Trying Costa Rican Food | $5 Breakfast in Costa Rica | Day 5

Trying Costa Rican Food | $5 Breakfast in Costa Rica | Day 5

Good morning! I am really excited about today,
because today I’m going to be showing you traditional Costa Rican breakfast. I’ve been in Costa Rica almost two weeks now,
and I haven’t done any food videos yet, which is actually a crime, because the food here
is really good. So there are these local restaurants I keep
seeing, called “Soda’s”. S – O – D – A. That’s like Costa Rican Food. So I’m going to try
and get you guys a traditional Costa Rican breakfast. Soda Sanchez. That’s what we’re looking for! Rice and Beans with eggs and…ham? Ham, please. Para Tomar? (to drink) … Tomato? (I don’t understand) Coffee, or natural juice…. Oh, uh… Yes, coffee with milk, please. So I ordered, not the cheapest thing on the
menu, actually. I ordered the full Costa Rican traditional style breakfast. Muchas Gracias! Did you see him? Did you see that little guy? Why would I include a shot in a food video,
with an ant on the plate? Well my friends, there are two reasons. It’s reality! And I don’t mean that in any
way to be negative against Central America. But there are insects down here that I haven’t
even seen before in Canada! There are insects everywhere. It’s a hot, humid, temperate climate.
And with that, comes a lot of guys that are crawling around the table. But my goal with
this channel, has always been to show you the reality of the places I go to, not necessarily,
what looks best on Instagram. Does that make sense? I mean it was a beautiful shot of that plate,
wasn’t it? Did you see that camera work? I’m not going to give that up because of one little
ant. I don’t care about that ant. Okay, back to the program! I’ve had a lot of rice in my day. I used to
live in Asia, remember. But I have never had rice… quite so fluffy, and… I don’t know
how to describe it, it’s just… it is exactly what you want in your body to start the day. I think it’s time to try that roasted plantain. So soft! Is that ever sweet! Wow! There’s something very special about just
sitting in a new city and drinking a cup of coffee and watching the streets go by. You know, I said the same thing over a year
ago when I was in Vietnam and I first arrived in Hanoi. It’s one of my favourite things to do. 1000…..2000…..3000 Gracias. 100 colones. So — 2900 colones, is about five US dollars. As
you can probably see, nothing in Costa Rica is going to blow you away with its value in
the way that a country like Vietnam would. Or even some other places in Latin America,
are much much cheaper. But despite the higher cost of Costa Rica
— heh, Cost, Costa RIca… anyway — despite the higher cost of Costa Rica, there are value
deals to be found. And for me, that was a great breakfast with a coffee for $5, so I
really can’t complain about that. So that’s it! That’s how most Costa Ricans
start their day. They’re not all going to the shops to eat it, a lot of them are having
rice and eggs and beans at home. But these soda restaurants are still a quintessential
of life in Costa Rica. Especially in the smaller towns and cities. The capital, San Jose, is
a pretty international place, as most capitals are these days. So you have tons of fast food.
But Quepos, the city I’m living in, there’s no McDonalds, there’s no Burger King. There’s
just Soda. And Soda Sanchez is where we went today. And
I think it’s a great introduction to Costa Rican breakfast.

61 thoughts on “Trying Costa Rican Food | $5 Breakfast in Costa Rica | Day 5

  1. Your ant thing reminds me of the time that I had a worm in my soup in Argentina, lol. Good to show the reality my friend. I was surprised that the menu had English on it. Is their a big foreign influx where you are?

  2. I agree! Food there is really good. I don't think I tried enough local restaurants tho. They place you're at seems super duper local! Totally true about the insects. They were everywhere and hard to avoid. And beautiful pan shot 😉 I gotta try that dish next time I'm in Costa Rica.

  3. Nice cheap breakfast, I didn't see those soda restaurants when I was there a long time ago, but maybe since I wasn't really in the city much. Great tip, I'm heading there next month, thanks!

  4. Looks like a good breakfast! One of our favourite things to do is people watch and especially in Hanoi. We loved it there with all the people eating on the streets even saw a man chasing a chicken down an alley haha, Hanoi is full of life! Yas

  5. This is a small breakfast my friend, you lose the natilla, salsa lizano, more bread, but is very good for a first one
    I hope you like my country, visit Guanacaste is beautiful and Cartago 💕🌴🇨🇷

  6. I always love your videos. Costa Rican food looks amazing! I have yet to travel there, which is crazy since I have friends there. What was your favorite place/food you ate?

  7. Costa Rica is somewhere I have always been interested in visiting but just never made it to yet. A Costa Rican breakfast would go down well right now

  8. Love the way the knife and fork are wrapped in plastic for some reason but there's an ant in your breakfast. I hope they didn't charge you extra for that, was it $4 without the ant.

  9. Not a good idea to be watching this in the middle of the night… And I didn't even see the ant! It's all added protein anyways if you ask me hahahaa 😉

  10. 🤔 did you really think the money was going to stick to the white board 😂😂 it’s something I would of done too! Love how real you keep the videos Dan! 🙃

  11. Oh wow, you lived in South Korea around the same time I did. I was supposed to live in Suwon, but last minute was changed to Seoul. How long were you there for?
    Great video as always, Costa Rican food looks delish!

  12. Wat? you telling me that in canada you don't have ants? im so used to them that i just assume they were common around the world. For me those little critters are not a big deal, just like bees, in the other hand, if that was a cockroach, i would probably throw the plate in the ground.

  13. Looks like a great breakfast to start the day off. Must make mental note not to watch these food vlogs while hungry! Like your no nonsense, honest approach

  14. haha, "I'm not going to give that up just because of one little ant".  Yeah you can't let the ants get the better of you.

  15. Holy cow You are Candian. Well Im Costa Rica living in Vancouver. I wanted to say that Im sorry about the ant on your plate… It has never happened to me and if it does i would complain… We are very serious with cleanliness as much as we can. Im taking my canadian friend to Costa Rica and need advices from you 🙂

    Delicias My Way. Bueno, bonito y barato con comida diferente. San José, Gudalupe, frente al Mall Dorado.


    JK I love the video but Gallo pinto is eaten with the sauce of the chicken or meat and the dark brown Lizano Costa Rican sauce

    (I'm living in Costa Rica for 9 years, I'm 11)

  18. Also there are a lot of junk food places like the ones you said: mac dolalds or subways. There are a lot of them but more in the city of Costa Rica (Heredia, Cartago, alajuela, and obviously San José)

  19. OMG AN ANT!! … you forgot to ask for the table to be cleaned, normally they do it after the customer has left but it just takes a small food crum to attract some of those, besides, eating a single ant has never killed anyone.
    Now, that plantain wasn't roasted my friend, it was fried, in oil, sunflower oil most likely …
    and I'm sorry if I sound a bit mad, but for someone to not enjoy their Gallo pinto with Lizano sauce … that's almost unforgivable, or salted (just a pinch of salt) sour cream … no no, you truly have no idea of the delicacy that you have missed .
    Also, the Gallo pinto has different consistencies depending on the region and/or chef, some of us like the pinto to be fluffy, some like it almost toasted , like fried rice, and the flavor changes wildly as well, since the condiments used are varied depending on the season, availability and personal taste, most people will include onions but ingredients like cilantro and sweet peppers are a staple of some families, others go as far as to use celery sticks while they cook the dish (which are removed when serving).
    Oh and don't even get me started on the freshness of the rice …. (most people will not use any other rice than the one that was made for the previous day's lunch (it needs to age, like a wine (but only for a day, otherwise it will go bad)))

  20. Nice bid. However, "Costa" (as in Costa Rica) is pronounced: "Coasts" as in "Gulf Coast". The national currrency is pronounced:

  21. Hahahaha so funny, I'm Costarican and is nice see that you enjoy gallo pinto so much, I used to think that there's nothing special on it

  22. I'm from Costa Rica I love your videos because it's the first time that I find a video with all so much relatable things!like the details! Jajajaja! I hope you come back again! 😀

  23. Ants are super clean protein. No Costa Rican wouldn't even pause for that, haha. And yeah, my country's official cuisine is not great. Meet some ticos, people. We are nice and welcoming but most places are tourist traps or just cheap joints. If you want the good stuff, do a bit of research. Like many tourist friendly locations, we keep the good stuff to ourselves but we share it with whoever cares enough to scratch under the surface.

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