1. What are you planning on cooking up for your favourite foodie this Valentine’s day? P.S. This gift package is a nifty idea if you’re in a last min panic…. http://bit.ly/3bqbFSR

  2. Please do NOT put charcoal into food. I know it is a big trend but charcoal is just not meant for consumption and can have serious side effects, especially if you are on birth control or other medications

  3. Spoiler alert! Nobody at all pointed out the very important fact that they picked to marry the only married dude among them.

  4. nothing makes a person want to buy a cookbook or app more than seeing three idiots mess up the recipes.
    At least it turned out alright ^^

  5. Barry cooking this time almost brought up my anxiety levels to a high point, but he pulled it off! P.s. I miss the laughter that was in the previous intro… Hope it comes back!

  6. Please review the Ninja Foodi pressure cooker, purely because I got an ad roll for it on this video and now I need to know if it's dece.

  7. Any chance you lads could do a skate wing recipe? It’s dead cheap at my local H Mart but stupid spendy on restaurant menus.

  8. It's just so disappointing to see that it's 2020 and we're still eating the tortured bodies of innocent animals. It's a fact that we do not need to consume animal products & that actually it's generally better for our health not to (not to even mention the way animal agriculture is destroying our planet). Sentient beings (just like you & me) are being enslaved in awful cramped conditions, forcefully impregnated, having their babies torn away from them & ultimately, sent to slaughterhouses to be tied upside down & have their throat slit – and for what exactly? just because we like the way their flesh tastes. How can taste pleasure ever justify putting another living, breathing being through absolute hell?!

  9. Everything looked yummy, and Jamie did a great work. But I can't wait for the activated carbon trend to die. Why add an absorbent that could interfere with medications, just to be able to say that the mayo is black? It's so stupid. I'd wish you wouldn't help keeping this trend alive.

  10. Anyone else saw the episode of kitchen nightmares where Gordon Ramsey ridiculed a chef because he grilled letuce? They are doing the same here😂😂

  11. On a serious note, I love how comfortable you are showing affection towards each other on camera (e.g. Jamie kissing James' forehead) because that's something that a lot of men don't feel comfortable with as a result of society's insistence on perpetuating the belief that men can't be physically affectionate

  12. I am LOVING the normals cooking for a James and Ben date. This just might be the best and should be done WAYYYYYY more often. I'm not sayin', I'm just sayin'.

  13. SERIOUSLY impressed! You two are DEFINITELY rubbing off on the lot of 'em. One day, maybe the students will surpass the teachers! LOL.

  14. Jamie… I almost feel bad laughing after you were so kind and helping Mike when his pot was boiling over, but when the Dijon mustard missed the bowl? HOWLING with laughter. That was funnier than it should have been. But you do the best dad jokes, so it's all good 🙂

  15. “Mee” in Singapore and Malaysia means “noodles”, so wanton mee means the dumplings + noodles.. so I guess Barry just made wanton no mee? They kind of look like 小笼包 (direct translation: small dragon buns, which are small steamed dumplings with soup and meat filling inside)

  16. Hi Sorted Team, since the "Normals" originally played the blame game on the "chefs" for making the recipes. How about a video where each of the normals has to make a totally original recipe for one of your cookbooks and the chefs have to judge which one gets in. Its probably more cut compilation video since it would take a while. But it would be really cool and informative to see what the recipe making process is like. And if they cannot make a recipe polished enough to make the cut, have the chefs work with them on-screen to teach the viewers how to go back and improve recipes 🙂

  17. The "mee" in wonton mee means "noodles". It's literally called "dumpling noodles", and you've just served up wonton. That's… uhhh… yikes.

  18. Bundt cake with holes filled with toffee sauce. Whole thing covered with pudding.

    A whole recipe just for the sake of bennuendo.

  19. Mike is just giving everyone kisses on the head.
    Also James is me when the food I ate wasn’t great but the server asks how things are. (If something is bad or undercooked Ill say something but otherwise I don’t typically complain.)

  20. How about a pass it on but with a twist?

    As a kid I grew up playing 'werewolf' or 'mafia,' where there is one person who has to eliminate the others during the night, etc etc.

    For pass it on, they could have someone deliberately try and mess up the recipe, or even a set recipe someone is given that has to end up on the plate for their win? Then everyone else would have to try figure out who is the 'werewolf,' which would include lying about what you did and hiding your identity.

    the distrust would be so bountiful… >:)

  21. I would love for the club or the just the apps to have a gift option for like a 3 month access so that I can get it for my dad for either father's day or his birthday. He loves cooking and having some more recipes for him to try out would be a great present for him

  22. Family friendly, yes. But how can you disgrace the classic Marry, Fuck, Kill? It's not like you're not used to bleeping.

  23. Loved this!!! Really missed the battles! And I really like when both Ben and James weigh in on food/gadgets together; they have different perspectives, which I appreciate.

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