Yeah got another burger and Delaware
tonight that’s got about three pounds of meat so I’m doing this one early. Hey everybody this is Randy Santel,
Atlas’ with Atlas & Zeus Promotions and proud owner of Foodchallenges.com. Very very excited this morning I’m going for overall win number 353 and my second win
in the state of Connecticut. I’m in Willimantic, Connecticut at That
Breakfast Place I’m taking on their breakfast challenge. Now this thing just
looks delicious it’s got a 16-inch massive pancake covered with two orders
of toast i want with just white today so there’s about eight slices of that along
the sides of bacon kielbasa sausage and ham along with the half a pound of their
home fries which looks awesome along with 12 eggs and I got them
scrambled so I’ve got 30 minutes to finish this thing only five or six
people have been able to do it if I win I’m gonna get a $35 meal for free I will
not get a t-shirt this time but I will get up on their Wall of Fame so let’s
get this challenge started! All right let’s get win
number two in Connecticut they’ve got their time ready I’m going to dominate
all the meats and probably these home fries as well make some sandwiches with
the eggs and then I’ll take on the pancake and get this done with! but let’s get it started 1, 2, 3, . . Boom! alright six minutes in all the meats are
gone and that was a very large half pound of their home fries but they were
delicious! Now let’s get all the spread down along
with the scrambled eggs! All right thirteen minutes and
everything’s gone other than the pancake so we’ve got our diet soda here let’s
get it down! 19 minutes and 11 minutes left. on a good day I would have finished 10
minutes ago but a win is a win! 23 minutes and 38 seconds definitely not the new record with that
pizz of challenges last night with Manny is really kicking back! I’m gonna
get to $35 meal for free I will not get a t-shirt but i will be able to Wall of
Fame which is definitely awesome! Delicious challenge really like that
pancake it was very flavorful compared to many other pancakes have had but then
the eggs and all those meats outstanding along with the potatoes thank you to that breakfast place here
in willimantic Connecticut got my second wind the state of Connecticut and
overall win number 353 so thank you guys for watching

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