What are the Benefits of Eating a Meat-Only Diet?

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  2. Thanks to the Doctors for having me on the show. I look forward to future conversations about this important topic.

  3. Carnivore diet has improved my health 100%. IBS gone, eczema gone, haven't used a asthma puffer in 16 months, haven't used anti histamines in 16 months, no excess ear wax, back pain gone! lost excess weight, sleep is incredible – insomnia gone. Finally my mood is insanely better, no more emotional roller coasters! Before you all start, I tried a plant based diet and made every condition above worse. I am now living, not longer just trying to survive!

  4. Before Keto I was a Doctor junkie on 12 medicines , lung cancer with a prognosis of 2 years to live . 7 years later I am on 1 pill and rely on keto and fasting to survive . there are bumps but at least I am in control.

  5. Cows only eat vegetables and grass and they still fat by the end of the day. So what that means eat what the hell ever you want and nobody dies with the perfect body

  6. The extreme psycho anger and yelling exhibited by the Bimbo doctors and the fat lardass judge is a sign of severe mental illness, anxiety, sympathetic dominance and nervous system disorders resulting from plant toxicity and malnutrition.

  7. 'Polyphenols' 😂😂😂😂😂😂.

    It's called meat gives you all the needs to recycle NADPH and rejuvenate glutathione.

  8. What if the science is wrong? The people doing the studies are only human and have biases. I don't look at the studies as proof. You can find a study to prove or debunk anything depending on your view. These drs. are experts at relying on research and nothing else. Think for yourself and challenge everything.

  9. Well played Dr Saladino! We know the truth, you can’t argue with human evolution and eating meat. Why this gets forgotten about is beyond ludicrous 🤦🏽‍♂️

  10. These doctors just need to believe what they read in school. I mean they did pay a shit load of money for their degrees.

  11. "First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win” -Gandhi … It's impossible for most people, especially mainstream big food/big pharma supporting doctors, to suspend their disbelief long enough to actually evaluate a radically different dietary approach that turns out to make almost everyone who follows it massively healthier. But then it turns out this "radically different diet" is actually the diet humans followed and thrived on for 290k years, and other human related ancestors thrived on for millions of years!

  12. Haha the doctors panel are jerks fks me. And stack the panel in your favour. Very unprofessional and the male doctor who has a hissy fit lol losers

  13. For everybody doubting the benefits of a carnivore diet, I recommend to take a look at the success stories on the MeatRX website. For the 'success stories' of diet as promoted by mainstream medicine, as promoted by this show, look up the US health statistics 😂.

  14. Doctor Joel “the vegan” Kahn this show is so biased it hurts… I remember when cole Robinson was on and they just went straight for the jugular . They feel so threatened by anything that isn’t mainstream . Results speak .

  15. ABSOLUTELY Disgraceful embarrassing behaviour from the Lawyer and the rest of them. I gather this was only done for ratings. Nothing to do with the truth. THIS IS EVIDENCE that shows the complete lack of open-minded balanced views of nutrition in your industry. I believe a formal apology should be given to Dr Saladino. What utter atrocious rude behaviour.

  16. These dumb asses are clueless. Carnivore all day & by the way at age 61 all my blood markers, blood pressure and calcium score is excellent + my testosterone level is high and I workout six days a week with hard core weight training.

  17. The crazy woman is lying. There is NO evidence that meat causes cancer! She is just desperate that people are going to cure themselves, so they wont buy her destructive medicine. Go scam someone else, you old fool.

  18. No, rambling fool, we are not plants, thats exactly why we cant use polyphenols for anything, as they are only useful to plants.

  19. WOW!!!! It is shocking how angry and aggressive they are!!! One thing about being carnivore it makes you very calm maybe they should try it!!!! Dr Paul Saladino handled himself very well!!! The others not so much!!! Take a look at their faces, they look tired, puffy, not good. Another reason to eat carnivore😋🥓😋🥓😋🥓😋🥓. Dr Saladino looks rested, glowing and happy!!! Carnivore is the best WOE💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  20. Don't get bent out of shape. This is television. Designed to hypnotize and trigger your emotions. They may be doctors but, they CAN act! And, that's fake. At least Paul and the girls got the point across for ears that want to hear.

  21. God, these “doctors” are the worst. They have been trained to study the same old recycled rhetoric from their predecessors. They can’t stand the idea of something that goes against their leading inside information even if has the opportunity to cure millions of people of hundreds of ailments. I have.

  22. The bottom line, and one of the single most important human nutrition facts, is this – there are no essential carbohydrates. Essential fats? Yup. Complete proteins? Yup. Essential carbohydrates? None. So, why not eat fruit, nuts, legumes, green vegetables, and seeds, even though there are no essential carbohydrates (even for those involved in aerobic or anaerobic sports)? Oxalate content, phytates, tannins, anti-nutrients, lectins, fructose, dozens of naturally occurring pesticides, glyphosate, land and animal destruction from monocropping, loss of nutrients during (often global) transportation, lack of vitamin B-12 and minimal fat soluble vitamins, lack of nutrient density, almost no similarity to the original plants they’re derived from, and minimal caloric content. Just to name a few.

    Try this – simply stand in your doorway and imagine leaving all of your possessions behind and walking away. How close can you come to eating the way you're currently eating? Could you provide for yourself for any length of time on what vegetation you can grow or find locally and seasonally all year long? Could you be dropped in the middle of a savanna, or anywhere, with only a sharp stick and survive on vegetation for any length of time? What's the explanation for how our species and its predecessors survived for at least 1.5 million years in even more primitive and harsh conditions with access to vegetation that in almost no way resembles our current bastardized (swollen and sweeter) versions? And what's the explanation for why those foods that helped us thrive for the last 1.5-2 million years would now cause heart disease, diabetes, cancer, obesity, etc.? Can you even imagine getting obese under those circumstances?

    It's really simple – there are no essential carbohydrates. When you start from there, justifying the addition of plant foods to the human diet becomes an exercise in rationalization and denial.

  23. Hey Doctors…anyone notice that Dr Saladino looks healthier (by far) than anyone else on the stage? And also the only one without emotional dysfunction. And the only one who seems as if they have done an ounce of their own hands on deep dive into actual MEDICAL LITERATURE. Hmm…interesting right? Exceedingly embarrassing display Doctors.

  24. A straight up tabloid "Doctor" show! The "judge personality" was embarrassing 😫😵! How did she fit in? She didn't!! Her "input" proves this is a disgraceful tabloid show!

  25. Go Doctor Saladino!! The supposed "Nutritional Specialist", has her head up her ass and is vilifying meat when there are nothing but associational research to so call prove her statements. There are not ANY actual research studies that prove meat is the cause of cancer or anything else because all the studies were done on people eating high carb, highly processed food in their general diet. Show us the research that shows that someone eating a meat heavy, low carb diet has an increased risk or colon or breast cancer. She is potentially damaging people who would strongly benefit from a meat heavy or zero carb diet because her mind is closed and she can't see outside of her preferred paradigm. Extremely sad. Doctor Saladino you are a brave man to have faced this "firing squad" of malcontents and know-it-alls and still came out looking like the winner to me.

  26. "there's thosands of studies"
    1 min later:
    "There is hundreds of studies"

    That declined quickly

    Did the need that many "doctors" against one to "debunk" the diet? XD

  27. The cancer risk is from GMO-grain fed meat, exposing them to glyphosate, antibiotics, and grain allergies triggering immune responses). The same risk exists from GMO crops full of glyphosate that compromise the gut microbiome.

    On the other hand, eat grass-fed, grass-finished meat, and you're no longer exposed to the same risk factors.

    The China study failed to blame the real culprit for thebincreased incidence of cancer… Advanced glycation end products, that come from….. CARBS!

  28. These are the type of people to tell back in the day to not go Keto when they had diabetes, when people were doing it and having results, they are also telling people you don't treat issues with food?? Yes you do it has been done for decades…

  29. There are Thousands of Studies on plant-based diet’s that were paid for by “sugar company” they don’t want you to stop eating carbs because United States produce most of the grain. So remember to think about who is backing these study’s.

    Good Day!!!!!!!

  30. “This doctors” is sponsored by big pharma. Please understand they have agenda.. so if something is healthy for people these so called doctors are bought and paid for.

  31. animal foods, particularly high quality – nose to tail eating including ofal etc… is EXTREMELY healthy. He is right in the sense that they are the (bar-non) most BIOAVAILABLE and DENSE sources of micro-nutrients available to humans. Plant foods can be healthy in moderation but some also present some problems if in excess (particularly modern grains and monocropped vegetation that have poor nutrient bioavailability, anti-nutrients and chemical residue due to the way we're farming)

    Vegans and the "plant-based" crowd conveniently love to ignore the fact that mono-crop cultures (the vast majority of consumer spending) are sub-optimal for health (bioavailability being a very important factor), terrible for the environment and even worse for animal ethics than responsibly farming ruminants. Monocrops destroy the top-soil/soil reharvestability long term. Machinary used in large scale harvesting/tilling of plant material, as well as chemical pesticides/fertilizers obliterate millions of insects, thousands of small animals and huge swathes of habitat.

    LOCAL, regenerative farming is the answer, and we should all be recognising the fact that monocropping of plants as well as massive-scale factory farming of animals is intensively destructive.

    Ecology is important. Any animals in our care should be eating a species' appropriate diet, not the monocropped sludge by-products from our monocrop monstrocity. It is bad for the environment, bad for the animals and bad for the future of harvesting/food production. Ruminants should be on perineal grasslands/pasture, year-round or close to it – this keeps grasslands growing at their most efficient rates meaning that it sequesters gigantic amounts of carbon (soil is a carbon store in this type of ecology, ruminants can be carbon negative or neutrel quite easily) restores nutrient profile of the top soil as well as preventing run-off and reduces our reliance on monocrop cultures across the board. There is more than enough land for this to happen but the unfortunate truth is that due to our purchasing habits, massive corporations own all the land and are incentivized to keep it as gigantic scale monocrop and factory farming operations.

    The only way to change it is gradually, over time shift buying habits to local-regenerative farmers… those who treat their land, animals and crops properly, as an ecosystem that is regenerative – this is the only way to farm at scale in a sustainable way over the long term future. Going vegan/plant-based does not achieve this; sure, it is understandable that we wish to reduce our funding of huge factory farming operations, but funding monocrop cultures only causes more destruction and death, as well as not incentivizing the expansion of regenerative operations.

    People will often argue that the percentage of sensible animal farming practices is miniscule… and it is true, it is also true for vegetation practices, they are both unsustainable monstrocities. The only way to shift market dynamics of supply/demand is to find, visit and fund local farms that practice regenerative farming, respecting nature as best we can and no longer ignoring the details that are inconvenient for us across the board.

    With regards to this video, the mainstream epidemiology of nutrition is also an abomination. Most people do not know why nutritional epidemiology is broken to absurd degrees. It is slowly changing, and is a complex picture, but poor quality epidemiology is a huge problem… there has never been good evidence for the very basic claims of saturated fat/cholesterol/animal foods being bad for us, and anyone who understands evolution and basic biochemistry knows how absurd it is to make such a simplistic claim. The wider population is eating a diet full of processed garbage, vegetable seed oils and gigantic amounts of sugar. Whole-foods (animal or plant) approaches based on local sustainable farming is no doubt an improvement for all involved. Stop funding the machine of frankenfoods

  32. Wow. Why are those women so flippin aggressive????? I would never be able to have a conversation with someone that talks like a toddler… are they even able to have an adult conversation?? Hat off to dr Saladino… wow. Well done 👏

  33. Why didn't you bring up the blood work your guests provided?! It shows how they reversed their issues. These doctor have been studying on misinformation and focused on studies paid by the sugar industry. I only go to doctors for blood tests. I'd go for medication and surgery… not for dietary advice. These doctor and fake judge really pissed me off. I'd like them to study me and what happens to my body when I eat lectins and oxalates.

    Also, what a bunch of biased pricks! The only one sided diet they approve of is veganism.

  34. Soon people that aren't doctors are going to know more about human health than any educated doctor. It's sad that ego drives most doctors today.

  35. Wow that dumb doctor knows what disease these women will get lol wow. Claim after claim but can never show any proof of those claims.

  36. Very disrespectful to Dr Saladino. 6 against 1. You all yelled over to of him. I've been carnivore for 18 mos. I've improved my psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis 90 percent. I no longer have sleep apnea or acid reflux. I have also lost 110 lbs. Thank you Dr Saladino.

  37. the studies that were done on meat causing cancer didnt factor in that carbs were almost certainly in the diet as well and the meat was probably from sick cows (you cant say that the meat is the thing absolutely that caused the cancer lmao)…our bodies are complex systems, and react differently with different combinations of food energy sources ie. carbs, fat and proteins. also there is NO SUCH THING AS A ONE-SIZE FITS ALL DIET. I strongly believe, though, that the best diet for us is the diet that our direct ancestors ate..the people who would fair well on a carnivore diet would be those with a geneology of carnivores (think inuits, people living in the far north, etc)

  38. Bloody crap and vindictive. You lot are not doctors you are actors. The way you brought that guy down . Never ever watch your show sgain

  39. And this is why I cannot trust my own doctor anymore. He told me I was killing myself. I've gone back and forth with keto and carnivore lost a bunch of weight, off all prescription meds.. blood tests are getting better and better with each test and I over all feel the best I ever have.. yet my doctor says I'm only hurting myself.

  40. Wow I think the Doctors except for Dr Paul are Rude , disrespectful…and EXTRA!

    Seems like their show just sucks and they needed a Jerry Springer moment to keep this horrible show on the air… DESPERATE!

    They think it’s ok to be Vegan…but not a meat eater? Lots of Vegans are not healthy…soooo 🙄🙄🙄

    RUDE RUDE RUDE! And Who is this Frog of a woman …some kind of Judge?! What does that have to do with anything in Nutrition? 🙄🙄🙄

  41. Do these doctors actually know anything about health? Meat causes colon and breast cancer smh. These people should be ashamed of themselves

  42. Well done Dr. Saladino and that blonde biased ""nutritionist"" needs to shut up and let him finish. She has ZERO credibility just because nutritionists go by the american food guide lines. We all know how well that served us for the past 75yrs… This affects her bottom line PERIOD

  43. these doctors and that lawyer is nuts. They are so unprofessional and angry for no damn reason. Learn how to have a conversation.

  44. I am a pescatarian yet I always try to speak and respond with respect to any Whole Foods diet that benefits an individual's health. I am surprised at the disrespect that is shown during the show, it almost reminds me of bullying. Very sad as we really need kindness and respect especially during these times

  45. The Drs show showed their true colors — it’s nothing but a broadway show for the pharmaceutical companies. I used to like The Drs show, but I took my blinders off. This show is just for entertainment, not to help people.

  46. Wow, maybe the doctor's tv hosts need to change their diets to make them friendlier human beings. Again, wow, and on tv. So very sad.

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