Trying Georgian Food For The First Time

We’ve stopped for dinner and
we came to a Georgian restaurant. Never tried Georgian food before. No. Nope…never. And we’re starving and we want to try
lots of different kinds of Georgian food. So the first two dishes have just arrived. One looks suspiciously like cheese pizza,
which I’m totally fine with. Me too. And is apparently very,
very popular Georgian dish. It’s dough and cheese. And the other one is called khinkali. It’s also very traditional Georgian. And it looks like a dumpling and it has
cheese and tarragon inside. Oh and I also got tarragon lemonade. Homemade. Some dripping cheese situation there. The best kind of situation. I haven’t eaten since breakfast. Do you understand how excited
I am right now to eat? Yes because I also haven’t eaten since breakfast. I can hardly contain my excitement. Eww! Oh my god! The cheese is so salty. So good! So this is the khinkali. Apparently having it with fresh
ground pepper is very Georgian. And our server…she was like,
‘do you know how to eat that?’ I was like ‘no’. So…you pick it up like this and then you take a little bite and like slurp it out. Sounds challenging. Let’s try. Mmm! It’s like soupy cheese in there. Oh! I love the convenient handle! This is so good! So is it like… Not the most polite one. It almost looks like a pierogi with like sauce in it. It’s a dumpling with this cheese and tarragon inside. Oh! This looks like so much fun like a little onion. It looks like a little chef’s hat to me. Yeah like a little chef’s hat. That’s true. She said a little bite. I…wasn’t listening. You just watched me do it. Okay…that is why you take a little bite
and then you slurp. Yeah. Lesson learned. Wow that’s all over my hand now. It’s soupy inside. Yeah! Way soupier than I thought. Isn’t it good? Mmhmm. Oh…Georgian’s do it right! Soupy dumplings with cheese inside? So this is the same kind of cheese. Whoa. Oh man, that is some fried cheese. Our server’s so nice. She knows it’s our first time having Georgian food so she keeps coming over to say like,
‘do you like it?’ I’m like ‘Yes! Yes I do!’ This is the same kind of cheese
that’s in all these dishes but fried. Mmm! Oh my god. It’s so salty. It’s like having fried halloumi
but, obviously not halloumi. With this tomato…served with like fresh tomato. Mmm! The sweetness of the tomato
with the “saltinish” of the…”saltinish!” Saltiness of the cheese. I’m in fried cheese heaven right now. This next one is minced pork and beef with pomegranate and spices
grilled over an open fire. And it was my choice. I think it looks really good. And it comes with traditional sauces. One is I think a fruity sauce
and the other one is tomato sauce. Not totally clear what the sauces are but I know that one is spicy
so I’m excited about that. It’s really good. The sauce is spicy but not too spicy. Yeah it’s a little bit like a meatball. It looks like a meatball. If you can imagine the taste of a meatball
covered in tomato…like spicy tomato sauce. Mmm. Yeah. I love it. Oh that looks so pretty. Thank you! We’re finishing up our meal
with some sea buckthorn tea. Which is as delicious as it is beautiful. Look at that orange colour. After a day at the Amber Room,
I’m like, ‘this feels very fitting’. But we were so enthusiastic about the food – loved it so much – that our server, who’s from Siberia
was like, ‘do you want to meet the chef?’ So she took us back to say hello to the chef. He’s from Georgia. The whole kitchen crew is from Georgia. And they have this amazing neon sign
that says ‘in khinkali we trust’. And khinkali is that like dumpling. It’s this dish. This dish that we had where you slurp it. Love that. And this restaurant just opened so I feel so excited that we got to come here. Me too!
-Yeah. And it’s kind of like we’re a little bit below street level so you can like people watch on the Nevsky Prospect,
which is like the main thoroughfare. So you can still watch what’s going on
and have your delicious Georgian food. And I like to say the name of the restaurant, Gogi. Gogi! Gogi. Just been the perfect way to end a wonderful day. We’re heading back to our hotel now. Heading back along Nevsky Prospect. Yeah it’s a big huge street…
main street in St. Petersburg. And it’s pretty late and there’s lots of people out. Lots of shops still open. Tons of cars cruising along here. Lots of 24-hour stores,
which I really appreciate as a night owl. And late-night cafes, which is great. And late-night cafes, exactly. And it’s been just such a fantastic day
trying a totally new to us cuisine. Georgian. And some of the nicest people there. Yeah, seriously I think the nicest people
we’ve met in St. Petersburg… Yeah! …are at that restaurant Gogi. Gogi. So anyway we’re going to head home. I hope that you guys enjoyed this. Give it a like if you did. And remember to subscribe
for lots more travel adventures and we’ll see you in our next video. Bye! Goodnight!

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