We’ve Actually Been Doing This Wrong the Whole Time

We’ve Actually Been Doing This Wrong the Whole Time

Here are a bunch of things that you had no
clue you were doing wrong! Wait until you find out why how and WHEN you
cut your steak is so important! 15 – Free Trials Who doesn’t like a free trial?! The problem is when the trial is over. For most services, we’re forced to type
in our credit card number to keep the subscription going. Of course, that’s a tactic by companies
generate more revenue. Because a good portion of the time, people
don’t want to continue the service. But they make the mistake of forgetting to
cancel! So what’s the solution? It’s to put in alerts on your phone’s
calendar as soon as you sign up for the subscription! So if it’s a 30 day subscription, set an
alert for 3 weeks later, and set one on the day it expires. Typically, by the end of 3 weeks, you’ll
already know whether or not you’ll like the service. And the second alert is just a safety net,
in case you didn’t see the first alert! Do us a quick favor and hit that like button,
because it really helps us out! 14 – Just 2 Minutes
Have you ever seen people who seem to attack their teeth with a toothbrush? And then they do it for 15 seconds and that’s
it? Maybe you’re one of these people, but don’t
worry, we’re here to help! Most people brush their teeth way too hard
and it’s unnecessary! Use gentle pressure! Don’t dig hard like you’re trying to find
gold! A gentle brushing is all that’s needed,
because all too much pressure does is just damage enamel and gums. Brush your tongue last because most germs
gather there. You’ll want to brush your teeth twice a
day, for at least 2 minutes. The average time spent by most people brushing
is only 45 seconds! If it’s too boring, just distract yourself
listening to your favorite song! And one last thing. Don’t make the mistake of brushing right
after eating. You’ll want to wait 30 minutes. Why? It actually does more harm than good! Acid damages teeth and brushing can accelerate
this process, especially after eating very acidic foods. With brushing, you could actually push the
acid left over in your mouth deeper into the enamel! 13 – Intermittent Fasting
One of the most popular diet trends these days is intermittent fasting. I’m sure you’ve heard of it, but just
in case you haven’t, we’ll explain it. It’s basically just eating what you’re
going to eat in a day in one giant meal. Or eating within a specific timeframe, of
say, 8 hours. So if someone eats within an 8 hour timeframe,
that means they can’t eat for 16 hours. So how do people get intermittent fasting
wrong? Well, the problem is when people don’t just
limit their fasts to only water. They’ll also take vitamins and pills, and
drink liquids other than just water. With vitamins and pills, if there’s a gelatin
cap for the supplement…..yep, that has calories. The problem with liquids is that people drink
diet drinks. The fake sugar in there can still raise insulin
levels, much like eating. Basically, there are a lot of hidden calories
in a lot of the things that we eat! If you’re intermittent fasting and want
to get the maximum benefits of fasting, the best idea is to stick only to water. Havee everything else within your eating window! 12 – Plungers Who knew that the majority of people use plungers
in the wrong way? Most people use the wrong plunger for the
job! Taking the first plunger you see and trying
to make it work is a pretty common mistake. There are 2 types of plungers. One is made for the toilet, the other one
is made for the sink! You’ve definitely seen both of them before. They’re found in any hardware or big box
stores. Toilet plungers actually look almost identical
to sink plungers. Except for one difference.The piece at the
head of a toilet plunger. That’s a protruding flange. This extra piece is what makes the magic happens.It
suctions directly over the toilet drain’s unique shape. AND you’ll want to fill it with water before
you start plunging the toilet. Use the other regular plunger for the sink. If you’re enjoying these tips, don’t forget
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upcoming videos! 11 – Grilling Missed Steaks
Hosting a party to grill for your friends is something that’s fun. But are you sure all your grilling skills
are up to par? First, we hope you don’t make the rookie
mistake of buying lighter fluid or match-light coals. Yep, you’ll get a huge fire, but only for
a short while. The biggest problem is that you’ll get the
taste of lighter fluid on your food. You’ll want to go with the good old chimney
starter. It’s much more efficient and it gets rid
of the need for lighter fluid. And this brings us to the second common mistake. Don’t start spreading the coals before the
coals are completely grey! Otherwise, food will be cooked unevenly. You’ll also want to keep any food away from
grease fires. That’ll burn char the outside, but the center
will remain raw. You’ll basically want to build 2 temperature
zones. One zone is hot and filled with coals. The other zone is either empty or has a very
thin layer of coals. And lastly, don’t cook too many different
things at once! This could drive you and your friends stomachs
crazy because it leads to things overcooked AND undercooked. Stick to grilling one type of food at a time! 10 – Not Just a Box
When you’re too lazy, or hungover, to cook for yourself, takeout Chinese food
is a true savior. What’s inside the box is already amazing,
but what if we told you the box is as well?! What! The boxes aren’t JUST boxes. Surprise surprise, they unfold into a plate! Now you don’t have to deal with the irritation
of getting extra plates if you’re supposed to be sharing noodles. Just take the box and unfold it to use it
as a plate. Then throw it away when you’re done! Although, one thing to think about is whether
or not you’re going to eat everything. That’s because if there’s food left over,
it’s just easier to storing leftovers in the fridge in the same container! Eh, maybe there IS a way to fold it back up,
but it definitely sounds messy! 9 – Blender Issues
A lot of people use a blender wrong. Most people treat solids and liquids equally. And that’s a mistake. You’ll want to put the liquid in FIRST,
and then the solids. This is because the liquid creates a Vortex! A lot of people forget about the pulse button
as well. It’s there in case some bits of food are
stuck under the blade. Then there’s the final part, which is cleaning
the blender. What you DON’T want to do is let it sit
there and dry! Just fill your blender halfway with water,
add a drop of liquid dishwashing detergent and blend. Do it for a few seconds to clear out whatever
you just put in. But just remember, this isn’t a blender
cleanser challenge, DON’T DRINK IT! 8 – No Fold Zone
If you travel all the time and you hate checking bags, you know the pain of having only so
much space. But hey, you got a lotta stuff to take, so
how to fit it all in? Most people make the mistake of folding their
clothes to pack their suitcase. That’s a mistake! We know, it’s completely different from
what your mom used to tell you, but you’re gonna have to trust us. You’ll want to ROLL your clothes. You might be thinking, why? Doesn’t it take up the same space? Well, The thing is, it’s much harder to
stuff a folded item into an empty corner. AND your clothes won’t be as wrinkled. Really, it’s a win win. Maximizing space in a suitcase AND having
clothes that most likely don’t need to be ironed?! 7 – Below Parallel
We’ll place a bet that the vast majority of us do this wrong. Even if it’s one of THE most basic human
functions! It might come as a shock to you, but studies
show that the best way to sit on the toilet is to make sure that your feet are up. Sitting at a 90 degree angle to do your business
probably is just out of habit. But the natural deep squat position improves
your ability to….do what you have to do! Having your feet up helps to make sure everything
goes smoothly. Sitting upright keeps certain passageways
kinked. It’s a great thing in most situations, because
it helps you keep control of everything. But once you bring your legs closer to your
body, it helps to open up that all important passageways! The easiest way is to have something underneath
your feet when you’re taking care of business! 6 – Breathing
Wait, breathing?! But breathing is easy! You’re alive, so that means you definitely
know how to do this right?! But are you breathing correctly? Chances are, you’re doing it in a bit of
a wrong way! Do your shoulders move a bit upwards and your
chest sticks out more when you inhale? If so, you’re a chest breather. It seems logical that it would work that way
because your lungs are somewhere under your chest. However, if you’re a chest breather, you’re
only utilizing a small portion of your lungs. You’re only using the top part of your lungs. Most of the blood vessels that take up oxygen
are at the bottom of your lungs. Since so much lung power is going to waste,
you get less oxygen. As a result, a lot of us are breathing more
rapidly than nature intended us to. Chest breathing can lead to headaches, fatigue,
anxiety and even panic attacks. Abdominal breathing is how we’re supposed
to breathe. Try inflating your stomach, while keeping
your chest relatively still, and if you can do that, then you’re breathing right! 5 – Blue Light Screens are a double edged sword. They’re extremely helpful when it comes
to entertainment and work. But they’re extremely detrimental when it
comes to sleep! We surround ourselves with gadgets all day
and night. And that’s a big mistake when it comes to
getting quality sleep! Exposure to blue light at night may not seem
like a big deal. But it affects melatonin levels in our body. Melatonin affects blood pressure, glucose
levels, and body temperature. It also helps your cortisol levels to remain
relatively low, allowing you to relax and get to sleep. Blue light from smartphones and tablets suppresses
the secretion of melatonin. Exposure to blue light have been linked to
a bunch of different health issues, such as diabetes and depression. What you’ll want to do is not look at any
bright screens two to three hours before going to bed! 4 – Can’t Blame Climate Change
If you go to a bar, obviously you’ll see plenty of people having drinks. And what you’ll also see is that most people
hold their drinks wrong! Let’s take wine for example. How you hold a glass can really affect whether
you like a particular kind of wine or not. As numerous sommeliers recommend, you should
hold a wine glass towards the base of the stem between your thumb, forefinger and middle
finger. You’ll find that your other fingers will just
rest on the base naturally. That way, the wine stays cooler longer and
lets you enjoy its taste to its finest. The same logic goes for beer, or any bottle
with a long neck. A lot of people hold a bottle at the base. This only warms up your drink much quicker! You’ll want to hold the bottle at the neck. It’s the exact reason why bottles are designed
to have a long neck! 3 – Watch the Grain
Slicing against the grain or with the grain on a steak makes all the difference! What you want to do is slice AGAINST the grain. But why? Let’s take a close look at a steak. It’s made up of bundles of muscle fibers. On some parts the grain would be really fine,
such as the tenderloin. Muscle fiber bundles are thin enough that
they don’t form a significant grain. Cuts from weak muscles like these will be
pretty much soft and tender no matter how you slice them. However, muscles that moved and supported
the animal are much tougher. And this is where how you slice it makes all
the difference. Meat is made up of bundles of long muscle
fibers that are laid out parallel to one another. Muscle fibers themselves are tough because
they have to be. Try and tear a single muscle fiber by stretching
it along its length, and you’ll have a pretty hard time. On the other hand, pulling individual muscle
fibers apart from one another is relatively easy. If you cut with your knife parallel to the
grain, or along the grain, you end up with long muscle fibers that are tough to chew. Slicing against the grain delivers very short
pieces of muscle fibers that are barely held together! 2 – Give It a Rest But before you’ll want to figure where to
slice into your steak, let it rest! It’s a big mistake not letting a steak rest! Stop and take 10 minutes to look at masterpiece
you have just created. Ok, you don’t have to actually look at it,
but you DO want to leave it undisturbed for exactly this amount of time. This is because as one surface of the meat
hits the grill, the juices towards that surface are forced towards the middle. This increases the concentration of moisture
in the middle of the steak. When a steak gets flipped over, the same thing
happens on the other side. The center of the steak holds more liquid
than it’s able to! So when you slice into the steak, all the
juices escape! So resting the steak allows all that liquid
to go back out to the edges. Sounds magical, but it isn’t. Just physics and steak! 1 – Peanut Butter Who doesn’t like peanut butter? Well, okay, if you’re allergic to it, we
understand. However, most people have a jar of peanut
butter in their house. And the vast majority of those people, are
probably storing their peanut butter all wrong! When you store a jar of natural peanut butter,
it develops a little puddle of oil on the top. So how do you get rid of this problem? Just store your peanut butter upside down. That way, the oil will be at the bottom! Watch this next video to find out about billionaires
who don’t you to know who they are!

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  1. And I thought I was the one that was breathing in a bad way, well thanks for the good news and love your videos

  2. When packing a suitcase it does not really help to roll your cloths. Even if you can fit more in you might wind up having to pay extra due to the weight. Just pack normally and weigh it at home before leaving.

  3. In reference to rolling the clothes for a suitcase, I started rolling my clothes after they are clean in order to maximize the limited amount of space in dresser drawers. It made a HUGE difference a while back when the dresser I had could barely fit a couple of shirts.

  4. "Just take the box and unfold it to use as a plate. We didn't bother to make or obtain footage of this process or show you what the plate looks like, but it works, trust us." Oh, okay, good video.

  5. I don't like peanut butter but whenever I have to use it for others I just mix any oil that seperated back into the peanut butter. Takes two seconds.

  6. If you go backpacking a lot, rolling your clothes will sure as hell come in handy! It really is a great method.

  7. I do #1 and #2 right.
    I pack my suitcase wrong and I sit on the toilet wrong.
    I don't do anything else.
    Of course, I don't care a bit for the right way of breathing, as long as I'm breathing.
    Also, I won't change my screen habits!!!

    I hate peanut butter!!!

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