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four new recipes let’s get into the video first up we made these awesome stuffed
Italian sausages these were so so super simple so I always buy these Italian
sausages in bulk at Costco and then I just divide them up and freeze them so
to start with I took 5 mozzarella cheese sticks unwrapped just the kind
you you know you pack in lunches or whatever and eat for snacks and five Italian
sausages and I’m using some kitchen shears to slice the Italian sausage up
the side just cutting the casing on one side you wanna make sure you leave it
intact on the other side now I’m just placing a cheese stick inside it and
then you’re just gonna reform the sausage back around it this is so
SuperDuper easy it’s actually based on a recipe from joy-filled
eat so I will link it down below you’re just gonna repeat this process on all
five sausages and then I just placed them into a 8×8 glass casserole dish and
because it’s sausage and that produces a lot of grease on its own I did not
grease the pan the only thing that was semi-difficult in this recipe is when
you’re cleaning your kitchen shears you gotta make sure to really get that
sausage out of all of the nooks and crannies so just doing one more so that
you can really see how I do it super super simple recipe literally takes me
about five minutes to do I never would have thought stuffing sausage would be
so so simple and you can use this same technique to put you know whatever kind
of fillings veggies whatever inside your sausage so now that I have them all in
the baking dish I am just going to top them with a half a cup of marinara sauce
now I usually make my own low-carb marinara sauce and just freeze it in a
half cup portion sizes but you could use whatever type of low carb sauce you
prefer and I do already have my oven preheated to 400 degrees and I’m gonna
bake these for 40 minutes just uncovered this is what they look like when they
come out you can see some of the cheese is oozy goozy all over the place
so delicious just plated them up with a little bit of steamed green beans and I
put my usual seasoning on these which is butter and rotisserie chicken
seasoning next up we have this yummy easy caprese chicken based on a
recipe from all day I dream about food so to start with over medium-high heat
I added some avocado oil to a pan and I’m adding four chicken breasts now I
just used two really big chicken breasts and cut them in half and I am gonna sear
them on each side for three to four minutes I did go ahead and preheat my
oven to 375 gonna add some salt and pepper and then I’m just taking an oval size
casserole dish and I did slice up some fresh tomato and some fresh mozzarella
and I’m gonna top that as you can see and then I’m going to just pop this
sucker in the oven for about 35 to 40 minutes until my chicken is cooked all
the way through I do use a meat thermometer to check it and then I just
switched it to broil for a couple minutes to let it brown up a little
super quick topped it with some fresh basil and there you go
steamed broccoli on the side this is like as quick as you can get and works
really well for meal prep next up a little bit more complicated and
high calorie recipe this is a keto meat pie based on a recipe by the diet doctor
now this is not like a traditional meat pie which is I think more bland this is
definitely Italian style kind of meat pie so to start with to a food processor
I’m adding my dry ingredients which is 3/4 a cup almond flour 1/4 a cup coconut
flour a tbsp psyllium husk a tsp baking powder a pinch of salt and then I’m
adding 1/4 a cup sesame seeds an egg 3 tablespoons of olive oil and 1/4 of a
cup water and then I’m just gonna process this I would say I only
processed it for about a minute until it forms just like that crumbly kinda dough
texture and a majority of it will actually form just like a big ball of
dough and that’s how you know it’s ready so then I just take a springform pan I
think this is like a 8 to 9 inch one and here’s what the dough looks like if you
want to see an example of that so I did grease my spring form pan and when
you’re cooking with these you want to make sure after you get it filled that
you you know always put them on top of a baking sheet just to be careful
so I’m plopping my dough in there and then a trick for this is I always just
coat my hands in olive oil or avocado oil and it really helps you to smooth
that dough out without it sticking all over you so once I have it kind of spread out
on the bottom like I like I am gonna bring it up the sides just a tad I would
say just a half inch to an inch tops up the sides to form a crust because we’re
gonna be filling this you know with a really hearty filling so we want it to
be able to hold up to that I do have my oven preheated to 350 by
the way and so after I get it smoothed all out exactly like I want it I’m just
gonna take a fork and prick it all over the bottom and then I’m gonna put this in the oven
for 15 minutes now while that’s cooking I took a kind of a big saute pan over
medium-high heat avocado oil teaspoon heaping teaspoon of
minced garlic and then I just took a half of an onion and chopped it up in my
little chopper I’ll put a link down below for a newer version of this chopper my
aunt bought me this like oh gosh over 20 years ago now oh my gosh and it still
works I use it all the time so we’re just gonna saute that until the onion is
you know soft and semi translucent and then I’m adding a pound and a half of
ground beef to that and using my handy dandy meat chopper upper to just mix
that all together of course adding salt and pepper and then I’m adding a
tablespoon of Italian seasoning to that I’m just gonna continue to mix and brown
that after that I’m adding 1/4 of a cup of
tomato paste to this as well as half a cup of water and then I am going to
bring it to a slight boil for just a second before I reduce the heat and just
let it simmer until some of the liquid is reduced and it thickens up some and I
will just stir that periodically while I do that meanwhile I’m gonna start mixing
up our topping so in a separate dish I put together about a cup of cottage
cheese excuse me I did not use cottage cheese I adapted this recipe a cup of
ricotta cheese even better and a cup of shredded mozzarella and again I’ll link
the original recipe by the diet doctor down below but of course I’m always
changing the recipes and once I have that mixed all the way I’m just gonna
stick that to the side and this is our crust now the psyllium
husk is what makes it have this kind of a purple color which I think just gives
it a little character sometimes when I cook with psyllium husk it’s just you
know leaves it a light tan but this time it did turn out purple which is
interesting to me so I am taking my meat filling and just placing it inside my
crust now I am using a slotted spoon just so I can make sure to leave some of
that excess grease and liquid in the pan and you can see this just pretty
perfectly fills up that crust so you know you want to make sure to not go
taller than than where you put your crust up the sides of your pan and after
I have that in there I’m just gonna top it with the ricotta I still have my oven
preheated to 350 I’m gonna plop this all on there and then smooth it out with my
spoon you know like I said before when you cook with a springform pan
most of you probably know you generally want to wrap it in foil and put it on
top of a cookie sheet and all that I did not wrap it in foil but I did place an
old cookie sheet underneath this just to catch any excess grease drippings
that might come out of it and in case for some reason the the pan just opened
up you do not want a mess in your oven so make sure you cook it on top of
something also I baked this on the bottom rack of my oven and for about 40
minutes here’s what it looks like when it comes
out I have already removed the side of the springform pan here as you can see I
did not line it with parchment even though that was suggested but I did heavily
grease it and this is what it looks like sliced and plated up I did top it with
just a tiny bit of fresh basil for presentation’s sake and because I
couldn’t decide whether to use oregano or basil so I figured why not have both
this was super duper duper delicious and a perfect keto comfort food recipe last up this week my husband took over
for me and made this delicious chili covered salmon served over some sauteed
spinach so to start with he used butter to grease an 8×8 baking dish and then we
just used some wild caught sockeye salmon and he did remove the skin from
this on the other side because he knows that I really do not like salmon skin at
all and he’s just putting some salt and pepper on both sides of it and then in a
separate dish we’re gonna mix together the topping so a tablespoon of chili
paste this is a chili garlic sauce is it szechuan and then to that he’s
adding about an ounce of grated Parmesan cheese and then a half a cup of sour
cream you could use mayonnaise he knows I prefer sour cream over mayonnaise so
that’s what he did and I think that’s so sweet and after he mixed that up really well
he’s just gonna plop it on top of the salmon and spread it over it he does
have the oven preheated to 400 degrees and after he gets this topped and
smoothed out he is gonna bake it for 20 to 25 minutes it really depends on you
and the texture that you you know like your salmon but you basically want to
cook it until it flakes easily with a fork this is also based on a recipe from
the diet doctor which has a lot of good keto recipes on there and I will link
the original down below next up in a saute pan
over looks like really high heat you put a couple tablespoons butter and then
we’re just gonna saute some spinach here so we had a bunch of baby spinach
left in the fridge that we wanted to use up before it went bad so we just put
what we had left over in there not really sure how much that was
and you’re gonna sauté it until it’s wilted now when I cook it I do like to
just saute it until the leaves are wilted but it’s still nice and bright green my
husband did make it more like a creamed spinach which turned out really good and
really went perfectly with the sauce that he made for the salmon so after you
get that all sauteed up he just plated it over the spinach like so and I topped
it with a little parsley and some grated Parmesan cheese and this was super duper
delicious just the right level of spice to it so there you go guys that’s this
week’s what’s for dinner on Keto keto meal prep and keto recipes video if you
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until next time bye guys we are sending all the love in the world to the
Leach family Brittani Jeff their beautiful children and precious baby
Crew whose short little life is now gonna be saving the lives of so many
other babies this has been so heavy on our hearts this week and I can’t even
imagine what their family is going through right now
there are just no words


  1. New here! Binge watching you today for meal prep inspiration. Thank you for sharing these great dishes. 🙏 praying for your friends and your loss.

  2. New here! Binge watching you today for meal prep inspiration. Thank you for sharing these great dishes. 🙏 praying for your friends and your loss.

  3. Yum yum! Well done!!! I love the way that you cook and explain about all ingredients and measurements for each receipe…😊😊😊☺☺thank for sharing
    Can you pls tell me about the receipe book and the author. Ty

  4. Suz And The Crew hey Suz I'm Andre N Pitts from Ohio. @Suz new friend here. Mozzarella cheese stuffed sausages, Chicken and Keto meat pie all looking beautifully delicious

  5. Your receipies are always amazing! It makes me hungry immediatly 😆 thanks for the vid my friend and happy new yeeear!

  6. Yay to using the same chopper 20 years later!😄 These look delicious as always, Suz. Thanks for sharing and Happy New Year!🥂🎊

  7. Nooks and crannies….. I love that word! Sausages and cheese 😋…… a universally liked dish surely!!!! Good tip with oiling your hands to press the dough. I struggle with gluten free dough sticking so will try that. Chilli covered salmon. That sounds so good and looked great. I will try that minus the diary or with subs. Tfs as usual xx

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