True love is in sharing the small amount of food [2 Days & 1 Night Season 4/ENG/2020.02.09]

True love is in sharing the small amount of food [2 Days & 1 Night Season 4/ENG/2020.02.09]

– How come my food isn’t here? / – I want one. – Your food is here. / – Great. (Food for third place is here.) We’ll take care of it now. – We waited for so long. / – It’s so fresh. (Where on earth is it?) – What is it? / – What? (Everyone stops moving.) – What is it? / – What’s that? Goodness. (What is going on?) The ceiling is opening. (The ceiling is opening.) (The ceiling starts to open up.) – What is it? / – What? (They can see the blue sky as the ceiling is open.) My goodness. Your meal is coming from the sky. – Goodness. / – “It’s Raining Men.” Goodness, it’s unbelievable. (It’s opening as if the dome cover is opening.) The ceiling for the eel restaurant can open like a club’s. – “It’s Raining Men.” / – You can do this on a show? Is this Ibiza or what? (It’s as cool as a popular club.) (Pungcheon Eels Club) Is this Ibiza or what? (Scream!) (They can’t help but dance.) (This is not the end.) – It’s coming. / – It’s coming. – Are these eels? / – Goodness. – Your eels are coming down. / – What’s coming? (Eels from the sky?) – What is it? / – Is something coming? What is it? (Something is coming down from the sky.) (Is that a UFO?) (The UFO is coming down to the eel restaurant.) The production crew prepared for so much just for that. (Food delivery by the highest drone technology) – Goodness. / – That’s all? (The delivery is precisely done.) – It’s going away. / – Goodness. You got the drone just for this? Goodness, it’s unbelievable. (The drone is flying back to the sky.) Goodness, it’s really cool here. Gosh. It’s great that we ended up in third place. – That was special. / – What is it? (What kind of food is inside the bag?) I love it. (Smiling) (Eels buns, Gochang’s specialty) Let’s save them for later. Eel bread. You put so much effort into giving just these buns. (The roof is closing again.) It’s high technology. We should do it too. The wrap is coming from the sky. Put it in my mouth. Goodness. Here. (Delivery is done.) I hate this team. (It’s delicious.) I’m having a war against this team. We can use the fire, right? – What? / – Let me grill these. – All right. / – These are too cold. – They got it somewhere here. / – It’s all frozen. – They must have gone cold. / – They’re cold as ice. (Tired) We will provide you a side menu – to have with your eel buns. / – You have a side menu? – Is that a bone? / – What’s that? – I like this. / – Me too. (Eel bones are rich in calcium and iron.) (After an hour of waiting,) (they finally get to eat eel bones.) It’s so savory. (He’s content.) – It’s so savory. / – I already ate it. You’re eating so well. Please feed me those greens. (He’s still hungry.) Could you? Ssamjang too. Nice. (There’s only ssamjang on the lettuce.) Here. (He eats well.) Like this. Here. (He devours the greens.) Here. What are you eating? – What are you eating? / – Are you a goat or what? Could you give me a large piece? – Should I cut it in half? / – A big one. Let’s have some eels too. – Feed me, too. / – Right. Hurry up. I’m feeding you, so how could you not feed me? I’m sorry. How about we give them a tail – if they recite an acrostic poem? / – Feed me first! (He looks so happy.) – About what? / – An acrostic poem? Pungcheon. I’ll make one with “Pungcheon jangeo”. – Really? / – “Pung”. I heard they’re amazing. – “Cheon”. / – Look at these eels. – “Jang”. / – They’re wonderful. – “Eo”. / – Shall I have a piece? That was good. (He’s quite witty.) Okay, okay. We’re partners. – Really? / – We need to split it. – Split it with your mouths. / – I already ate it. A bite each? Bite down on this part. (Seonho approaches without any hesitation.) (DinDin closes his eyes.) (This is better) (than the candy kiss or the foam kiss.) (This is the eel kiss.) Is this necessary? (The eel is split in half.) Did you do it? Let’s eat the side dishes. (It’s irritatingly good.) – It’s so fat. / – It is. It’s so fat. I’ve never had such a fat eel before. (Laughing) Could you give us some porridge if you’re not going to have it? – Have some together. / – Thank you. – Are we allowed to? / – Yes. Excuse me. We’d like to compete for the porridge. Come on. (They’re flabbergasted.) Be conscientious, will you? I’m too hungry to be so. You’re just too greedy. We’re at war with this team from the morning. We’re really not getting along. (Team Savage vs Team DinSeon) (The winning team is just having fun.) – So what. / – It’s a war.

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  1. Goodness I really like the music and members expression.
    Seon ho "I really don't like this team " and that not stop Ravi to eat, eat and eat again AMAZING

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