Ultimate Disney Hollywood Studios Food Challenge: Trying All Of The Disney Treats

Ultimate Disney Hollywood Studios Food Challenge: Trying All Of The Disney Treats

– Am I going to get really drunk if I drink this whole thing? (chorus singing) – That’s okay. (giggles) It’s fine. We’re back. We are (bleep) back. Did you miss me, Chelsea? (laughs) Don’t lie to my (bleep) face. Hi, everyone who is not Chelsea. We are not speaking anymore. (laughs) This is season two of Iconic Eats. We’re here at Disney Hollywood Studios. I have been waiting
three very long months. I didn’t curse once. I only ate vegetables. And Chelsea and I were
obviously in counseling the whole time. But we’re back. We are here with renewed energy. It’s going to be a great day of eating. We are going to eat our
way through the park. I, for one can’t wait. Let’s do it. (trumpet playing) Our first item today is
Chili Mac and Cheese. Thank you! – There you go. Thank you. – All right, it’s 7:45am, I think. It really could be any time of day. But whatever, we’re here at Disney. But, yeah, we’re starting
some Chili Mac and Cheese, topped with some corn
chips and some jalapenos. Just get right in there. Before we do I just want you to, (laughs) just ask me how many
times I went to see my GI this whole break. Just ask me. At least four. Anyway! This came out piping hot. Look at these gigantic
beans you have there. All right, it’s also worth noting that I haven’t had a bite of food today. That’s like perfect Super Bowl food, man. Also, this is Chelsea’s favorite’s food. – Oh my god. – More so then it is mine,
but I appreciate the softness of the noodles. The spice of the chili,
the crunch on the chips. (rock music) Big generous energy in season two. It’s how we do it now, yeah. By the way, the park’s opening right now. It’s getting packed. Just going to be mobbed by fans. (trumpets playing) From Chili Mac and Cheese
to an ice cream sandwich with freshed-baked cookies. I’m a child. I can’t. We’re committing. This year, we commit. Ready? (theme park music) Okay, that’s delicious. It’s so cold. Seriously, listen to me once because you will never here it again. I’m cold. (giggles) But it is lovely vanilla ice cream. It is crunchy and smooshy
chocolate chip cookies. The most literal ice cream
sandwich I’ve ever had the pleasure of eating. Imagine having a normal breakfast. Like imagine waking up, being like, I’m going to have coffee and eggs. I see you laughing, already. You still think I’m funny. You still love me. You know you do. (trumpet playing) From Scoops we moved
over to Fairfax Faire. Just chasing that ice
cream with some vegetable. Told you, new year new me. Thank you! Ooh, it’s warm. So warm, so warm. Does my hair still look incredible? It looked really incredible this morning. Chelsea, just let me, just let me have one thing. This is a Southwest Bowl. It’s part of Disney’s
plant-based initiative, meaning, it’s pretty veg-friendly. If you are in the park
looking for something lighter, this is your go to. It’s got a whole mosh of like, rice, peppers, corn,
tomatoes or pico, rather. All things, that again, I am going to have to text my GI about later. But you know, for the love of the show. Little corn chip bit up top. It’s a heartier bite.
There’s a kick there too. And I definitely ate corn just now. Wait, you know another favorite thing, from the past few episodes,
that I forgot about. Is that every time I
talk about eating corn, everyone’s like, “The
human body can’t digest it, it’s not just you.”. I didn’t say, I exclusively
alone, can’t eat corn. We can all not eat corn together. That would be fine, you guys. Also, if you bite into these
little corn chip strips you’ve got a ranchy type
vibe going on up here. Which is so delightful. Cause who wants to eat healthy, and actually feel like they
are eating healthy, you know. Not me. (trumpet playing) We are at the Sunshine Day Bar, getting Blackberry Moonshine Lemonade. I truly don’t know that
I have ever had moonshine in my whole life. – Did we have some when
we went to Dollywood? Off camera, off camera we
had some moonshine, maybe. Yeah, we did. Okay. I’ve had moonshine before,
I know what it taste like. But this is essentially just, you know a little juice in the morning. Just to kind of get our day started. I think it’s like 8:15
now. Truly I don’t know. I love that. (Laughs) It tastes like rainbow
sherbert, for some reason. Just like, just this like, just this commination of fruity flavors, that I can’t really place
but probably are really blackberry and lemon. Am I going to get really drunk
if I drink this whole thing? – That’s okay. (giggles) It’s fine. We’re back. We are (bleep) back. (upbeat music) Don’t you take comfort in knowing that some things never change? – What of it!? (surprised) That sounded very
defensive, but yes I did. Mazel to me. (upbeat music) We are at the ABC Commissary where we got a California Burger. It’s more plant-based stuff, trying to incorporate a
little bit more of that. As we go, I don’t know if you heard, but that’s so cool right now. That sounded condescending. I really didn’t mean it to be. So we have the usual toppings on a burger plus a plant-based patty, plus some sauteed down peppers and onions. Which again, is another thing I can’t quite digest properly which I think makes me unique. As some people can digest
peppers, thank you so much. Please, though, let me know, individually, how your digestive tract handles peppers. I would love to hear it. This is a thick burger. (upbeat music) Okay, this is nice. The bun is buttery, I don’t know if you
can see that I’m shiny. Having a little bit spicy. There must some sort of
aioli that I’m not seeing. Yeah, there’s some sort of
warming heat, that’s nice, as it goes down. Anyway, this is a really
nice, hefty patty. I feel like the last few
plant-based patties we have had kind of just fall apart
when you choke them down. This is an assembled mass as you swallow. Oh boy. A lot of (bleep) jokes today. It’s not even 9pm. 9am! (Laughs) (upbeat music) (upbeat music) (upbeat music) You know what’s really funny,
that I think abouts sometimes. – What? – So when I was a kid, I
use to have such an aversion to people watching me while I eat. How did I get here? Num Num Cookie. It’s so thick. And it does remind me of,
maybe even is the same Num Num Cookie we had in Disneyland all those centuries ago. So large and deep. It’s like a little intimidating. But the cast members here tell
me it’s better in Orlando. – When I chew it, I feel
the ears expand and contract on my head. Do you know what I mean? It’s like, a chewing heartbeat on my head. This is fantastic. It’s fresh out of an oven. It’s not at all sweet. Like, I am wondering if
these are bittersweet chips. And there’s a lot of chew
to it, which obviously, there’s a lot of cookie. It almost reminds of
a turkey leg, in that, once you start chewing, it’s
awhile until you’re done. But it’s delicious. I would dunk this in coffee
and be like, a real happy gal. You’re so mean to me all the time. Enjoy it. (laughs) No, no, look at it. Look at it Chelsea! What did you do? – February 4th, 2020. A day
that will live in infamy. – As the day that karma came for Chelsea. (upbeat music) We’re here at Woody’s Lunchbox. And I’m starting to sweat,
which generally means death is nigh. But, we get a grill cheese. We got some tots. This is the most fantastically
cheesy grill cheese I have ever seen. Is this going to be my favorite thing? (crowd noises) Oh my god. Not to be like, the mean Rat-a-Verse food
critic from Ratatouille, but I feel like I just
took one bite of that and my childhood flashed before my eyes. Oh my god, that taste like
after school in third grade. Dear Christ, I’m gonna finish
the whole (bleep) thing. I said I was going to share it with you. I’m not going to share it with you. It’s super crunchy and
buttery on the outside. They definitely, butter,
griddle, butter, griddle. There are a few sorts of cheeses in here. I’d say cheddar and mozz, maybe. I don’t know if you can see at the bottom, we got some like white
fantastic soft cheese goo happening here. It is not too salty. Even though I want the salt. Oh you know what, speaking of salt, give me some tot action. Hmmmmm. I want a shirt for next
time that says, Tot Action. (Laughs) Bye. No. Do you want it?
I’ll share it with you. – Can I finish my grilled-cheese first? – (intercom voice)
You’re attention please. A message from above. For your safety, remain seated with your seat belts fastened.
Your hands, arms, feet… (machine starting) I don’t know what gives you the right. Thank you. (upbeat music) You know what, I feel
like that Storm Trooper can think whatever he wants of himself, but I don’t think he can crush
what we have crushed today. We’re back at Ronto Roasters, where we had that delicious Ronto wrap. I don’t know if you remember, its gone viral, like, seven time since. I don’t know what to say. Not being funny, it’s
just because it’s so good. But yeah, they have a new
Endorian Chicken Wrap. So, we are going to try that out. With high hopes. Yes! – Here’s your Endorian Chicken Wrap. – Thank you! She thick. I love her. Endorian Chicken Wrap. Ronto Roasters. (crowd noises) Frankly, I feel pita dust on my face. Secondly, this is a gorgeous
combination of things. You’ve got pickled onions, you’ve got cucumbers,
also lightly marinated. You got super seasoned chicken. The pita is warm. I was told there was cheese, I don’t see or taste it yet, but hopes are high. I taste feta. Salty. I think the Rondo Wrap
is always going to take place number one in my heart, but this is like a super close second. This is a hefty (bleep) pita. I finished my grilled cheese and I’m going to finish this too. I can do it. I’m capable. I am woman, hear me roar. (upbeat music) – I mean you decided to cut, so as far as I am concerned,
we have no evidence that I dropped that food on the ground. I’ll pick it up. Ugh. (upbeat music) (upbeat music) Eating some buttered blue grains. Do you think baby Yoda is proud of what I have done here today? Probably not. I haven’t eaten any frogs or anything yet. (laughs) Okay, this is great. It taste like very salty popcorn. With no particular blue flavoring. Sike. (tuba playing) Blah. I want this sound effect in there. Can I have a moment? (laughs) This is why people think I
am, the way they think I am. Because I am a monster. Ugh, just leave me on my lizard perch before I have to eat pizza. Oh my god, this is, poofing
in a really unflattering way. Okay. (jazz music) Antipasto Salad at Pizzerizzo’s. Whew, there’s a swarm of gnats. That’s fine though, we haven’t
seen a bee, and that is okay. Anyway, I love how this smells. It smells meats and like, rich olive oil. Which is how I imagine
Tony Soprano’s house smelled all the time. It is fresh cheese. And meat cut into very
nice bite size pieces. Covered in oil, some tomatoes thrown in
and topped with bread. Oh, and there’s lettuce too but who cares. Look at this beautifully
vertical piece of bread. It tastes like a stack of crotons. That’s not a thing. I feel ashamed of myself. Ugh. Okay, bye. (upbeat music) We are getting a Wookie from El Cookie. So, that will fill that
void in my heart, I’m sure. What is essentially an oatmeal cream pie, which I am very excited for. We haven’t had much oatmeal anything really, at Disney. This is fantastic, by the way. Wow. – Just like, one of those
super simple buttercream, that’s not flavored with anything. But those cookies, wow. They chew all the way through. I love that we didn’t
(bleep) With raisins. Like, that’s just straight oatmeal. It’s like what you see is what you get. Not too sweet, which again,
is a rarity at Disney, something I really appreciate. But god, look at that. Moist. (upbeat music) I need a drink to soak up all this cookie. That’s not how that works. Cookie to soak up the drinking. Chelsea, it’s radioactive. I smell rum. My expert pallet. Rum and bananas. And ultimate demise. Okay, this is Snake Alley
from the Oasis Canteen. Just to chase my delicious
oatmeal cream pie with. Oh, I was right. That
taste just like bananas. And rum. This is sweet and sour,
and slightly acidic. Actually I would have enjoyed this with a grilled-cheese earlier. Do I enjoy it at this particular
juncture of my day, sure. (upbeat music) This is a cookies and cream funnel cake. You know I insist upon
at least one funnel cake, per episode. What’s the word for
simultaneous brain freeze and hot freeze. – What? – (Laughs) No. But, yes. This is great. The
funnel cake is so crispy. Which I don’t enjoy
anything that isn’t a super crispy funnel cake. Lovely vanilla soft serve,
a little Oreo dust on top, plus some chocolate syrup. Hold on, I want to do
something really important. Can you just bear with me for a second? (Laughs) (Bleep) Yeah! – I didn’t say anything about the food. This is great. It’s like little spaghetti
strips for my heart. What? I’m just getting more and
more deranged as we go. It’s going to be a great
season. Stay tuned. (upbeat music) Okay, well, we went to the Dockside Diner. Picked up a Carolina Dog. Would you like to see
my femur for comparison? It’s pretty femur size. It’s just like anyway I do it, I know there will be memes. So, like… It’s delicious. It’s so good. It’s so savory. There’s chunky pull
pork, creamy cole slaw. And the cole slaw is
crunchy and the bun is soft. And the hot dog is thicker than anything I have ever had to deal
with in my whole life. Truthfully. So the Carolina Dog has
a foot long bun to match. Foot long, actual hot dog,
some barbaque marinated pull pork, and some nice crunchy cole slaw. I guess that concludes our episode. Just gonna leave me and Frank to it. Ugh She died as she lived, choking down hot dogs. (funky music)

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