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  1. @Xsighting101 lol…that's why you can get them to eat it when it is hidden in the eggs and cheese! =)

  2. looks nasty but I'm sure it's probably lovely! You nearly lost me when you mentioned broccoli. Thanks for this vid & trying to help others with meal ideas. Well done on staying with the program & goodluck on your goal!

  3. @5w33ti3 i am no chef by all means…lol! i was just being realistic and showing one of the many things i eat for breakfast. my mouth just waters every time i make this meal..it tastes so good to me…..yeah, THAT is what is important to ME when im eating…lol =)!

  4. @EarthMotherBirth i did not tell how many points, because you can make it however many points you want it to be depending on the versions of ingredients you use( ex: full fat cheese, lowfat cheese, full fat cream cheese,etc.). so, the points depend on who makes it! =)

  5. @MatrixReality2011 ok, i usually just roll my eyes and just move on when people make annoying comments such as yours, but this 1 time, I am like super annoyed. first of all, weight watchers has never told me what to eat,…EVER!!! weight watchers does not tell its members what to eat, period. ww simply guides you. WW is really just counting calories in a easier way to help you lose the weight that you want to lose. lastly, ww has helped me lose over 77 pounds….ENOUGH SAID!!!!

  6. @MatrixReality2011 I understand what you are getting at, I really do. I kind of feel the same way. But if people can be successful using it, why not live and let live instead of insulting people who are successful on the program? A person can use the points program and NEVER buy a single food item WW sells.

  7. @bluebell48ful honestly, i have stopped buying many ww products due to a limited budget i have put myself on…lol! use any cream cheese you want, and you will be surprised how sometimes the "full fat" versions are less points than the "low fat versions"!

  8. why cheddar n not goat cheese? arent u on a diet….whatever happened to a breakat rich in fiber fruits for snack n dinner plus cardio…i dont get why ppl are so gullable

  9. @bluebell48ful weight watchers and other diet programs do ot work long term, because just dieting makes you lose lean body tissue, which burns fat at a migh higher rate than fat. The ONLY thing that does work, is exercise (resistance and cardio) along with a sensible diet… not low calorie, low carb, etc… The fact is that 95% of people who go into a jenny craig, weight watchers etc, WILL gain all the lost weight back within a year to a year and a half of stopping the diet. Sad but true!

  10. @blesbey Good for you on losing the weight, but have you had a bodyfat percaentage check? because I would bet along with those pounds lost a lot of them were lean tissue setting yourself up for weight gain later… it wrcks your metabolism to only diet, you MUST work out too, and build muscle while burning fat. I have lost 40 lbs of bodyfat in the last 6 months whole putting on about 9 lbs of muscle, now I eat more than I did when I was heavier, and it will stay off because of the new muscle.

  11. @bluesguitargoddess Everything works long term IF YOU DO IT LONG TERM. You say exercise is the only thing that causes people to lose weight, what if you stop exercising? You'd more than likely gain the weight back. I do low carb diet, and I am a NASM(National Academy Of Sports Medicine Certified). Think of what a mother nature made for humans to eat, what did cavemen eat? This is a "HUMAN" diet. NO grains, or processed foods, or any of that.

  12. @asmcriminaL That might work for you, however as a trainer I am sure you have heard of the principle of individal differences. Everyone is different, what works for one person does not work for another. My point was not to say not to diet, but that if you only diet, you lose lean bodymass, which lowers your metabolsm. Also once you are a regular exerciser, why would you stop?(other than total disability), the benifits of exercise are so many, and the negative effects of being sedentary so grave.

  13. @bluesguitargoddess Okay we're on the same page. Yes diet with out exercise isn't good. Some people want to be ripped and lean, some want performance enhancement, some want to build more muscles. So yes we all have different nutrition requirements. For weight loss I do highly recommend low carb.

  14. @asmcriminaL I was wondering if that was what NASM was teatching… I am taking my final for ISSA fitness trainer course this weekend… but yes, lowish carbs will help you get leaner, but going too low and you are asking for trouble. One of the first things I read when taking this course, was that being sedentary is AS BAD for you as smoking apack and a half a day… since I would NEVER do that, I plan to exercise for the rest of my life, and will urge my clients to do the same.

  15. @bluesguitargoddess I think you're talking about low carb bring trouble is the process of getting in to ketosis (fat burning mode). Yes for a day or 2 you will feel like complete crap but after that phase you feel great. Tons of energy, no cravings. Low calorie diets and low carb will have a negative effect on the thyroid (slowing down your metabolism). This is why I have a free day once a week with a lot of calories. Last free day I ate 400 carbs.

  16. @bluesguitargoddess No this is not what NASM teaches us. I feel that PT(personal trainers) usually don't know much about nutrition. My education came from experience and personal desire to learn more.

  17. @asmcriminaL My experience was not that, it was really bad, I lost strength, felt sickly, and I gave it time (2+ wks), however, I am studyig (beyond this course)about the zig zag approach, where if you are not training hard that day, you keep your carbs lower, and go higher on days you train. The idea is to eat for what you are doing, rather than just calculating a BMR, plus activity equasion, and doing 5-6 meals of equal calories from that… more like if you are gonna work hard, eat for it etc

  18. @asmcriminaL The point is to keep your body out of ketosis, because just the act of adding muscle and eating smaller more frequent meals, created hormones that keep your body from being able to hold onto fat (unless you just pig out all the time). Plus the fact that your muscle's fuel of choice is lipids anyway (fat) the act of adding muscle over time will burn the fat off, The zig zag approach adds muscle while burning fat simultaneously. Dr Hatfeild was the innovater of this approach.

  19. @asmcriminaL I do agree that a lot of PT's are not very educated with nutrition, but I also do other research, and with applying the science of how the body actually burns fuel (calories), you get a much more fine tuned diet approach, but lets face it, not everyone will, or even has the willpower to follow an oevrly strict regimine. With the obesity problem that exists these days, just getting poeple to eat fresher non-processed foods is a good start. Along with some kind of exercise of course!

  20. @bluesguitargoddess About the muscle's fuel of choice it depends on which fiber types you're working. If we eat 6 times a day, our insulin has a yoyo effect, each time you eat it goes up then down. The only benefits I see of eating multiple times a day is to curb cravings. The way i am eating I burned 25lbs of fat and gained 21lbs of muscle last month. I don't think the zigzag method is good for beginners. OOnce you have a stable caloric intake for a while then zigzagging is good.

  21. Lol! Broccoli from a bag? Egg from a carton? Cook in a microwave? But seriously apart from the muffin and cheese and cream cheese I guess this might be healthy dinner.

  22. @hipretty….freedom to choose is true, but because of sharing of experiences and gaining support at meetings, my choices tend to be more wise than they were before starting my weight loss journey. I am smart enough to know that sure, that cakes looks so good, but I would rather have a large and healthier quantity of food vs. a single cake…..which starts to quickly look very un appealing :). I'm not trying to sell weightwatchers, I'm just keeping a diary here. It worked for me. I'm 77lbs less

  23. Bottom line….stick to what works for you and seek help when you need it. If it does not work for you or makes you feel unhealthy, most can know that other weight loss options need to be explored. I find it to be typical of people to talk negative about something that does not "work" for them, or they do not get the results they desired. I got the results I wanted with ww …. I beat obesity and I have a great relationship with food. I'm faithful in ww

  24. I was with weight watcher but its so hard because I have a large family so cooking for them and cooking for me is hard what could i do they are so funny about eating

  25. i usually have a banana strawberry and blueberry smoothie with fat free yogurt. 3 points and really filling. yummy.

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  28. Thanks! Looks great. I just have to get over having vegs at breakfast….I just can't wrap my mind around that one yet.

  29. Ok, I tried the Better Start english muffins and they taste like cardboard. Is there a tip/trick to making them taste better?

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