WEIRD Food Combinations People LOVE! (EATING GROSS DIY FOOD)

What’s up guys, I’m hungry really hungry. I haven’t had anything but coffee today So this is how my day went, I woke up
filmed today’s video then I’ll try to do a bunch of errands one of my nails broke I had to go get it fixed. I don’t know why it took like 20 minutes to fix one nail But anywho today we’re gonna be trying out food combinations. That sounds disgusting. But apparently they’re supposed to be really good I don’t know according to BuzzFeed this is supposed to be tasty? I’ll be the judge of that And again, I’m hungry, so I’ll probably eat anything So the first one we’re gonna try today is peanut butter and pickle sandwich. Right start off a little easy Got my pickles got my peanut butter and bread can’t make a sandwich without some good ol bread We’re gonna be using gluten-free bread of course, which is its bread. Just smaller Oh, I don’t need a man to do that. I get open my own jars. Thank you very much. That was surprisingly easy Usually I struggled. Alright get a nice glob of peanut butter right here. Mmm so hungry. It’s looking like a five-star snack right now Mmm, I’m gonna peanut butter up both sides slather it on real good. Then we’re gonna put some pickles on it. Y’all see how easy I open that up a little too easy. If you ask me. I’m just kidding I loosened it up before. Okay pickle. I love pickles by the way Mmm delicious never had it with peanut butter before. I don’t know what that was gonna be Like I don’t like the juice. I have a friend that loves pickle juice. Mmm She takes us straight up from the jar and starts drinking like its a late or something. so there we go Peanut butter pickle sandwich a delicacy around these parts here goes nothing Okay, what about views right now was even worse is that I have no complaints It’s weird because the pickle completely overpowers the peanut butter. You don’t even taste the peanut butter anymore. I don’t know. It’s weird It’s like it has no taste because they cancel each other out. Either way. I’m digging this I Can’t believe it’s actually pretty good Maybe I’m hungry I will eat anything when I’m hungry y’all mind if I just like finish this buzz feed y’all ain’t wrong Low Key I’m gonna save this for later unless we can come up with something better Which we just might do because we got a lot more stuff to chat low key hella good I feel like that’s the only one that I I might have liked. Oh god my stomach I don’t know if it’s s because the first food I ate I don’t feel so good I’m gonna have a stomach ache. The rest of the day. Next one is ice cream and soy sauce I got some soy sauce right here carrot cake ice cream. Maybe I should try it with vanilla But all I have is carrot cake right now that I don’t mind if I throw away Although their flavors are like really weird. Maybe it would be fine with salted camel. I just don’t see this being good Okay, there is no way in hell that I’m gonna enjoy this no matter how hungry I am I could be starving. Haven’t you per day somebody offers me this I don’t think I would like it. If I like this I’ll pay pal everybody who likes this video $100 So make sure you like this video. Oh god, I’ll put the soy sauce in there. Okay, it’s ruined absolutely ruined There is no way in hell. I’m going to enjoy this. This makes me sick just looking at it It definitely isn’t as bad as I thought it would be but it is gross I don’t know It’s just it’s hard to describe. It. Definitely doesn’t taste like soy sauce anymore. I don’t know It doesn’t taste like stir fry ice cream or song but it tastes weird like ice cream should not taste like this It’s very interesting. I’ll give you that but it’s just not for me I feel like if I eat any more I’m gonna be sicck and throw up. Oh god, I can’t get over it It’s just so weird. Like it doesn’t taste like soy sauce and ice cream It just completely changes the flavor and I think that’s the point of this like ads of the pickles and peanut butter It just doesn’t taste how you think it’s gonna taste it’s weird Look, I did not come into this video expecting that so all right. Let’s my digestive system a little more Oh god this next one. It cannot be good There’s just no way in heck that I could see this tasting good. We do it cheese and frosted flakes this cannot end Well, absolutely not got my milk, or do I put the cheese in first? What do you guys know? Did you guys put your cereal in first or the milk first comment below . So how I saw them do it. They took the cheese and they just broke it up into pieces. Oh god. I’m getting sick looking at this I love cheese and I love cereal and I just can’t imagine them, you know together It’s like your two friends that you love so much, but they’re just not good together Maybe you just don’t understand the world doesn’t understand. Oh, this is starting to smell awful. Come on milk and cheese It’s funny because cheese is actually made of milk. But like when you put them together, it’s like eating tomatoes with ketchup Am I really gonna eat cereal with a fork? I only have one spoon and it’s been submerged into the ice cream We’re gonna clean this off real quick That was way too much soy sauce, I gotta clean it though. We only got budget for one spoon, so I’m scared I have a piece of cheese in my cornflakes. Sorry guys I set up this call video and all this lighting and everything I want got assistance like helping me zoom in and do all this stuff. So I’m alone we out here struggling Wow How does this possibly happen I just think she’s in serial and it tasted fine Like I couldn’t taste the cheese at all. It was just like a different texture. This is some boo doo magic right here I swear this is like tricking your taste buds to like taste something. That’s not there who came up with these the Illuminati? What y’all doing cuz this don’t taste too bad I don’t have another bite I’m actually so mind blown right now I have no idea how this could possibly taste good but it’s taste’s delicious low-key I couldn’t stay here. You can whole damn thing I was really skeptical during this video, but now that I’m actually doing it this stuff actually tastes good. Mmm delicious. Mr Mack cereal have cheese in it. I swear man this some voodoo magic we got going on here Go get the honey and just put it all those random garbage in my body is just making me look so terrible next up We’re gonna try fries and honey. I like this one It’s gonna taste good if you like honey mustard you like honey on your fries so similar not right? I’m gonna take a nice gloop of honey. This is raw, honey I know it doesn’t look like the bear when I can’t find my bear one. Okay, so I’m just gonna fry into the honey. I I didn’t put enough Mmm My way y’all do in McDonald’s y’all should be selling this as a dessert now, imagine a sundae with fries and honey. Mmm Absolutely delicious. My sister ate half my fries while waiting for me to do this video. She’s actually gonna do it with me I think she have to go to work took way too long to set up my light boxes I think I liked it better with the honey like then the fries by themselves pretty good. I like it I like those lemon tea Yeah
Cuz the ones that little ice box have to cleanse my palate With some water between each tasting when I even like move around a little bit I feel like the stuff like stirring in my stomach. I will probably throw up later. Hello vomit my old friend, man Y’all gotta get out of view what y’all doing in my video Okay, I need this plate because we are making another sandwich again check back later We just might have enough budget for extra plates. But for now we gonna have to reuse I Really? Hope I don’t throw up on this video. I just felt the food, but alright, we got to keep it together I have a really weak stomach by the way, like so many foods make me sick Nice ass pieces of bread you ever get a slice of bread and it just looks so good like mmm Maybe you look at like a snack. Look at that bread. We see we got hole in it Inappropriate I need to tell you what we’re gonna do so we’re gonna make a peanut butter jelly sandwich with Doritos I don’t think it sounds that terrible. I should have got Cool Ranch. Why didn’t I get Cool Ranch? I like the Cool Ranch Doritos better much better. You’re gonna slather some good ol peanut butter I just think of peanut butter as jail food. Oh my god leaking through the whole YouTube gonna be like Like what? What through a hole!? DEMONOTIZED!! Man Youtube gotta chill with that. Yall hear that pop? I just pop that jams cherry. Okay, we using some strawberry jam today. I don’t know some people like grape jam. I prefer strawberry Jam, I don’t know. I guess I’m not picky. But also, I’m not really a peanut butter jelly person. I know it’s delicious I’d rather have a turkey sandwich turkey sandwiches are my favorite. I hope y’all can see all this I can’t see it Open up that bag of Doritos. Should I crumble them like crush them a little bit? I’m gonna crush them a little so they sit better. OooOoo this about to be a crunchy sandwich. Look at that. Damn, she look cute. Okay, I like the crunching bone Apple teeth. Mmm-hmm That is so good. I can’t believe how much I have enjoyed this right now Culinary genius right here like you would think this is nasty because you’d be able to taste the cheese, right? But no you don’t dip the cheese at all. All you taste is the crunch and of the jelly. It’s just so good I wanna know the science behind this like why is it so good? Why do I not taste the Doritos? Why does it just tastes like a crunchy sandwich? Man I was standing here thinking this would be a nasty video but almost everything has been really good. Okay I got to stop cause we got one more. One more. Im gonna go wash this peanut butter off my hands. I dont feel so good Mr. Stark. I saved the worst best for last can y’all get my reusable spoon? There is no way this is gonna be good I told my sister about this challenge as I sure like, you mean like hot cheetos and milk So I guess this one is like a staple. No. No, it’s over here I got my bag of hot cheetos don’t at me, but I really don’t like hot cheetos. You’re just too spicy for me breath For thumbnail purposes. I’m gonna pour the milk first and then we’re gonna put the hot cheetos.. Oh no… Alright, what I do know is that milk makes spicy things not so spicy So I’m expecting this to not be so spicy Bon Appetit. I’m so scared I’m gonna get the part that’s like dipped in the milk cuz I pour it too much, right? Give me a good hearty bite good ol bite a hot cheetos and milk my favorite cereal. Oh That’s spicy, okay, that’s really spicy Boy y’all lookin at oh I cannot handle this our bread the bread is supposed to help my good old peanut butter pickle sandwich Okay, I am done. I am so done with this hot enough. I think I’m gonna be sick. I’ve had enough food Anyways, that’s all for today I hope you guys enjoyed this video comment below which one of these do you think is the Nastiest and which ones would you try you guys have any other weird food combinations? you want me to try make sure you comment down below if you guys want more of these videos make sure you hit that like button in the face! And make sure you subscribe to join the wolfpack. Ouuwww *Wolf Sound* I love you guys so much thanks for watching

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