World at 8 Friday 2 February 2013

World at 8 Friday 2 February 2013

Highlights of the news today Friday 2nd February
Abdal Ullah and His New Power List of British Bangladeshis
Chief Rabbi Weighs Into Sunday Times Scarfe Cartoon Row
Deceit, Treachery and HypocrisyÖ it Was a Grubby Dayís Work for the Left
50% of Spanish Families with No Savings Minority Paying to Support Majority as Employment
Level Plummets in Denmark Nick Griffin MEP ñFrom the Belly of the Beast
High-Schoolers Told Cannibalism Allowed in Egypt:
Iran Successfully Sends Monkey Into Orbit Thought for the Day ñ Could a Holocaust happen
again? And finally ñ Just How Low Can A Newspaper
Abdal Ullah and His New Power List of British Bangladeshis.
If medals were awarded for networking in Tower Hamlets politics, Labourís Abdal Ullah would
walk away with all the gold on offer in Dubai. A former member of the Metropolitan Police
Authority, he was elected to the council in 2006 and immediately became the boroughís
Grand Chief of anti-crime, a post he held until Lutfur Rahman became mayor in 2010.
Since then heís been busying himself on his other great passion: finding a seat in Westminster.
Partly to that end, he established the Labour Faith Network, which has the backing of his
former tutor Lord Glassman, in the past couple of years he has helped publish the British
Bangladeshi 100. This list of 100 influential business people,
politicians, celebrities and others in a celebration of the influence and success of the Bengali
community in Britain. The list, which was unveiled at a reception
attended by Theresa May and Chukka Umanna last week, makes for fascinating reading.
Itís not numbered so it avoids the squabbles of ranking, although itís fair to say that
Lutfur has been placed literally above Rushanara Ali for a reasonÖ Chief Rabbi Weighs Into Sunday Times Scarfe
Cartoon Row. The chief rabbi has warned of the dangers
of ìinflammatoryî images such as Gerald Scarfeís Sunday Times cartoon about Benjamin
Netanyahu. Lord Sacks did not go so far as calling Mr
Scarfeís drawing antisemitic. It shows the Israeli leader wielding a weapon
over a wall cemented together with the blood of Palestinians.
Others have labelled it reminiscent of historic blood libels against the Jews.
But the chief rabbi said that regardless of the intention, the danger of publishing this
type of cartoon on Holocaust Memorial Day in a respected national newspaper was that
such images ìreinforce a great slander of our time: that Jews, victims of the Holocaust,
are now perpetrators of a similar crime. ìNot only is this manifestly untrue, it is
also inflammatory and deeply dangerous.îÖ Deceit, Treachery and HypocrisyÖ it Was a
Grubby Dayís Work for the Left. Liberal and Labour MPs defeated a proposal
to trim the Commons by 50 MPs. It would have saved us millions and equalised
constituency sizes. The professional politicos of the Left hated
the thought.. Come the result at 4.18pm, Labour women screamed
delight. A sharp, triumphant caw, it could have been
the cry of countless peacocks. Victory!
They had succeeded in protecting their rotten boroughs.
Ed Miliband was escorted into the Chamber to hear the result, heavies clearing a path
for their man. Labour people say changing the constituency
boundaries would cost them 20 seats, such is the current pro-Labour bias.
They are comfortable with that bent state of affairs.
A [email protected] writer comments ëFrench aristos did not vote for the guillotine and Labour will
do anything for a vote, even to the extent of blanketing their own country with foreigners
for just that purpose not the multicultural dreamí. EUROPEAN NEWS
50% of Spanish Families with No Savings. Half of Spanish families were unable to save
a single euro in 2012, a 4% rise over the previous year, according to data released
on Tuesday by Spanish ratings agency Axesor. The 50% figure rises to 72% when taking into
account families supported by someone aged 70+, which means pensions are barely enough
to survive, the data showed. Another 26% of families was able to put up
to 3,000 euros into a savings account, and 14% were able to save 3-6,000 euros, or 250-500
euros a month. Another 11% said they saved more than 6,000
euros last year (-3% over 2011), while 1% of Spanish families stashed more than 25,000
euros away last year. The Axesor data also showed that 56% of families
supported by people aged 31-40 were able to save, against almost none headed by pensioners.
More families with fewer members were able to save, with single-person families at the
top of that list. Single-earner families got a 13,500 tax cut,
which helped single-person families the most. Bank deposits fell to 23% in 2012 from 41%
the previous year, the Axesor numbers showed Minority Paying to Support Majority as Employment
Level Plummets. Pressure on council finances is increasing
after study reveals that only three of Denmarkís 98 councils have a majority of residents in
work. The number of councils with a majority of
residents in work has fallen drastically in the past four years, according to study by
the municipal policy research group Kora. The Kora study found that only three of Denmarkís
98 councils currently have a majority of employed residents.
This is a significant reduction from 2009, when 59 councils could boast that a majority
of their residents were in work. The out-of-work population includes children
and students, but according to Kurt Houlberg, Koraís head of research, it is the rising
number of senior citizens and unemployed residents that poses the biggest threat.
ìThese are the greatest problems facing councils both in the short and, even more pressingly,
in the long term,î Houlberg told DR News, adding that fewer people in work meant less
tax income for councils to spend. France: Two New Arrests Over Merah Shooting
Spree. French police have arrested two men in connection
with last yearís attacks by extremist gunman Mohamed Merah, whose shooting spree in and
around the southern city of Toulouse left seven people dead.
A source close to the investigation said the two men, aged 28 and 30, were arrested on
Tuesday in Toulouse and brought to Paris for questioning.
Under French anti terrorism laws, they can be held for up to four days without charge.
A judicial source said the men were acquaintances of Merah and had been placed under surveillance
at the weekend. French police are investigating whether Merah
had any accomplices in carrying out his attacks last March, with officials saying they doubt
he acted alone. A self-described Al-Qaeda sympathizer, Merah
shot a rabbi, three Jewish schoolchildren and three French paratroopers before being
shot dead in a police siege in Toulouse. In early December, a 38-year-old man and his
girlfriend were arrested in connection with the attacks but both were later released without
charge. Merahís brother Abdel Kader has been charged
as an accomplice and remains in custody. I now hand you over to NICK GRIFFIN MEP ñ
who talks today on the Leftist attack on the Alliance funding and much more….. Well, after getting the silent treatment from
the controlled media for many months, we seem to have entered a new phase of the endless
cycle. Clearly the masters of deceit and the sultans
of spin have realised that pretending we’d gone away hasn’t made us go away.
So now they’re returning, as dogs do to their own vomit, to their other tactic, whereby
smears are supposed to do the job that silence has failed to do. We’ve had some great coverage of an experimental
leaflet put out by our team in Havering, in which we warn about the Labour party’s shocking
record of paedophilia. The Bournemouth Echo picked up a twitter storm
in a teacup and ran a straight report that helped push my following up within striking
distance of 20,000. By the way, if you’re not among that merry
and significant band (I’m the third most popular out of the 72 UK MPs) then please do take
a moment to join us and follow me on twitter. There’s more to come too, as soon as I finish
this, for example, I’m off to do a pre-recorded discussion on the North West edition of the
Blatant Bias Corporation’s Sunday Politics. But the biggest national coverage this week
resulted from the attempt by left-wing MEPs to stop our Alliance of European National
Movements from getting its share of the 20 million Euro pot set aside to help fund pan-European
political parties. As I told Iain Dale on LBC Radio, I don’t
actually think that any European-level party should get any taxpayers’ money.
The whole scheme is just another piece of federalism by stealth, because the aim is
to make electors choose their representatives from European parties rather than traditional
national ones. Did you ever ask for that?
And, to add injury to insult, it’s all paid for by taxpayers who are constantly being
lectured about the necessity for ‘austerity’. But, since every Euro we get comes off the
millions that are hoovered up by all the other parties, I regard it as a sort of rebate for
our voters to get a little bit of their taxes diverted to help support the cause and principles
they support, rather than their being forced to fund unrepentant Communists, anti-human
Greens and the right-wing puppets of assorted greedy corporations. I was very pleased that Mr Dale had the honesty
and decency to say on air that my account of the plan for federalist pan-European list
MEPs was the first he’d heard of it, and even happier to be able to tell his good sized
audience about the 6,500 Euros-worth of luxury chocolates enjoyed by the EU Socialist group
(which includes Labour MEPs) courtesy of the long-suffering taxpayer. If the undemocratic effort to deny the Alliance
our small share of the funding pot does succeed, it will be a short-term organisational blow
to our efforts to co-ordinate the various national resistance efforts to EU austerity
and tyranny. But the delighted squeals of hysterical joy
from the left and the media would only serve to draw public attention to what was previously
in effect an elite stealth tax imposed on blissfully ignorant electors. The attack on us has already brought the whole
sordid con out into the open, and a ‘victory’ for the left would be one that, in the end,
will cost them and all the other ‘acceptable’ parties much more in reputation than it would
cost us in Euros. Imagine the impact on voters of getting big,
glossy, expensive election addresses from the Establishment parties and a small, black
and white one from us that includes the message: “We’re sorry we can’t afford to send you big
glossy leaflets like the other parties but, unlike them, we don’t get millions of your
tax money. We pay for our own leaflets, the others put
out their flashy propaganda with your money!” That’s ju-jitsu politics, and we’re good at
it. We also had extensive press coverage of misquoted
snippets from my speech to last weekend’s very successful organisers’ conference. The story, which ran in the Independent, the
loss-making Guardian, the Metro and the Huffington Post, came from a twisted ‘review’ of my speech
by the former “academic expert on the BNP” Matthew Goodwin, who has now abandoned all
pretence of objectivity and honesty to become a mouthpiece for a mysteriously well-funded
gang of Marxist thugs. As everyone who has heard it knows, my speech
included a section on how the increasing injustices and poverty that blight Britain under Cameron’s
austerity drive are creating a situation in which homelessness and hunger are becoming
ever more common out there on the streets of our once prosperous country. I went on to say that this is both an enormous
opportunity and a huge challenge for the British National Party.
Let’s look at this a bit more closely, because it’s really important. It is an opportunity, because the biggest
block to our progress is not the power of the old parties, repression by the police,
BBC bias or far-left smears. Far worse than all those things put together
is the sadly well-founded, bitter cynicism of millions of ordinary folk who have been
so badly let down by Lab-Lib-Con that their reaction to ANY political activist, including
us, is “Politicians? You’re all the same, only in it for yourselves.” We know we’re different.
We know we have the answers. We know that the only connection between the
corruption, treason and stupidity of the Westminster elite is that they are the cancer, while we
are the surgeon with the scalpel. But what we know doesn’t mean anything to
Jack and Jill Public. What we say isn’t worth much more either,
for words are cheap, particularly the words of politicians seeking votes. If we really want to convince people that
we’re different, if we’re serious about building the powerful movement needed to carry through
the all-encompassing revolution that is the only the thing that that can save our nation,
then we have to deal in more than words. We have to prove that we are different through
our actions. The weary, bitter, put-upon public are giving
up voting because they are convinced that politicians are all in it for themselves.
In some parts of Salford, to give a particularly shocking but by no means unique example, turnout
in local elections has collapsed to below 10% – and falling.
Labour have an unshakable majority among that 10%, but that won’t save them for an instant
if we can only give even a small proportion of the 90% clear evidence that we really are
different, that we really are on their side. I repeat, because it’s so important, nothing
we can write or say or promise will change their minds.
A massive increase in the pain they feel – either through a full blown economic collapse or
the boiling over of the ethno-religious melting pot – might well drive some of them back to
the polls in desperation, but neither guarantees that, once in the polling booth, they would
vote for us. The only thing that can undo their hard-earned
and thoroughly understandable cynicism, the only thing that can give them back hope in
the possibility that someone in politics gets it and won’t turn their backs on them the
day after the election, the only thing that can make them WANT to vote for the British
National Party, is for us to do things that give them and their neighbours direct, personal
experience of BNP activists going out of our way to help people in their community. This may best be done by running soup kitchens
for the homeless and shaming councils into housing former soldiers who are sleeping rough,
or by giving pensioners electricity card top-ups, hot meals or food parcels, or setting up activity
programmes for bored kids and helping to curb anti-social behaviour. The discussion on this at our conference revealed
that around 10% of our officials have already some experience of such deep community action,
but we need a lot more experience, which can only come from failed as well as from successful
experiments, before we come up with the most effective combination of activity. We will see.
But, as I said at the conference, the opportunity to prove that we really care can only be seized
if we can rise to the challenge of raising the money we need to do it.
We need to prove that we are different, but we must do it without plunging the party back
into the financial overreach and crisis which nearly destroyed us three years ago. Which was why I was talking about door-to-door
collections of jumble and bric-a-brac for sale by an E-bay officer in every group and
branch. That’s what I was saying we could do with
the cash we’d raise if everyone kept and brought to meetings the bits of copper left over when
they’ve had a radiator moved. We don’t need that money for the party centre,
because we’ve now been running an operational surplus for well over two years. We need extra sources of income because we
want to be able to help people who no-one else gives a damn about.
We’ll happily give our time and our work for free, because those people are members of
our national family, and good families look out for their own, but food parcels and fuel
and a bit of rolling tobacco for homeless soldiers and big pans full of lamb stew cost
money. Perhaps Professor Goodwin is so stuck in his
Nottingham University ivory tower, and has so little experience of the real world, that
he truly doesn’t understand that. But I think it’s more likely that he’s just
telling deliberate lies. Similarly, in talking about the nutritional
value of road kill, I wasn’t recommending it as a source of revenue for the BNP (even
though I happily admit to still picking up pheasants that others have bowled over, because
I think it’s a shame to waste them and because I have a penchant for the occasional pheasant
breast and black pudding salad). No, I was explaining that the thing literally
driving people, untold thousands of our British people, to illness and early death through
cancer, heart disease and suicide is not actually starvation, because, at a push you could always
eat a rabbit or three. The real killers are hopelessness, because
no-one seems to care, and loneliness, because the globalist destruction of the manufacturing
base that provided decent wages and pride, has combined with consumerism, welfarism and
multiculturalism to destroy our communities. And I was pointing out that we don’t have
to help everyone, all of the time, to begin to rebuild that lost spirit of community and
to give people back hope – we just have to help a few people, a few times, for word to
spread that the British National Party is different, that the British National Party
cares. Because we are, and we do.
It’s just that we’ve only just realised that we need to prove it. Which is what we are now going to do.
Which is perhaps why our opponents jumped on and twisted my message.
Not just because it was possible for a shameless little liar like Goodwin to do so, but because
he and his ilk immediately realised that the penny has just dropped with us and that, if
we only follow this through, our standing with the public will be transformed, and the
silly, spotty students and swaggering Muslims they wind up to put out smear leaflets against
us in working class wards will be laughed off the streets by local people who know exactly
who’s on their side. We are.
You know it. I know it.
So I hope you’re going to help me to prove it.
Because this is the key to unlock new hope, new pride, and a new future! Thank you Nick, that should set the gum flappers
mouths shut! WORLD NEWS
High-Schoolers Told Cannibalism Allowed. University where Obama spoke instructs in
ëthis type of violenceí. This news has disturbing content.
The curriculum used to instruct young Egyptian students includes permission for them to use
Christians and others as lunch, according to a startling report from Walid and Theodore
Shoebat, on the website for Walid Shoebat, a former Muslim Brotherhood member who is
now a peace activist. ìIn the future, the Egyptian Islamists will
not only be conducting systematic violence, but cannibalism against Christians and moderates,î
they reported, citing a video interview from a man identified as ìOne Egyptian scholarî
that is online. The teachings are from the curriculum coming
from Al-Azhar University, ìthe most reputable of all Islamic schools,î according to the
report that includes video from the Eretz Zen Channel.
The scholar said, ìListen also to what they teach to kids Ö It says Ö We allowed the
eating of the flesh of dead humans Ö under necessary conditions.î The Shoebats reported
also that other incidents in the history of Egypt bear out the use of such depravity.
ìIf one thinks that Muslims have evolved into a modern mindset, one must remember what
took place in Ramallah in which two Israeli soldiers were beaten and tortured to death,
their bodies thrown down from a window to the sounds of ëAllahu Akbar,í and their
flesh then chewed by the crowd,î they wrote; Iran Successfully Sends Monkey Into Orbit.
(AGI) Tehran, Jan 28 ó Iran announced that it had sent a monkey into orbit aboard a spacecraft,
as a first step toward sending astronauts into space in 2020.
The Pishgam (Pioneer) capsule reached an altitude of 120 kilometres for a sub-orbital flight
and then returned intact to Earth, reported Iranian media, stressing that the monkey had
survived. In 2011, a similar Iranian mission failed,
but the Islamic republic kept silent as to why.
In the past it had already tried to send a rat, turtles and worms into orbit.
The West is suspicious of Tehranís space programme, which like its nuclear one could
have hidden military purposes. A [email protected] writer states ëI didnít know they
had sent one of their ayatollahs into space, perhaps they should send all of ëem and give
Iran a chance to evolve from radical Islamism!í Thought for the Day ñ Could a holocaust happen
again? Now let me get one thing straight for my listeners.
I am a Nationalist, I am not necessarily anti Muslim or pro Zionist.
To those who think my name is Jewish they are wrong.
My maiden name features in pre Islamic history in and around Egypt as the Mozar tribes, descended
from various branches of wandering desert tribes.
During the 12th century they migrated to the Austro Hungarian Empire and that is where
the name of Mozart himself can be rooted. To those websites that give Jewish names under
letters of the alphabet they give ëany derivative from the Hebrew name ëMosesí.
Once again, some of our nationalist pals have not read the Bible or their history.
When Moses was taken from the Nile and given to the daughter of the Pharaoh believed to
be Ramses 11, he was un-named. Pharaohsí daughter gave him an Egyptian name
of Moses (aka Thutmoses one of their Pharoahs) not a Hebrew name of their slaves.
Even now there is a large date factory in Egypt called Mozarfati dates ñ to my eternal
shame!!!!!!! Now whether any of these wanderers converted
to Islam or Judaism I donít much care ñ as I am of the Christian variety ñ so what
I am about to talk about is relevant because I am not directly involved. Can the Holocaust happen again?
Now to the people who are involved or married to people of the Jewish faith, obviously it
is a very touchy subject, made even more so by the continued harping on and money making
business which has surrounded this awful event since the war.
The Holocaust more than any other event in recorded history has ëcolouredí events and
the culture of the western world and in a sense denigrated it to a large extent.
We must all remember that at the end of the war was the beginning of the media culture
and the taking over of public opinion via radio, television and now the Web. In the flurry of holocaust mania a tremendous
business has grown up around it and the poor survivors, of which there were many ñ so
blasting the Final Solution of the Third Reich into space.
In fact in truth the very many wonderful things the Germanic culture gave to Europe have been
lost over the events of the 15 lost years in that country.
There seem to be many differing views on the Holocaust and who it actually involved.
One is, and remember I am speaking on a platform here of ambiguity that of the 6 million Jews
slaughtered many were not of the Jewish faith but fellow Germans who disagreed with the
Nazi program and gypsies who also suffered under that regime.
It is also voiced by some, that many of the incarcerated souls died of disease and starvation
not gassing and were not all put alive into furnaces.
It is also voiced that many of the rich Jewish population got out and left their poorer cousins
to their fates ñ whatever the truth, we will never know it because thankfully we did not
go through it and everyone knows that fortune favours the victor and peopleís memories
do get either fuzzier with time or grow even more elaborate.
Whatever the awful truth is, it is past and the western media have adopted the Holocaust
as a mantra which I am sure even the Jewish people are rather weary of ñ that of immigration
and the multicultural society, much vaunted in todayís social circles of power and money. Now on Wednesday we covered the new or old
attitude of the German peoples and the difference between government and public mores in that
country and the same could be applied to the UK.
It would seem the Leftist Marxist golden boys have been washing themselves in the waters
of the Red Sea and if they could they would be putting small bits of paper into the Wailing
Wall in Jerusalem ñ because they see the Holocaust as being the main reason why no
one should ever object to being overrun in their own country. That is a simplification of the matter but
it is true. As soon as someone voices an opinion that
perhaps the people of a country should have some say in the running of that country, the
old mantra goes up……Nazi and racist! Immediately tarring that person with a terrible
stigma of having sent millions of the chosen people to their deaths ñ which incidentally
cannot be denied ñ it happened, as the thousands of survivors can testify.
The Holocaust did happen. The sad thing is it could happen again and
probably will! Already the Muslims have voiced their opinions
that Israel should be wiped off the face of the earth and who has challenged that?
No one with any real cojones! A Gavin Barwell, Conservative Member of Parliament
for Croydon Central has issued a report, it is titled: The Holocaust Teaches US What Educated
People Are Capable of Doing in Certain Circumstances ó and Just How Many People Will ëFollow
Ordersí. Each year, on the 27th January ó the anniversary
of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau by the Red Army ó we mark Holocaust Memorial
Day (tomorrow). It is an opportunity to remember the victims
of this and subsequent genocides and to learn the appropriate lessons so that we can try
to ensure it doesnít happen again. Such attitudes towards ethnic or religious
minorities persist today around the world, including in the UK.
Donít believe me? There are people who are happy to tell pollsters
that non-white British citizens who were born in this country arenít British.
And a significant minority of the electorate believes there will be a clash of civilisations
between Muslims and native white Britons. If we want to live in a strong, cohesive society,
these attitudes must be challenged. There are extremists in every community, but
the vast majority of Britainís black and minority are patriotic (indeed, research suggests
they are more optimistic about Britain than those who were born here) and have exactly
the same concerns ó jobs, the cost of living, crime, good healthcare and good schools for
their kids ó as everyone else. Anyone who has friends from minority communities
knows this. Prejudice is the preserve of the ignorant.î
And more…… Clearly Mr Barwell is using the Holocaust
as a reason for everyone to indulge in a lovey dovey culture fest of all ethnicities in one
small country and we should all be bloody grateful mantra.
He is wrong, one should not use a terrible event like the Holocaust to illustrate manís
mere inability to get on with his fellow man when the circumstances of that awful event
are totally different to what we are facing in this country and Europe in this day and
age. Our French correspondent has had a word to
say on this and I quote ì Yes, lets water down the Holocaust to include everything the
PC brigade now labels genocide, and throw in a pinch of ëweíre all guiltyí anti-racism.
How anybody can try and find parallels between the literally industrialised killings of six
million Jews with even such shocking crimes as Darfur, and then throw in remarks about
how we must be nice to minorities ó that is beyond understanding.
Or, rather, not: anything is better than actually talking about Jews, and if one has to, then
only with a huge portion of Zionism-critique thrown in, not to forget mentioning the Palestinians
for good measure. The renowned columnist Caroline Glick wrote
a column about her recent visit to London, titled ëBye-bye Londoní Her experience shows
why this post by Mr Barwell is the new ënormalí: itís no longer ìdonít talk about the warî
ó itís ìdonít talk about the Jewsî. Thank you Eric for this and also the related
news that the Liberal Democrats are considering whether to withdraw the whip from David Ward,
MP for Bradford East, after he seemed to compare the murder of six million Jews to the treatment
of Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza in the run up to Holocaust Memorial Day.
He made the comparison on his website yesterday: virtually telling us that the Jews having
suffered under the Holocaust should ëknow betterí than to treat the Palestinians in
an apparently similar manner ñ which is complete and utter rubbish of course.
He deserves not only to lose the Whip but to have a good whipping!
What we have nowadays in this country is a huge problem with immigration and immigrants.
We have a double bubble endemic here, the Muslims are powerful, clever and are in the
process of out breeding not just us indigenous peoples but earlier immigrants, ably helped
by money from the British taxpayer and a large majority of the Eastern Europeans who may
be nearer to our ethnicity and culture but have brought crime and disease into this country
on a huge scale. Words fail me with the Somali immigrants,
especially those who came here from Holland where they were not singled out as ëspecialí
as with our authorities ñ especially the Muslim ones and are living the life of old
Reilly over here. When you look at all the cons about having
a continuing amount of immigrants coming into a small country day by day ñ you can, whether
you like it or not ñ relate to the pre war Germans who did not have a problem anywhere
near as similar or as unmanageable as ours. But of course one must never, ever voice that
opinion, well I just have. I have nothing against these peoples because
of their ethnicities or their religions ñ I just do not want any more of them in my
country and in fact would like to return a large portion of them to whence they came.
If that makes me a monster then fine, a monster I will be!
Or in the words of a very old email but a very good one, why kill off 6 million Jews
who in the past contributed to European culture and replace them with 30 million violent,
greedy and self absorbed Muslims in Europe? And we think the Third Reich had problems?
Look around my friends our problems are on our doorstep and they have not been here very
long and look at the trouble they have for the most part caused?
And you think in a self satisfied way, another Holocaust couldnít happen?
Watch this space. And finally ñ when even our own newspapers……………
What hope for our country when, with numbers of paper sales falling, that liberal rag,
the Independent newspaper has published an article promoting a Romanian advertising campaign
that is insulting to the British people. The campaign claim that if you are worried
about immigration then you should go and live in Romania where half the women look like
Kate Middleton and the other half like her sister Pippa.
It goes on to say ìBulgarian and Romanian MPs at the European Parliament have also sent
a letter to the European Commission President, Jose Manuel Barroso, complaining about the
UKís shabby treatment of the ënewest member statesí.î
This presenter says ”Go and set up your newspaper in Romania, I’m sure the organised Roma gangs
will be happy to take your money for ‘protection and at the same time do the tyre treatment,
that is putting a tyre over your head and setting fire to it…… that is a multi-cultural
dilemma isnít it?î You have been listening to the [email protected]
I am Lynne Mozar and I and the team at [email protected] and Radio Britain wish you all a very happy
and safe weekend. [email protected]

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  1. Stop perpetuating Anti-Germanism/white-guilt via constant denigration of German history. Mention Herman the great instead. In addition to this you comment about Jews contributing to western culture is absolutely false, the opposite is true, the history of Jewish involvement in the worst movements in our culture is BLINDINGLY evident I could give a 1000 examples of this over history. E.g Talmudic inspired Communism (for the gentiles only) (Marx), multiculturalism (Hebrew Immigrant aid society) ..

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