Yeongja’s dish must be launched! [Stars’ Top Recipe at Fun-Staurant/2020.02.03]

Yeongja’s dish must be launched! [Stars’ Top Recipe at Fun-Staurant/2020.02.03]

I want to add this to flour and make green laver noodles. The color would be pretty. We have to run this in a blender. Add green laver and some water. (Run it in the blender) It’s working. (200g of flour) Salt. Add oil. Oil, one tablespoon. (Add green laver juice gradually) I hope the color comes out bright. I like it when there is lots of green laver. You’re adding the sea of Taean into that. It’s coming together. (Bright green laver’s color) It’s fragrant. The color came out nice. It’s pretty. (Green laver dough is finished) (Rest in the fridge for 30 minutes) I got this gegukji from a restaurant in Taean. It’s amazing. Gegukji is famous in Taean. Gegukji and green laver noodles. Fresh kimchi, blue crabs. They use all the ingredients for making kimchi. But since we made green laver noodles, I want the green color, so I want clear broth. I want to take the ground chili pepper out. – The broth is the key. / – Clear broth and noodles. Let’s begin with cuttlefish. (Score it for tender texture) Those aren’t my hands. The radish will make the broth refreshing. I used all the good ingredients. (Yeongja is generous with ingredients) That’s going to be delicious. I know. The blue crabs are important. (Large) Taean’s blue crabs. – It covers my face. / – That big? Look. – It’s really big. / – Taean’s gegukji’s refreshing flavor comes from the blue crabs. Look at the eggs. I want to mix that with rice and eat it. I’ll make you something delicious. Oh, no. Just for her. (Onions) (Garlic / Ginger) (Inner leaves of Napa cabbage) Mix them. I use anchovy fish sauce. Anchovy fish sauce. Using that adds savory flavor. (Escape) That one’s alive. Alive. (Captured alive) A bit of soybean paste, just a hint. Broth. Anchovy broth. (Cleaned blue crab legs) The legs. That broth is going to be so refreshing. (And Manila clams) The four judges, listen carefully. The four judges, listen carefully. You still think this is bad? The whole of West Sea is in here. (Oh! The West Sea Flex) That was provocative. I bet this that it’s bad. (Huh? Something’s off) (Wait a minute…) That it’s bad? – I bet this that it’s good. / – That it’s good. (I almost lost my hand) – That it’s bad? / – That was close. I was so busy cooking that I lost my head. (While the West Sea is boiling) Pepper and basil. – I’m curious about the shell. / – Do you have basil? The Taean blue crabs are going on a European tour. It’s just for us. (Pepper) I think she’s going to steam them. A bit of pesto. Pesto sauce. Just a dab. They came out like a gratin. How did she think of using pesto sauce? Add some noodles and it’s crab pasta. I should try that. She’s surprised. Did I do this? It’s really good. Savoriness and fragrant pesto… This is so good. That looks really good. It’s sweet and exotic. Come and try this. Hurry. Try it. (Youngest producer) I can’t sell this. Isn’t it good? He’s really surprised. Yum. My spoon was here. (His reaction came too early) (Hahaha) Let’s make the noodles. (Making the green laver noodles) I’m excited. Catch it. (Rolling the dough out) (You can’t see it, but she’s very impressed) I’m a strong woman. Watch, watch carefully. (Rolling hard) It’s done by hand. Is it done by hand or is it automatic? Start the generator. Okay. She’s really fast. Look. It’s faster than automatic. It’s getting thinner. (All stretched out) Okay, let’s make noodles. This better work. – Let’s go. / – Taean noodle soup begins here. (Nervous) Here she goes. (Let’s go!) – Here they come. / – It has to work. Let’s do this. (Well?) (Wow) (Wow, amazing) Come, come. How pretty. That’s so pretty! It’s stress-relieving. Sis! The color came out nice, right? Yes, the color’s so pretty. The green laver color. When it’s cooked, it’ll be even prettier. (Well, it’s not bad) If you cut the noodles 65cm long, it’ll be the same length as the ramyeon noodles. 65cm long. You’re drying them? Yes, because they stick together. Does that look pretty good? Why do you look so upset, Gyeonggyu? No, I’m just watching. Smile. (There, are you happy now?) (It’s time to cook the noodles) Here they go. The noodles for Taean noodle soup. (Boil the green laver noodles in anchovy broth) I can see it. I’ve never seen her so excited before. The color is so bright. The color became even prettier. Write this, please. This isn’t spinach. It’s green laver. Got it? I don’t want people to think that. Cook it fully. (Cooked noodles) (Go straight into ice water) Make them firm? This will make them firm. Sis, it’s ready. (Ice water bath to make the noodles firm) Wow. Was that a machine? (Al dente) This is amazing. It has all the strengths of chewy noodles. It’s so chewy. People say, when you add other ingredients to flour, other than food coloring, other food ingredients, it makes the noodles soggy. The ice water was the key. Ice water is important. My hands are freezing. (Gegukji soup is ready) This broth is crazy. (Tasting the broth first) (Wow) That must be so refreshing. This is incredible. This is it. (This is the taste of hometown broth) What kind of depth are we talking about? Is it really deep? – How many meters deep? / – It’s like 30 meters. (Pour the gegukji broth over the green laver noodles) (Tension arises as the dish comes together) Crab meat? Real crab meat. Real blue crab meat. (Crab claw) (Shrimp) I wanted to make it as ramyeon noodles. But I didn’t have a machine to do that. That looks amazing. It looks like a masterpiece. It’s finished. I’m finished. It’s done. The colors go so well together. Let’s try this. Good job. Cheers. It’s too pretty to eat. Should I take a picture? (It’s too beautiful to eat) That looks so good. Let’s watch for the first bite. It’s good. (Here is the noodle slurping) I want it so much. She makes it look so delicious. (Yum) It’s so fragrant. If you had green laver salad… It’s nice. It’s fragrant. That, that. That’s the side dish. (Try it with green laver salad) My goodness. My eardrums. I’m sorry, but that’s not a motor, is it? They keep going in. It’s the taste that brings back memories, but it’s not old. It’s new. There’s a twist. That’s it for today. (Good job) Thank you. All of Taean is in there. (Lee Yeongja’s Taean Noodle Soup) Taean noodle soup. (A bowl of Taean’s ocean) (It’s the taste of hometown all the way to the end) (All from Taean) (Lee Yeongja’s Taean Noodle Soup) What’s that smell? The smell… I can smell it all the way from here. (The studio smells like Taean) It’s really… I can smell the Taean’s ocean. Oh, my god. (Truly amazing) The smell of the West Sea. She came determined. (It’s a very deep bow) It’s Taean Noodle Soup. I always thought the noodles should be tasty too. The noodles don’t really have any flavor. So I wanted the noodles to be tasty as they are. I wanted people to take the noodles and make another dish, so I made the green laver noodles. I wish you’d keep it short. (This isn’t a good sign) (Worried / He shouldn’t have interrupted) It’s going cold. I really want to try this. I’m done. Go ahead. The broth is crazy. Lee Seungchul… He took a second bite. The broth is crazy. (Shaking hand) They are getting stronger. That can’t be bad. – It must be good. / – The noodles look firm. (She’s even more nervous today) If it’s not good, you can put it down. (They don’t want to) All four of them are… Eating a lot. I know. Is it that… That must be really good. Is it the Taean sea or the Busan sea? It’s a match. I think they forgot – What? / – all about Busan. Is this crab meat? Yes, crab meat. The crab meat is amazing in the broth. (A heap of crab meat) Today’s dishes are incredible. They are the best ever. We talked about going out after the shoot, but we can’t because we’re full. Strong. It is. I think she’s going to win. You seem to be finished. Chef Lee Wonil. (Does this mean what we think it means?) I still have to evaluate. (But he still has to evaluate) I tried the broth first. And I checked the combination of noodles and broth. Thirdly, the noodles, broth and the toppings. I tried all three different combinations. But all three combinations worked well, and they were all very good. Your broth proved how refreshing it should taste when you use crabs. I was touched. (Everyone is touched) (Nervous again) Lee Seungchul, your comments, please. I’m nervous. This… (Nervous) Soup… (Nervous) At first try, you go, “Hm?” And then… (And then?) The fragrant ocean rushes in like the tide coming in. And when I mixed the crab meat with the broth, it was so delicious. (She’s tough to beat) I was really surprised. But how will they recreate this taste? That’s what I’m worried about. (Already happy) There has to be MSG in here. There has to be MSG in here. (Come again?) Wait. (It’s getting serious in here) (Unbelievable…) That’s not cool. Are you okay? (How could you say such a thing?) Boom, you have to stop me. Stop me. – She worked so hard. / – Stop me! Stop! – It took her hours to make the broth. / – Yeongja. Yeongja, calm down. – I didn’t put anything in. / – The reason why I said there has to be MSG in here is… You went too far. It’s mouthwatering, stimulating and great. MSG. You’re right. They’ve used potatoes, acorns and all kinds of things with noodles, but no one has used green laver before. You are the first to try it. Using green laver is such a good idea that I thought if it could be made into ramyeon noodles. Ramyeon noodles. I thought it would be great to make ramyeon noodles, but we didn’t have the skills. Whenever I eat anything delicious, I want to recommend it to the people I know. And for this, I’d love it to be launched. I’d love it to be launched. (Incredible / Envious) I can’t believe this. You want this dish to be launched? How to come within the budget is a problem for later, but it was really good. Thank you. I want some more. It takes you back. It’s not going to be me. Her dish is strong too. So strong.

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  1. That guy on the end was rude af. Regardless if it was gonna get cold or not, she wanted to explain her inspiration, you could see it on yeongja face she was gonna go off but stopped herself and smiled instead.

  2. Yeong ja is very well known for her love towards ramyeon or any food in noodles form so basically her creation is based on how she want the taste of ultimate noodles to suit her taste.. people who love to eat and love food usually have an excellent choice of cuisine.. whatever they like or love definitely taste the best.. she make the best of her interests in noodles🤣that’s really awesome even the master chef and judges compliment her dish 😍

  3. Yeongja is brilliant… Plus I adore her in everything I will watch any show she's on as she is a lovely, delightful person you would love to meet or call friend if you are blessed

  4. KBS why can't I view any of the full episodes with eng sub?? 😩 They all say not available in my country, please make it available to the United States!

  5. That dish 🍲 looks so DELICIOUS! I wish I could taste that food. 🤤😋
    Youngja! She definitely gonna win this time.
    And the Taste of "MSG" means in here is :
    M. (Mashitgo) = This dish is so Delicious, Tasty
    S. (Siwonhago) = This dish has a Hearty flavor.
    G. (Gaewoonhago) = This dish tastes very Refreshing.

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