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back let’s get into the video first up this week we made another one of
Carolyn Ketchum’s brilliant keto recipes from over at all day I dream
about food so it’s this keto skillet lasagna
super easy to start with I took about two tablespoons of avocado oil to
a pan over medium to medium-high heat a teaspoon of minced garlic and 1/2 a
teaspoon of red pepper flakes cooked those down together added a pound and a
half of ground hamburger meat and broke it up with my meat chopper upper this
gadget is always linked in my description box
best $5 I ever spent for the kitchen added a seasoning mix of a teaspoon Italian seasoning 3/4 of teaspoon salt and a half a teaspoon pepper and again just
got that all worked into the meat as it is browning once I get my meat
browned all the way through for this recipe I did just go ahead and drain all
the excess grease and I don’t usually then I added about two medium zucchini
I did slice these thinly and just cut them length ways and then slice them
down thinly added a cup of Rao’s marinara sauce because it’s so low carb
and delicious she used regular pureed tomatoes but it’s about the same carb count and then i just gave that a good stir and I put the lid on for a few minutes
to let my zucchini get down to the texture I wanted once it did I
patted it down flat and added a cup of ricotta cheese I just added it in
dollops like this and then kind of broke it apart with my spoon but I did not
spread it evenly make sure you check the carb count on your ricotta I was shocked
at the carbs in some of the ricotta cheese out there to that added 1/4 of a
cup grated Parmesan cheese she uses fresh shredded I didn’t have it and then
I added a cup and a half of mozzarella to that put the lid back on simmered
probably for 15 minutes until it was nice and bubbly and everything was melted oh
my goodness this is it plated up I topped it with just a little bit of
oregano oh my goodness this was so good and you know the ricotta does make it a
little higher carb so try to get the lowest carb ricotta you can but perfect
keto meal prep food and didn’t even mind the texture of the zucchini after I
reheated it next up we made these awesome cabbage wraps this is adapted
from a falafel recipe from I breathe I’m hungry I will link that down below had
to make the sauce two times because I followed her recipe to a tee the first
time and it was too liquidy so second time two tablespoons of tahini paste to
a bowl with a teaspoon of minced garlic added to that a tablespoon of lemon
juice 1/2 a teaspoon of sea salt and I just mixed that together really well until
I could see the thickness of it and added 1 tablespoon of water and mixed it
together some more and added one more tablespoon of water
and this was the perfect consistency for me so in her recipe she does use three
tablespoons of water and that is too runny for me but as always the original
recipe will be linked down below so you try it out and see what works for you
so after I had the tahini sauce all mixed together just stuck it to the side
to get started on my falafel mix so for that I used a cup of pureed cauliflower
now she says to use raw cauliflower and cut it down and do all that I cheated I
used frozen cauliflower rice and I even pureed it in my chopper and I just use a
little mini chopper I’ll link a newer version of the one I used down below but
I just put the frozen one in it and pureed it so it worked out perfectly
then I added to that 1/2 a cup of ground almonds you can see here that I just
kind of coarsely ground them also in the chopper you want them to have some
texture to them so after I work those two things together really well then I
added a seasoning mix to that of a tablespoon ground cumin 1/2 a tablespoon
ground coriander a teaspoon kosher salt 1/2 a teaspoon cayenne pepper and just
worked that into the cauliflower and almonds really well added a heaping teaspoon of minced
garlic to that and then 2 tablespoons of fresh roughly chopped Italian parsley
now I used parsley in all my recipes this week guys I usually use usually
leave it out but it really made a difference in this one after I mix that in
I added 2 large eggs and also worked that in together pretty well before
adding 3 tablespoons of coconut flour to the mix and once I had that well
incorporated I went ahead and got a pretty large saute pan and put it on the
stove over medium-high heat and I just added a 1/2 and 1/2 mix of olive oil and
avocado oil and once my oil was heated I just kind of patted my falafel mix out
into little patties I guess I probably did an inch and a half to two inch wide
diameter on these I usually like my falafel as like little balls but it’s
just easier to cook it when it’s flatter and then I can just break it up apart
later for what I’m using it for so when you’re frying the falafel you want to
resist the urge to flip it too quickly um make sure you wait till you can see
the brown on the edges like that and then give it a turn I think I cooked
mine two to three minutes on each side and then once they were fried I did them
in two separate batches and once they were all fried I just removed them from
the pan to a paper towel-lined plate to let the excess oil go ahead and get out
of those and let them cool down some so I could break them apart to assemble my
cabbage wraps and here it is all plated up I did take a little bit of frozen
diced avocado just great value avocado I had in the freezer and put that on
there along with a little bit of chopped up red onion
and some more of that fresh Italian parsley I’ve got in the fridge this week these
were super super good tastes just like the real deal falafel if you’ve never
tried falafel before give these a shot you might surprise yourself next up we
adapted an awesome recipe from peace love and low carb I’ll link the original
down below for fried cabbage with kielbasa this is a perfect keto comfort
food was so stinking good so to start with in a large pot over medium to
medium-high heat added 3 tablespoons of butter to that I added a half of a large
onion chopped up and I think it equaled out to about a cup of chopped onion and
I just cooked that down for a couple minutes until my onions started to get a
little translucent to that I added two heaping teaspoons of minced garlic and
again kept cooking that until my garlic was fragrant added two tablespoons of sherry vinegar
cooking sherry red wine to this and mixed that all together and then to that I added about 14 ounces
of sliced Kielbasa for this I used uncured Kielbasa you can buy like pretty big packs
of it at Costco sliced it on a slant pretty thinly a lot more thinly than I
normally would and put that in there and I’m just gonna cook it until my sausage
gets a little brown once it does I added three more tablespoons of butter to the
top of that and then here is where I cheated a little I didn’t want to shred
the rest of the cabbage that I had in the fridge so actually used coleslaw mix
that’s just straight cabbage and this one was like an angel hair and these
bags weren’t labeled with how much they contained but I weighed them and they
are ten ounce bags I used two of them and I really like the results this angel
hair slaw mix had on this and so I’ll be doing it this way again it also saved
me lots of time and energy to that I added some red pepper flakes she says to
leave this for garnish but I wanted them to be cooked throughout so I added a
teaspoon of those along with some sea salt and pepper and a teaspoon of
paprika I also added 1/4 of a cup Italian
parsley chopped up she said to also use that for garnish I saved a little to the
side to garnish but again I just wanted it cooked throughout the dish and then I
just kept cooking that until my cabbage got a little wilty and a little brown and I did go ahead and pop the lid on
there to get that cabbage just to the right texture I wanted which is nice and
wilted and incorporated fully but just with a little teeny tiny bit of
crunch to it still and here it is all plated up and of course I did top it
with a little bit more of that Italian parsley so proud of myself with the
parsley this week I never use it this is so so good
stores super well in the refrigerator makes a big huge pot of it I loved it
with the pepper flakes cooked throughout my toddler was begging for some of this
off of me though so the next time I make it I’ll probably leave that out just so
that she can eat it and I don’t have to cook a separate batch for her next up
made these awesome slow cooker pork chops these are super super easy so to
start with to a little bowl I took a fourth a cup of olive oil heaping
teaspoon of minced garlic and a seasoning blend of a tablespoon paprika
tablespoon garlic powder tablespoon poultry seasoning a teaspoon dried
oregano and a teaspoon of dried basil and then I just whisked that together
pretty well before adding a cup of low-sodium chicken broth to that and
then I just mixed it up some more and this is actually gonna be our marinade /
sauce that we cook our pork chops in now for the pork chops
I did buy always buy pork loins at Costco this is three and a half pounds
worth I just took it out of the freezer sliced it into inch to inch and a half
thick pork chops and then I went ahead and scored them all the way down the top
like that put them in my crock pot washed my hands really well of course
sea salt black pepper and then I’m just gonna pour that sauce we made over the
top stupid easy stupid easy like I made this recipe I didn’t even stir it put my
lid on here and I cooked it on high for five to six hours and
I just steamed some cauliflower rice plated it over the top of that spooned a
little bit of the reserved juice on it and there you go
topped it with some more of that parsley alright guys if you enjoyed this week’s
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  1. This looks AMAZING! Your plating techniques are getting better and better. As my husband (and possibly Chef Ramsey haha) would say, "80% of the taste is in the presentation" 🙂 ! Doing an amazing job on your channel, love!

  2. Oh skillet lasagna, looks very easy and delicious. Everything looks delicious and the parsley really makes it pop, very pretty presentation. Saved and shared. 😊👍

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