YUMMY Low Carb Spaghetti! | Cook and Clean With Me | Collab with In With Jen

YUMMY Low Carb Spaghetti! | Cook and Clean With Me | Collab with In With Jen

hey guys today’s video I’m sharing a
surprisingly delicious and
crowd-pleasing low-carb spaghetti recipe
along with the clean with me after my
husband is completely in love with this
meal and I’m sure you will be too
before we begin this video is a
collaboration with my inspiring friend
Jen over at in with Jen she has
transformed her life through the keto
diet and has lost 55 pounds thus far
over on her channel she shares how she
did it
along with low carb meal ideas even
desserts so go on over after you watch
this video and check her cooking clean
with me video outs so let’s get into our
spaghetti recipe and enjoy a tasty
paradise at home
the ingredients are black soybean
spaghetti tomato basil and garlic
marinara sauce and organic beef and I
got all of these items from Aldi at a
fantastic price I’m going to pair this
meal with a side salad made up of
romaine lettuce ranch dressing and
sunflower seeds I’m going to heat my pan
to medium high heat for the beef and
once that gets hot enough and then I’ll
start breaking up the beef and adding
some spices and flavor to that and while
it’s cooking that’s what I’m going to
prepare my salad now this salad that I
have it needs to be washed and I’m gonna
show you my fastest way of washing salad
and drying it I used to actually do this
with just you know towel and paper towel
and basically dry it like that but I
bought a salad spinner it was
life-changing a simple salad spinner so
what I’m gonna do is just cut up the
lettuce how I want it and I’m going to
rinse it off in the sink put that
container inside the salad spinner and
it basically spins all the water off and
collects at the bottom of the bowls and
I just dump out the water and the South
is completely dry so this will save tons
of time if you love salads and you don’t
have a salad spinner yet
I know that not everyone is a solid
person but if you are like me I love
salad my mom taught me to have a salad
with almost every meal if we were out
like at a buffet type of restaurant she
would always say start with a salad and
then you know get what you want later
but if you are a solid person let me
know in the comments what your favorite
mix of salad is my particular favorite
mix is the butter lettuce with the
romaine that’s the ultimate type of mix
for me I do love spinach but I rather
have sauteed spinach than like salad
type of spinach so I just love that
combination let me know what you love in
the comments what if the wind could
spread your love
what if you sweetness could beat every
one there being a Wars of course if you
don’t like beef or you’re just not into
beef you can always replace the meat
with chicken or ground turkey I mean
just add the sauce and I’m sure it’s
gonna be amazingly delicious I might try
it with turkey next time just to see but
we have always loved having beef once a
week or so
if I didn’t want the lettuce to get warm
so I just placed it into the bowl and or
container and put it back in the fridge
so while that’s in the fridge staying
cold and going to start washing up all
of my preparatory items and dishes and
start the cleaning process while the
rest of the food is should be
dreaming of you
you know
enough so as I was cooking I noticed
that a lot of fat and oil was being
cooked out of the beef so I like to
drain it into a container with aluminum
foil and let it sit and harden until I
throw that away
you know I just don’t like extra fat or
oil in my meat or sauces so I did that
that’s what I always do if the beef has
a lot of fat in it
I don’t know why honestly why it had
that much it was 80% lean on the package
it said but needless to say I made one
tonight this exact recipe and there was
like no oil and no fat so I don’t know
now that the meat is completely cooked
I’m going to add the red sauce of
obviously you can choose whichever kind
of red sauce that you prefer I do want
to mention before I added the sauce I
did cook some garlic a tablespoon to be
exact of garlic in the beef while it was
cooking then I added the sauce and I
think that just adds a depth of flavor
to it
I need you tonight together we can go
crazy we can put out the lights together
we can go now I’m going to start my
pasta now the only reason I did not
start my pasta while the beef was
cooking was because I was trying to time
this meal out to when it was gonna be
fresh for my husband when he got home so
I didn’t want to make the pasta too
early and let it likes it or get a
little bit mushy honestly this was my
first time making this so I had no idea
what to expect from this soy bean pasta
so that’s honestly why so anyway I
started the boiling process I got it to
a boil and I’m going to add the soy bean
spaghetti to the boiling water what I
like to do is I like to add oil and salt
to the water while it’s boiling it kind
of gives it more flavor that way like it
boils into it I guess you could say
anyway and this pasta only cooks for
five minutes and all I did was just be
diligent and stir it and I’m gonna show
you what it looks like it stays together
it doesn’t break it it it’s just perfect
I don’t know I’m just in love with it
it’s the best alternative to flour pasta
so call me out call me out baby
now that it’s close to being finished
I’m going to start the tossed salad
again I mentioned this in the beginning
but all I’m gonna add is sunflower seeds
and ranch dressing now you’re gonna see
me dump with this ranch dressing into
the bowl it looks like I’m dumping like
half a jar but I’m not because we were
at the very very very like bottom of the
jar and I’m literally shaking out drops
of ranch dressing so I just want to
mention that I wasn’t going crazy with
the ranch and the reason I did a toss
salad was for the fact that I didn’t
want all of the fat and calories that
come with ranch I just wanted a little
bit of the flavor so the tossing of the
salad helps disperse that dressing
throughout so you’re not needing as much
so if you really love salad and you love
ranch dressing but don’t want to give it
up I think a little bit of ranch
dressing won’t hurt you and I think if
you just be smart and only use a small
amount and toss it very well you’ll be
very satisfied so the pasta is done and
I’m going to drain it through my
strainer that I have on this lid this is
like the best boiling pot that I own you
just drain the water out of the little
holes that it has on the lid and just
keep the pasta in the pan so I’m going
to add a little bit of butter salt and
pepper and that’s it to this pasta I was
gonna add oil but I changed my mind and
then that’s basically it there’s no more
ingredients I just toss it together and
have the salad on the side
and it’s amazing
you do hold my hand
could you hold my hand look me in the
eyes you and me yeah that’s all I need
and I’ll be all right
right here I swear that I’ll stay here
with you
cause I want to stay with you
and here it is all plated and beautiful
doesn’t that just look like an elegant
at-home meal perfect for your family
if I’m
tell me now it’s time for the cleaning
part so I’m going to put all the
leftovers in containers have those for a
delicious lunch tomorrow and then have
to go ahead and clean the pots and pans
so let’s get started I swear that I will
stay with you
I want to stay away
if you are
so now it’s time to clean all the dishes
and put anything that I need to in the
dishwasher and the salad spinner I
cleaned previous while the other things
were cooking so that has saved me some
time so now I’m gonna load the
dishwasher and start it for the night
and that should be the end of the
cleaning because I cleaned a lot while I
was cooking I put away my ingredients
and I put away different things so
definitely clean if you can while you’re
cooking it saves so much work at the end
give me give me all your gives me and
you see also this pan is by far my
largest nonstick pan and is the it’s the
best nonstick pan so I use this pan for
the purpose of
easy cleanup later on I knew that if I
cleaned it up right away
it wouldn’t be an issue it is so easy to
clean up nothing sticks to it it’s just
beautiful I love it so it find a good
non-stick pan that you will love to cook
with because cleanup will be a breeze
I hope you all enjoyed this cook and
clean with me please try this recipe at
home you will love it let me know an
Instagram if you do and tag me there
don’t forget to watch Jenn’s video she
is super low carb and I am excited to
see what she comes up with so go over to
her channel her link and her channel
link will be in my description box so go
check her out thanks again so much for
watching I’ll see you in my next video
you’ll never
you know I’m here

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