What I eat for breakfast [VEGAN] فطور الصباح

What I eat for breakfast [VEGAN] فطور الصباح

Hello everyone in today’s video, I’ll show what I eat for breakfast in a week I want to give you some ideas. You don’t need to eat the way I eat. As ususal, I begin my day with lots of water, and then I’ll have breakfast 20 min or 15 min afterwards It depends on how much time I have Let’s get started Today is sunday, my breakfast is really simple I cut some banans, apples and some dates Today is monday, my breakfast is a smoothie Good morning everyone Today is tuesday, and I am going with my family to a coffee shop to have breakfast And I don’t know if they have sthg for me to eat so I’ll have some bananas before we go there I finally found sthg to eat. I ordered a coffee, bread, dates, halva, jam and a limonade. Good morning everyone today is wendesday and I am going to the gym That means I’ll have breakfast after the gym but before making sport, I need some energy, so I’m going to eat some bananas Hello once again After I ate the bananas, I went to the gym and now I’ll have some pitachio and haselnuts and I’m going to eat my oats I made before going to the gym Good morning, today is thursday december 24th It’s christmas and Maulid-Al-Nabi (birthday of Mohamed), I wish you all the best We make this kind of porridge of “aleppo pine” in Tunisia for al maulid Pine will be grounded, mixed with wheat and sugar and will be cooked It will be often decorated with some nuts, but I like as it is. And that was my breakfast today oat flour Good morning everyone, today is friday I showed you what I made for breakfast Here I have some oat flour, dates, orange flour’s water, and water Good morning everyone Today’s breakfast is a little bit weird I have a smoothie bowl with banans, dates, spinach and topped with pomegranate That was the video for today I hope you liked it don’t forget to follow me on instagram and on snapchat *FAIIIIIIIL* If you did one of the recepies please let me know on instagram or on snapchat If you have any critique or suggestions please leave a comment down below I’ll see you next sunday

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  1. getting a freelee vibe from your monday smoothie with all those dates and bananas (read bananas in an australian accent :p)

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