Valentine’s Day Special | Black Forest Cake Recipe | How to make Black Forest Cake 🍴72

Valentine’s Day Special | Black Forest Cake Recipe | How to make Black Forest Cake 🍴72

today I am here with the recipe of black forest cake
This cake was first made by a German baker
this cake is made in 3 to 4 layers, I made this using three layers.
I made this cake in authentic traditional way
BUT I did not add alcohol
So, let’s get started with it’s ingredients
300 g flour
8 eggs
250 g sugar
60 g melted butter.
7 g baking powder
1 pinch salt
80 g cocoa powder
break eggs and put it in a bowl
add salt
mix it well
if you don’t have this type of mixture, use whisker.
after some moments, start adding sugar and mix well.
we have to whisk it for at least 10 minutes.
while mixing it becomes fluffy
colour changes and becomes thick
colour is changed and
it is fluffy and thick.
it is ready after 10 minutes
by using a strainer, add all dry ingredients.
cocoa powder
baking powder
stir it and strain it
mix it slowly and gradually
if you mix it fast, all the trapped air will come out
and our cake will not be sopngy
after mixing well, add butter
Our cake batter is ready
I am putting it in a cake maker
I have this type of cake maker
keep baking paper at the bottom and grease all side with butter.
by doing this, cake will not stick to the side
add the batter
bake it in a 175` pre heated oven for 35 minutes.
our cake is ready
you can check it, if it is done or not.
nothing is sticking in the stick, it is cooked well
let it rest while we prepare rest of our ingredients
cherry jam
it tastes a bit sour
heavy cream
vanilla flavoured sugar
I am whisking heavy cream
whisk it for 5 minutes
make it cold before whisking it
I kept it in a freezer for 15 minutes
Our cream is ready.
make it thick like this
Our cake is now cold.
take a knife and cut it from all sides.
just like I am doing here
take it out slowly
Now, we will flip it.
I did that to remove baking paper
i am taking it out
I will cut this cake in three layer
I have a cake cutter
If you don’t have this you can cut it with a knife
it is soft so, cut it slowly.
I finished cutting first layer, now I will cut second one.
If you have a cutter, move your blade upward 2 step and cut the cake again.
cut it slowly
it is done.
there are three layers now.
add 100 ml water in a bowl.
add cherry jam to it.
Now, we will use it in our cake.
it will be ready after mixing it for some moments.
I already flipped the cake
add some cream in the middle
this will help to rest the cake
I am flipping the first layer and keeping it in the middle

add cherry-water mix
Normally, here we must add cherry flavoured alcohol.
add 5-6 spoons
after adding cherry mix, add cream.
add it slowly and carefully.
cream must be layered well
Now, add second layer.
add it slowly
repeat the same process.
add cherry mix at first, and add cream.
add cream carefully.
add the last layer
all the layers must be aligned well.
press it slowly and align them.
Don’t add cherry mix in the top, Add cream directly.
add cream nicely
cover the cake with cream
make it flat as possible
align it from the sides as well.
to decorate the cake we need chocolate.
do it as above

I finished grating the chocolate.
add chocolate to all the sides.
cover it from all the sides.
Now, we will decorate it with a piping bag.
I have this king of piping bag.
we will use this for decoration.
we are adding cream in it.

Now. I will start decorating cake
now, do as above.
now, we will make flower like shape.
add cherry in the top of the flowers we made.
I am making a heartsee how nice it is .
I am decorating it with chocolate in middle.
I am connecting the flowers.

I am making small flowers at bottom too.
see our cake is ready.
you can serve the cake.
I am decorating it with chocolate
It is looking good.
enjoy this cake with your loved ones.
what did you feel about our video? don’t forget to like, comment, share and subscribe to us.
I will return will more and more yummy recipes. till then, happy cooking.

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