re skipping the bread, you need
fiber and the best way to get fiber without
calories and without sugar are leafy greens.
So be sure you do that, be sure that you add
a large portion, you can eat as much salad
as you want, believe it or not.
Don’t put sugarry dressings on it, but make
sure you are eating those things to get enough
You have to have fiber.
And the other thing you have to do is move!
You can’t jsut sit on the couch and do this
diet and expect it to do everything for you.
In fact it’s not good for you to do that.
It’s not good for you to be sedentary anyway.
So you need to be sure you are doing some
sort of cardiovascular exercise whether that’s
walking, the treadmill, light weight lifting
like you just saw me doing.
When you are in the early stages of the keto
diet it’s a little hard to have the energy
to do heavy weight lifting exercises so I,
the anabolic exercises I would kind of stay
away from that for the first 3 to 5 weeks
that you are on the diet, and then you can
add them back in as you feel capable of doing
In the meantime, light weights, I mean you
need to go jogging, get up and move because
you’re revving up that metabolism to burn
that fat even faster, and you’re helping your
body, your helping your selves, all of that
to understand that it needs to use the fat
that you are giving it plus the extra fat
that you are storing for fuel.
If you follow these things, if you stay away
from crappy meats, if you hydrate yourself,
if you eat lots of veggies, if you exercise,
if you make sure you are replacing your minerals,
if you do those things you’re going to see
success with that diet, and you’re going to
be able to transition later by adding in things
that you like and building a really robust
healthy lifestyle, a diet that works for you,
that’s long term, that you can stick with
and make changes, you know I talk about – it’s
these tiny things that we do every day that
add up to who we are later.
So whoever you are now, if you are overweight,
you’re in great shape, or whatever you’ve
got going on, you can look to the choices
and decisions that you’ve made in the past
that have brought you where you are.
That’s true for everything in life, that’s
finances, that’s relationships, you know,
that’s your health.
So be aware of that, it’s these little decisions.
Take these little mistakes out and do these
things that I’m suggesting you do and turn
those mistakes, you know into miracles for
yourself, because that’s what you’re going
to feel like when you see these things give
you results.
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And we can keep moving forward in a healthy
and fabulous lifestyle.

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  1. Wait , what your in your 50 ‘s that’s really hard to believe. Back to keto I thought keto was limited vegetables and fruits.

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