Trying Ethiopian Food in Washington DC | Ethiopian Cuisine – Injera, Sambusa, Lamb Stew and Doro Wat

Food, food and more food! Today we’re trying Ethiopian cuisine DC is famous for its Ethiopian food and I decided to go ahead and explore the Ethiopian food scene a little So the first thing I’m trying is the Sambusa Minced beef stuffed into a pastry sheet it tasted oddly like its Indian sister – the samosa Yes, the sambusas were spicy but that didn’t stop me from having another bite Pair em up with some Ethiopian honey wine and you’re good to go Next, we opted for the traditional platter that had the Ethiopian bread known as the Injera served with loads of small side dishes Ethiopian cuisine is a good option for vegans and vegetarians with cabbage, radishes, pumpkin and spinach making up for the sides What I had here is the spicy lamb and beef combination I loved how in Ethiopian cuisine, we eat with our hands Also, Ethiopians share the food from a common platter and this is done because in Ethiopia it’s believed that nobody should eat alone The Ethiopian bread that’s given along with the platter is made out of teff flour It’s served cold and is very spongy to the touch Now if you’re feeling particularly adventurous then I suggest trying the raw meat items on the menu And if you don’t have the appetite for that try the chicken and egg stew a nice luscious combination of onions, garlic and loads of chilly So is Ethiopian cuisine something you’re interested in trying? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below If you enjoyed the video, hit ‘like’ and you know the drill Subscribe to Travel and Trots

11 thoughts on “Trying Ethiopian Food in Washington DC | Ethiopian Cuisine – Injera, Sambusa, Lamb Stew and Doro Wat

  1. Nice video, it looks great. I sampled Ethiopian cuisine once in Grand Rapids, Michigan. It's a fun experience. Cheers to you.

  2. This is the 2nd YouTube Channel that featured Ethiopian Food. The channel Food and FoodPrints just did a video also. I think I am really missing out because it all looks so good. Did not know about eating at a common plate. Raw meat is a little too adventurous for me. Thanks for sharing.

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