Zucchini brownies for the kids | Filipino Dutch Family

Zucchini brownies for the kids | Filipino Dutch Family

hi guys so as a mom you always have to
be creative about what to feed your kids
especially if they are super picky
eaters like mine thankfully I found a
recipe that hides the veggies in a
brownie and it’s always a hit so I want
to show you guys how to make them we’re
getting closer to the weekend and we’ve
got some plans to go out to the park so
this will be a good ‘baon’ for them
meaning snack to-go so I’ll write
down the recipe on the description part
below and let’s get started so basically
for now I’m just going to do half a
recipe and I start with the dry
ingredients which is flour and the cocoa
powder and supposedly the baking soda
and salt which I would be adding in a
little bit later then I added the sugar
and the wet ingredients which would be
the vegetable oil and vanilla
and here’s my baking soda and I’m just
adding in here the salt that I forgotten
earlier and then you just keep on mixing
and at this point don’t be afraid that
it looks dry the batter looks dry
because you will add the grated zucchini
where the juices and all and the juice
helps to make the batter more moist
after a while
and so now we’re ready to spread our
batter in our baking pan that’s been
sprayed with cooking spray and the oven
should be preheated at 350 degrees
Fahrenheit I sometimes added some
walnuts on top but this time for the
kids they prefer them without
and after about 25 to 30 minutes the
brownies are ready and I especially like
this recipe because we don’t need eggs
for this and you don’t need butter and
yet the brownie is very fudgy and that’s
what I like it’s what I love the most
so once they’re super cool I wrapped the
brownie pieces individually with cling
film and store them in the freezer
and when the kids ask for them then all
I have to do is grab a couple or so and
stick them in the microwave for 30
seconds and they’re ready to eat

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  1. thanks for sharing this. i will surely try this recipe. 'So happy there's no butter for one of my sons' tummy does not agree with cream and fat. I am also a pinay mom and a subscriber to your channel.

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