Why Do People Like Meal Planning?

Why Do People Like Meal Planning?

– [Chyna] And I’m loving
it, I love meal planning. – [Craig] You love meal planning? – I love it, I love it so much. – [Craig] Why? – Because, like… (upbeat music) – We’ve talked about
this many times before. I feel like it’s one of those things, you’re like, “Oh I
should start working out, I should start eating better, I should start meal planning.” – [Both] I should start working out I should start eating better, I should start meal planning. – Yeah, like that. – Historically, we have put off deciding what we’re gonna have for dinner until we’re hungry for dinner. You’ve been working, I’ve
been taking care of the kid and then we’ll just order
out or go out to eat. We just need to plan more, is the thing. Great.
– Great. – Let’s do it.
– Let’s do it. – Yeah.
– Yeah. (upbeat music) – [Craig] I narrowed it
down to five benefits we thought we would
get from meal planning. One, less stress. Sounds nice to not have to think about what the food’s gonna be. Must be getting old. – It’s amazing how having a kid will make you crave stability and routine. – And tied to reducing stress
is number two, saving time. – We do end up going to the
grocery store almost every day. My ultimate goal is to
not have to sacrifice my free time during Ada’s
naps and I don’t want to have to spend that hour and
a half chopping vegetables. – Wouldn’t it be beautiful? This challenge is mainly for you. But you having more free
time is nice for me too. – Yeah. – Three, saving money. You can buy in bulk which saves money. You can buy things when they’re on sale ahead of time and if it’s something like meat you can freeze it. Not going out to eat all
the time will probably save you money depending
on where you eat and drink and what you eat and drink. Four, less waste. – We’ll go to the grocery
store and, I’m gonna grab some broccoli and
some brussels sprouts, ’cause later in the week I’ll
cook that with something. But then later in the week
comes and the things that we want to make don’t
involve those ingredients and they end up going bad and
we end up throwing them away. – Plus when you don’t have the problem of if you go to Subway and
they wrap your sandwich in the thing and they
put it in a bag and then they put eight napkins
in there, and straws, and throw away the little
box that the meat was in, and the gloves that they were wearing to prepare your sandwich and I’m gonna want a bag of chips and a bag with a cookie in it. And five, less not good meals. Of course, eating at home you’re in control of
the food you’re eating so you can make it healthier. – I get bored much easier than you do. You are fine eating the
same stuff all the time. I would love to have 30
recipes to pick from each week. – I like that idea. – I like it too, I’m very smart. – You’re very smart. – There are some obstacles along the way. – I’m a little nervous. You’re going out of town
for a week this month. Solo parenting and prepping all the meals, that’ll be kinda the true test. – Alright, let’s get
to it, let’s meal plan, in a day or two. – Yeah. – [Craig] So is the plan a
different recipe every night? – We will repeat recipes but week to week. – [Chyna] Chipotle tahini. – [Craig] Tahini. – [Chyna] So what do you think you’re hungry for in three days? – Sandwich. – No. – Oh, feeling a soup. – Tuesday soup. – Soup-y Tuesday. ♪ Goodbye soup-y Tuesday. ♪ That’s what we’ll say on Wednesday. – We have Tacos, Taco Tuesday? – Actually, yes. – [Chyna] We’ve never made this before, but we’re about to but how about I use some chicken that
we have in the freezer? It’s here. – We just don’t use it
because we never plan ahead. But now, we can use the
things we have, beautiful. – Use the things we have. – Use the things we have. – Use the things we have. – Doopy doopy doo. – Neerpy neerpy nuu. – And scene. – And we’ve had this jar of tahini in our fridge for a little while. It’s not that old. – [Chyna] Right to the recipe in my meal planning list, boom. At the grocery store, there
were things that I would have just impulse bought
before, but I didn’t because I knew what we were
having for dinner every night. – This did save us money today. And Ada’s eating the pulp. – Eat the sweet lemon pulp. Dada’s gonna eat some pulp. – You want me to eat some? – [Ada] Oopsie. – [Chyna] Oopsie whompsie. – [Ada] Oopsie. – I’m C and D and now please allow me to dinner-ject with a brief message. Lettuce thank today’s spons-sear Blinkist. – While concurrently figuring out the number of food puns that
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trial so beet sure to click the sausage link down be-loaf of bread. Okay buns over, back to day one. – [Chyna] You ready for
it to make a loud sound? – [Ada] Yeah.
– Okay. (blender whirring) (tapping) – It’s spicy but it’s good. – Is this what you call Kim Waah? – [Craig] Kim Waah? – Meal planning’s the best. – It’s delicious. It is. – [Craig] But you said it
like it was a commercial. – I was playing my character. – [Craig] Oh, mom, say it’s terrible. – I’m not gonna say that. – [Craig] Taco Tuesday. Look at that. – [Ada] Look at that. – [Craig] Look at that. – [Ada] Look at that. – [Craig] Can you say Taco Tuesday? – [Ada] No, no. – [Craig] Okay, yeah. – Meal planning is the best. – [Craig] Lentil soup. How was the cooking experience? – [Chyna] It was fine, it’s
not super involved or anything but it is a pretty decent
amount of chopping and stuff and I kinda wish that
I had done some of that while she was asleep. – [Chyna] Last night we
were supposed to make salmon and broccoli. – [Craig] Yeah. – And we didn’t. We also had a lot of leftovers
from earlier in the week so we just ate those instead. – [Craig] What’re we having now? Are we having plastic dough rolls? – [Chyna] Yup, pizza night. Homemade pizza dough. I reread the recipe just a second ago. It has to sit for another hour or two. – [Craig] But we’re having
pizza anyway, homemade. – We’re cooking them at home. – [Craig] Ada’s making
her own pizza crust. Homemade peanut butter. Something we were inspired to
do after our zero waste video. – [Chyna] Quinoa bowls,
roasted sweet potato, roasted broccoli, kale that was left over and a spicy peanut sauce. ♪ Jowline ♪ Lovin’ it, I love meal planning. – [Craig] You love meal planning? – I love it, I love it so much. Because I know what
we’re going to be having I can do little things
earlier in the week. Even if that little thing is
just going to the grocery store and having all the
ingredients already here. – [Craig] I don’t really
want to eat cat, though. – Okay, you don’t have to eat that day. Probably more than any other
challenge that we’ve done, I think that this one might have the most lasting impact for me. I wanna divorce you and
marry meal planning. The heart wants what it wants. – [Craig] Attempting
again, homemade pizza. – Cautiously optimistic
that we will actually get to eat dinner tonight. – [Craig] What do you call this pizza? – Ready to eat-za. It’s really good. – Then another week of
great meals happened and it was going really well. And then… – Craig just left on his
work trip to New York and I was hoping to really have it together by this week so that my life is less stressful while I’m solo parenting. But actually, while Craig is out of town, update renovation remodel of
his office space and bathroom. So tonight for dinner my
mother-in-law blessedly made some soup and brought it over, so that I could do all of this. Okay so my meal plan, we had pizza, or rather, I had pizza, nobody else was here. This room, it was kind of a yellow before. This closet, I painted it black, I think it looks awesome. Saved this bookcase. Fixed the top and I painted it black. Craig’s bathroom is painted. New light fixtures. And I’m just getting
really excited for him to come home and see his new office. Day 19, 20? And we had dinner, Chain restaurant. But we all ate broccoli
so it’s okay, right? I am almost done with Craig’s office. Got a new desk, plants. Got these cabinets built. This thing over the toilet. – What? What? Wow, the bathroom looks different. And, oh my God. This whole place is,
this is like a home show. New desk? Holy crap. Shelf. Closet. There’s so much. Will be presented to WheezyWaiter
for passing one million. Although that one will probably be bigger, so, we’ll have to put it somewhere else. – [Chyna] Oh. – So now it’s been several,
we’re like, it’s been several. – It’s been a little. – A couple weeks since the end
of the meal planning month. – Yes. – First of all, this office is amazing. You’re an amazing wife for putting this whole thing together. It’s beautiful. You have a great design sense. I love you. – Is that it? – But the meal planning
stopped after a couple weeks. – Yeah, I had a lot going on. – Here’s the thing, I boiled it down to why I
think planning stuff is hard. One, you actually have
to sit down and do it. – Yeah that’s a problem. – Not planning causes
stress in your life ’cause you have to worry about
doing things in the moment. But planning is also stressful. It’s just taking all that
stress and putting it at one time and writing it down. – Makes it seem like a real big task. – Yes. – In my mind. Number two, for me it feels
like it eliminates freedom. There’s time allocated for everything and you know exactly what to expect
and not being spontaneous. – You know someone texts and “Hey we’re gonna be in town,
do you wanna go get dinner?” Well, I have a pot
roast that’s thawed out, that I gotta cook sometime. – There’s probably a balance
you can find, though, you can probably.
– I’m sure. – Plan for free days to do whatever but it does eliminate a little
bit of that spontaneity. – Spontaneity. – Spontaneity. Three, you actually have
to follow through with it and if you don’t you feel miserable. – Yeah, that’s the
thing that I don’t like. – And fourth’s kinda tied with that. (coughing) – That wasn’t very, that wasn’t planned. I did not plan for you to cough right now. – I was being spontaneous. – That’s, see that’s the problem. – Yeah. – And four, life happens. Put together the office
and then you felt bad about not doing the planning, probably. – I did a little bit. – For if there was no plan,
you wouldn’t have felt bad. – Right, I might have, yeah, no yeah. (chuckling) – So, meal planning, just kidding. But… – But, day eight. Let me show you, lemme show you. – Loving it, I love meal planning. – [Craig] You love meal planning? – I love it, I love it so much. Probably more than any other
challenge that we’ve done, I think that this one might have the most lasting impact for me. – [Chyna] I wanna divorce you. Yeah. – Do you think it will? – I think it probably will
if I can do it long enough so that that is the new habit. I planned out the rest
of this week’s meals. – That’s true but what
do you like about it? Why did you like it so much? – Knowing exactly what I’m gonna make, having all the things here in the fridge, is very nice because then there’s not that barrier to
being able to make dinner. I want to make bla-di-bla but
I need an onion, a banana, – But is…
– for my onion banana soup. – We need to work on what we’re planning. So is the suckery of sitting down and having to do the plan worth all of that? – Yeah, probably. – So, final verdict on meal planning? – Two gigantic thumbs up. – And will we keep doing it? – I want to. – So I think we should have a
plan and try to do it often. But when we don’t do it no big deal. – I like that, I do really love it. And I do remember the first two weeks, a stark difference in the way that I felt going in to the second half of each day. – Well, let’s plan more then. – I’ll plan to plan. – Let’s set up a meeting to figure out the meeting we should set up
to have a meeting to plan. – Okay. – Meals. – I’ll have my people
plan to call your people. – I have them call my people’s people. – They’ll schedule a time. – Yeah. – To have your people call my people, – In the meantime, we will watch TV. – I love it. And order pizza. – Yeah, that’s about it I guess. – I guess so. – Thanks for watching the video. – Hey, thanks for watching. – I already shot the
other end screen part. Let’s cut to that. – Click on this. – No, no, I already shot that. – Click on this one.
– No, no wait. – And this too. – We’re gonna cut to just me
doing it later, right now. And I guess we’re just gonna keep trying. And if you’d like to keep
trying to watch my videos, you can subscribe, there’s
a subscribe button. And hit the bell. And if you want them to
keep happening you can support me on Patreon where
I do a week-daily vlog. Video, every single weekday. Previous video, Chyna
and I asked and answered each other questions. It was adorable. And here’s a list of all
the challenges we’ve done. You have a lot of watching to do. Maybe plan out what you’re
going to eat while you do it or grab a Cinnabon or don’t. You do you.

100 thoughts on “Why Do People Like Meal Planning?

  1. Do👏🏻it👏🏻together👏🏻 off the cuff selecting from the list for like 3 meals in the week, or even 2. It'd be a good start. Also leftovers mean that could be like 4 or 5 meals

  2. Great video! But… you took the same approach as when trying veganism. You went 100% into it, instead of transitioning a little at a time. No wonder it was hard! Here are two things that work for me:: 1. Cook twice as much each time, and eat leftovers every 2nd day. (Less recipes to plan each week!) 2. Start small and plan a only few meals per week. Leave room open for spontaneity.

  3. I feel Chyna’s aspiration to improve and I extra feel her falling short of those aspirations and just sort of ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  4. When i meal plan i don't assign days, i just plan and shop for 5-6 meals and choose the days meal in the morning or the night before from the list. ❤ the video!

  5. What works best for me and my SO is that we spend a day on shopping and cooking multiple meals that we've planned out for the week. Some portions we refrigerate and the rest we freeze. That way we have food ready for the whole week. Whenever we're hungry, we can just take it out. And if we have other plans, the food won't go bad if it has to stay in the freezer for a day longer!

  6. Chyna setting up a place for your 1,000,000 subscriber award was the sweetest thing I've ever seen. Easily the best part of this video, and easily the best wifey thing I've witness in a long time. 10/10.

  7. The way that I meal plan (when I do it 🙄) is that in the beginning of the week I look at the pantry and write down what meals I can make with it and I choose it on the day what I’m feeling like. It’s a backwards meal planning, but it does make me use everything in my pantry

  8. I've thought of doing a couple weeks to a month's worth of meals at a time to then freeze and have available. I'm single and freaking tired at night so to me that makes sense, have you two thought of doing something like that?

  9. I always meal plan because it is so easy. You only have to think about what you want to eat for 10 minutes a week and you only have to shop once.

  10. In my experience (as a person who is wayyyy too disorganized to do any of this properly) the most powerful tool for meal planning is the freezer. Most food keeps really well in the freezer — except for salmon, learned that the hard way — so if you take days when you have the time / energy / inspiration to cook and make more food than you need, then freeze what's leftover, you have easy quick food stowed away for days when you can't be bothered to make a whole meal. Its also nice because if you don't get around to eating something within the week, it'll keep for a while, so you don't have to feel guilty about pushing off your pot roast to grab last minute dinner with a friend! You just maybe plan to buy a little less food the next week. I also like to make something like spaghetti sauce that can be used in multiple dishes throughout the week, or cook up a large batch of chicken or any protein, so I'll end up with delicious homemade staples that can be heated up quickly and thrown in with a variety of other foods so I get the convenience of leftovers without eating the same thing every night. Win win.

    I end up cooking about 3-4 full dinners per week, plus maybe a dinner sized lunch on the weekend. I work from home, and I think my favorite part of this method is that it allows me to have substantial, healthy and energizing lunches on my break with about as much effort as it takes to put together a sandwich. I also live alone and have only myself to feed — that probably makes the whole thing a lot easier lol. I grew up cooking for my family though and we usually had leftovers. It's just no one wanted to eat them because they sat in the fridge and the flavors all melded together — that's why imo the freezer is your best friend. Keeps food a lot fresher than the fridge.

  11. +1 sub for that 1M subs. goal getting closer 🙂 I like meal planing but i plan for 1 person and its way easier. Planing for more ppl is driving me insane! Thank the person you are blessed with that cooked for you before and/or now lol

  12. Loved it! We batch make a lot of our meals and freeze them for the nights we don't want to cook! My husband works every other week away from the house so he makes all my meals for that week ahead of time for me because he is the best!

  13. Maybe check out https://www.plantoeat.com/ . I'll admit it is a fair amount of work to initially set up, but once you have your recipes all added it makes planning a snap. It even automatically makes shopping lists based on what you have planned.

  14. Meal planning is great… until it's not. I'm a meal PREP convert. I plan, I prep (I freeze some of it), and I'm prepared. If I don't do it, our whole week is thrown off.

  15. That pun game was impressive af

    I rem i use to meal plan. It was stressful and time consuming when you plan it but the rest of the week is just amazing because then you have everything. I didnt make certain days certain foods, just did a few meal choices that i changed up every other week. Would have about 1-3 different meal choices i could pick from so i didnt get too tired.

  16. This is random. Very random…but in a past video that I refuse to search for, you had on a T-shirt with a pug with a bazooka. As a pug dog dad, I must have this shirt. Can you please direct me as to where to find this gem?

  17. You can always plan a flex day for the inevitable eating out you will do. Its about what works in your realistic lifestyle.

  18. As soon as you get home from the grocery store, wash and chop all your fruits and vegetables right away. Consider it part of the grocery store process. It should only take you 30-45 minutes extra. You'll eventually get used to doing this and it wont be hard.

  19. Do a meal dump ! Write down every meal you eat on the regular….. you'll start to see a pattern after a month or two … plan for 1 week at a time starting out , prep on sundays together or whatever day works for you , and everything is chopped & ready to go for the week … go stupid simple, meat & two sides …. good luck !!

  20. I laughed way too hard at the "I don't want to eat cat" part. I have no idea why, but it was the funniest thing I've heard all week and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you

  21. It helps me to have 1 day I ALWAYS od the groceries for the whole week.
    I have a Google spreadsheet, where my s.o. can edit aswel.
    helps a lot 🙂

  22. Ooh can you link that chipotle tahini recipe? 🙏🏻. Also, I’m shopping for a reliable food processor for making tahini and almond butter… do you like yours for making that kinda thing?

  23. At some point you get sick and tired of being hungry at work. It's right around that time you start going from the most efficient snacks to save money to convincing yourself fast food every day is actually a sound investment.

  24. For me personally I started of making tacos. Haven't gone much further but those last half the week and every other week I make tacos. I think start off with one thing at a time that you can make 10 times and just know how to do it. Fastfood is easy no thinking writing 30 things is too not including changing recipies to taste. I have made 2 of my own cookie recipes and starting with one thing writing it down then changing it is good and maybe once you're satisfied with 1 move on to another dish next up I'm getting a crock pot to make beef stew then probably going to try pizza and baking tacos with cream cheese and cheese taquitos or something and lasagna with meat sauce.

  25. Being used to only getting groceries once a month and stocking my freezer up with all kinds of veggies and nice things, I get real stressy when I even think about having to go groceryshopping every week, let alone every day. I'm perfectly fine eating the same thing every day, and so I do (with some exceptions ofcourse, on Sundays and Mondays I eat at someone else's place). I save a bunch of time (I have the supermarket collect my grocerylist and I pick it up outside the shop, I'm back home within 15 minutes usually), a bunch of money (my meals cost about 1.50-2.00 euro per meal), and a bunch of stress from having to decide what I want to eat over and over again.

  26. As a student this is my meal plan:
    Monday: Spaghetti
    Tuesday: Spaghetti
    Wednesday: Spaghetti
    Thursday: Spaghetti
    Friday: Spaghetti
    Saturday: Spaghetti
    Sunday: Bread or Spaghetti

  27. this is upfront a lot of work but saves time over time:
    1. make a list of all meals you know how to cook (add onto when you find new recipes) for inspiration when planning
    2. for each meal write out all ingredients from the recipe. i have all mine in one Onenote document. when you are planning you choose what you want to cook, then write down everything you don't already have in the cupboards on the shopping list. this eliminates thinking and recipe searching, which is the most tedious part.

  28. I think this was kind of killer because you did one night, one meal. My wife and I cook in large batches so that we have one or two backup things ready to go for when we're feeling lazy. Like right now we have curry plus a pile of rice that just needs a zap in the microwave.

  29. Maybe plan on 4 meals a week, which allows for leftovers and carry out/dining out. Great video👍🏻

  30. Food is completely unnecessary during a home decorating project. Adrenaline is more than enough to keep going. Sometimes meal planning makes me feel like I care too much about food. But actually it’s probably a better way to manage weight. Sigh. Is there somewhere in the middle to live? I don’t like obsessing about food, but enjoy really delicious meals to eat. This was real, and funny too. They were all into it, and then life happened.

  31. You guys should try “Mealime” app! It’s got tons of recipes to choose from based on your preference, it gives you a precise grocery list based on how many people are eating, and on top of all that it’s FREE!! 🙊👍🏼

  32. A good app would help here a lot. Just create 15-45 dishes you like, pick 4-7 a week from pictures and it automaticly creates your weekplan + shopping list. Would reduce the planning time and shopping a lot. Also I would not restrict to meal x on day x. If you have the ingredients, you aren't restricted a lot. Except for chicken and ground beef, would not keep that longer in the fridge then 1-2 days.

  33. Could you do a batch cooking video? Cook all (most) of your dinners for the week on Sunday. Or cook Sunday for Sun-Tues and cook Wednesday for Wed-Sat?

  34. Did you guys check out any of the meal planning apps/ websites? lots of free versions, I use mealime. I try to do 3 to 4 planned meals and leave the weekend up for whatever

  35. It's totally okay to fail sometimes! My meal prep last week was basically buying a rotisserie chicken and bagged salad because I didn't have time to make lunches. It's good to have a mix of planning and flexibility. For example, having 3 planned meals, a couple of "scrape the fridge" meals (pasta, burritos, eggs, or stir fry in our house), and leaving room to eat out or get takeout. Then you can decide each day what you have time/energy for. It's also okay to take shortcuts – there's nothing wrong with buying precut vegetables or frozen pizza, life is hard and we're just trying to get by.

  36. When I meal plan, I make like 2-3 larger meals on one day that can last in the fridge all week. Then just eat those meals throughout the week. You then don’t have a million leftovers in your fridge and when you’re tired on the weekdays your meal is already made! I find making a different meal every night extremely challenging. Especially when there is a lot of chopping.

  37. I used to shop once a week and just buy anything I felt like and try to make something out of it, and ended up eating dinner way to late or not at all and throwing away a lot of food. Now I meal plan for 14 days at a time and shop once every fortnight; it’s absolutely amazing and I love it!

  38. What I do is make 2 or 3 things on Sunday for the week. I make like Chili, chicken noodle soup and tuna and noodles. Then you have a few choices all week. Or tacos, chicken and rice and something fresh on Wednesday or Thursday.

  39. Put cling film over the top of the blender before you put the lid on. It will drastically reduce the clean-up time when making weird tahini laden sauces.

  40. We only plan for 4 days per week and don't worry too much about which day of the week we eat which meal. This allows for spontaneity. I couldn't imagine not meal planning.

  41. I really love meal planning. It makes me feel like I'm ready for the week and I get excited about the recipes I picked, overall it encourages me to be more thoughtful about what I'm eating and try recipies I wouldn't have thought of.

  42. My partner and I do light meal planning. We'll pick 3-4 meals we want for the week. This leaves us room to 1. Eat our left overs, which we used to be really bad at and 2. Leaves room for spontaneous meals out with family. If it's looking like we're not going to get to a meat in time we'll throw it in there freezer for another time. It's taken us probably 4 years to get in a good rhythm for our house (it's just the two of us) but we're doing much better than we used to!

  43. My wife picks the meals, makes a grocery list and prints the recipes. I grocery shop, cook and clean. We both win. Meals always ready and new.

  44. I do a list of meals for the week, then we just pick what we feel like from the list. I also plan in left over days as well. 🙂 That helps us.

  45. You can include eating out days in your meal plan. If you have an event coming up like say people visiting and you wanna go out then just write down that your eating out and maybe an idea of where you might go if you want. Meal planning is just that planning. Your just putting down whatever you wanna do for meals. It’s okay to do frozen pizzas and dominoes too. Also leftovers nights are awesome.

  46. Before I watch the video I will tell you why I meal plan:

    1. I have a newborn.
    2. I don't have to think about what to get in the store.
    3. I can go once a week to buy all the groceries I need.
    4. I buy less because I follow a list.

  47. We started meal planning several months ago and haven't looked back. We noticed that we were spending way too much money each week at the supermarket, but also we were throwing away a lot of fruit and veg that we had intended to cook "at some point during the week" but never managed to do so, as Chyna mentioned. We also had stacks of dried and frozen food in the kitchen that was just sat there, so a new way of managing our weekly meals was needed.

    Every Sunday morning I go to the supermarket, so at some point on Saturday we work out what the meals are going to be. We make sure there's a good balance of meat, fish, veg etc. and we also try to schedule those meals that take slightly longer on days when we won't be as tired to cook (for example, today I'll go for a lunchtime run at work, so I'd rather not be standing at the stove top for a long time when I cook tonight). I buy only the food that is necessary for the week, but we also have some additional quick and easy meals in the freezer in case the need arises.

    Yeah, getting the notepad out on a Saturday to start thinking about food and shopping is a pain in the bum, but it's so much easier than coming home to try to work out (a) what ingredients can I use to make a meal, along with (b) what is everyone in the apartment actually going to want to eat? If it's all decided and planned ahead of time it's so much easier.

  48. 1. Just plan for 4/5 days and have the rest for backup if something happen
    2. Pre prep your meal.. Like having a Sunday to do all the preparation and just store or freeze the ingredients until you want to made it. It save a lot of time, money and energy.
    3. Organize your pantry and fridge for easier and eliminate all those junks. A good and organized thing will made you follow it too.

  49. Hello I love meal planning.but if I'm invited out it allows me to gaugevifvi REALLY want to go. If I genuinely do and it's worth the money great. If not I can invite them to me for food (no baby sitting cost) they can bring wine or we can do something outbreak(bat night free and booked). We actually do much more interesting stuff now we can't just go and have meals together!

  50. The packers shirt reminded me that my life has been Chynas but backwards: born in Madison (Ohio, Maine) dekalb, Lexington.

  51. Look into Cook Smarts! They do all the recipe planning and grocery list making for you. Makes everything so much easier. And it's around $7/month so not super expensive. It was a game changer for my husband and I.

  52. My wife and I plan our meals out, we have a 5yo, and both have full time jobs; here are a few tips/observations.
    1) We make our best effort to plan out at least M-F, with one day for leftovers; Sat & Sun are sometimes "TBD", which we figure out a few days into the week.
    2) The meal plan isn't set in stone; meals can swap days, or slide a day or two depending on what's going on.
    3) When we plan we usually have the store circular/flyer in front of us to assist with things that are on sale, specifically produce as we usually have proteins and dried goods in the freezer/cupboards.
    4) Worst case scenario, like if Sunday sneaks up on us and we haven't planned, we will figure out Mondays meal and figure out the rest of the week during the day on Monday through emails.
    5) We still go out, we just pick a day(s) to do it in advance.

    The worst thing you can do is stress about an item that is supposed to reduce stress in your life. Meal planning is a fun way to try out new recipes; some end up being winners/keepers and some do not.

  53. Make life easier – cook once, eat 2x. Leftovers are awesome. One day a week, cook up a bunch of sides – roasted veggies, brown rice, quinoa, chicken tenders and keep cans of different kind of beans on hand. You always have the makings of bowls at the ready. Add some fresh greens and you're good to go!

  54. Maybe I'm crazy but I thought meal planning was like…making all of the meals over the weekend and then eating them throughout the week? Sure planning out what you're going to eat is helpful but unless you cut everything or cook everything beforehand it doesn't really save too much time, right?

  55. For some ease (while still having versatility in the week), I would suggest using the same foods in different ways. For example, the same vegetables, meats, etc. could go in a stir fry, in a soup, and then be a side dish in 3 different meals. That way there’s a bit less stress in the planning, but you don’t get bored. Loved the video! Y’all rock

  56. If you're interested in keeping this up (or for anyone interested in the comments): let me strongly recommend Airtable.com! Totally free, and it's kinda like an excel spreadsheet but tons better. I have a table set up for meal planning…. you can have different tabs, so one tab is a list of TONS of recipes I like, one tab's for this week, and one tab's for groceries. I can just pull over the recipe I want to do into the "This Week" tab and then can easily build a grocery list that way. It makes meal planning so easy 😭

  57. I've been meal planning for about two years now. The walls to planning for me were writing things down. So rather than write everything, I figured out base ingredients, specific meals, and then took Popsicle sticks (bought a pack of blanks, didn't eat a ton of popsicles) and wrote on them each item and then cut a piece of sticky back magnet and made fridge magnets for everything. Aphabetised the items and made a stick for each day of the week and lay out my meal plan with them on the fridge. So it takes me about 2 min to decide what to eat for the week. No need to look at a computer or print anything. This includes Pizza night where we order pizza as well as "Special" which might be a night we go out or have something that doesn't have a stick.

    During the second year I took all my Popsicle sticks down and bought even smaller sticks and made new magnets so it ate less space on the fridge. But during the first year I added things I didn't have like "ham", "stroganoff", and "pancakes" and expanded the list. So I kept a small supply of blank sticks and magnets. I do make a grocery list (note on my phone) and go to the store with that list. Typical week is 1 store visit. If new stuff comes up it goes on the list for next time or when I feel I need to go. I do type up most items but "snacks" usually covers whatever I see of interest on the snack aisle unless there's a special request. As far as being flexible goes, some meals I buy are not immediately perishable… so I push those meals till later in the week as it's easy to move them to next week. Sometimes I buy an extra meal that can survive like this just in case something doesn't work out.

    Like Chyna though ,the hard part is when everyone is gone. I have a family of five, if my wife is visiting her Mom and my son's are either working or with their girlfriends I push whatever meal I had planned and it's typically an grilled egg and cheese sandwich or something special for me. If it's two of us, I have a few meals that scale pretty easily. I don't make more than we can eat in a meal though because left overs creep into each day. If we have left overs, that's my lunch the next day.

    The main benefit beyond the stress of what to eat each day is spending less money. I don't wonder the store or buy a ton of stuff off the list. We used to do that and could easily blow $250 at the superstore. I typically spend about $120 per week and that's for a family of 5 including making lunches to go to school.

    TLDR? Basically Meal Planning is fantastic, saves money, saves stress, helps make life a little bit better.

  58. I also found that planning every day limited flexibility and I still ended up wasting a little bit of food towards the end of the week, so we started only meal planning for Sunday night, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. We grocery shop on Sunday for those days and then have the flexibility to eat out or do other things on Friday and Saturday. It helps a lot!

  59. Hi! I highly recommend AnyList app for meal planning/prepping. You can upload recipes into the app, scale them, and add the ingredients you need to a shopping list. And then the recipes are already in the app (offline) you don’t have to go through your Pinterest again to find the recipe and scroll through the page to get to the actual recipe

  60. 1st, Chyna is awesome for surprising you and doing a great job on your office reno (plus she's just awesome anyway:)). 2nd, if you plan just a few meals a week, you get the benefit of the planning, and leave room for being spontaneous or eating leftovers. We tried doing it with Hello Fresh/Blue Apron, and just do the 3-meals a week plan. It gives us the stuff we need for the planned meals delivered to our door (no stress, just click to choose the meals you want) it includes the ingredients pre-portioned, and has easy instructions for assembly. We do 3 because it's the lowest tier and it gives us flexibility for the rest of the week. Just a suggestion 🙂

  61. You can use any app for meal planning. Usually, such apps automatically generate a grocery list for recipes you added to the menu, and after a while, you will have your favorite recipes and you will be just mixing them, so you will spend less time planning.

  62. 13:12 Exactly! I do this professionally (meal planning and prepping) and the key is to remember that meal planning is a tool for you to wield, it's helpful when it's helpful, and when it doesn't work, don't feel bad. It shouldn't be a guilty burden.

    Also wow those puns just made this video.

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